9 Best Template Maker Apps for Android


Simple photos or drawings cannot surprise or impress anyone today. This fact is true about both work and hobbies, connected to visual arts: photographers, videographers, designers, and other creative people need different tools to edit their works. Apps for mobile devices, which allow users to turn their photos or videos into something more than a … Read more

7 Free Photo Resizer Apps for Android


A lot of photos are taken daily on various mobile devices and professional cameras. Moreover, different pictures are shared on various social media and are downloaded or uploaded almost every second. Such a vast amount of pictures require a lot of additional space on phones and tablets for doing all these functions. To optimize this … Read more

9 Best Reverse Phone Number Lookup Apps for Android


There is hardly one person who does not have a cell phone. This fact led to numerous calls and SMS, which ordinary people come across every day. Some of the calls and SMS are pleasant and business-oriented, while others can be surprising or even unwanted. To protect yourself from such calls and SMS you can … Read more

9 Best Birth Chart Calculator Apps for Android


People have been always wondering if there is a connection between starts and their lives. Researchers were carried out to study it, however, there is still no clear answer. But one thing remains true: stars’ and planets’ positions definitely influence various processes on Earth. Taking that into account, we can conclude that cosmic patterns impact … Read more

11 Best Green Screen Apps for Android


The photography and videography industries are becoming more and more popular these days. This is connected to the fact that cameras are developing, and a great number of pictures or clips of high quality can be made by, literally, anyone. This factor led to another level of photos and videos. It is not enough just … Read more

9 Android Apps to Learn About Animals (for Adults)


People have always been interested in the world, which surrounds us. There is a common misconception that the interest is fading as the years are going by. Adults should learn new things for improving their memory and develop cognitive functions of the brain. The best way to learn new things is to get a general … Read more

9 Best Voice Changer Apps During Call for Android


Some of the pranks go out of fashion with time, some become the classics, and one of the examples of such practical jokes is a prank played on the phone. This type of prank stood the test of time and go back decades. Nowadays there is a myriad of useful applications for your mobile device, … Read more

9 Top Hexagon Puzzle Games for Android

Top Hexagon Puzzle Games

Puzzles are very popular among players of all ages. However, the standard version is no one will be surprised, so the popularity is gaining various types of this game. One of them is the hexagon puzzle. In this regard, we decided to collect for you top hexagon puzzle games for Android, which you will definitely … Read more

9 Best Apps to Block Blue Light on Android

Best Apps to Block Blue Light

According to the experts’ recommendations, we should avoid the screens of electronic devices three hours before bed in order not to disturb the correct cycle of brain activity. At present, but, this is almost impossible, as many people do not even part with their phones in bed. Yet, modern technology makes it possible to solve … Read more

7 Best Slimming World Diet Apps for Android

Best Slimming World Diet Apps

Slimming World is the most popular organization dealing with diet and health issues in the UK. Millions of people eat healthy food every year and do more exercise while adhering to this health plan. However, to stick to this plan, you need to count the caloric intake of food every day. The best slimming world … Read more