Braintoss App Review


Do you feel like you forget about everything all the time? Don’t worry you’re not alone in this. In this crazy flow of information that we have today, it is tricky not to lose your focus and miss something important. But just as technologies make us more distracted, they can also add more productivity to … Read more

SmartWord App Review


It’s not a secret that nowadays there are tons of apps for learning foreign languages, however, not all of them are that good as their claim. What is more, most parts of them have quite a similar scheme of teaching and this makes them all absolutely the same. You may also like: 9 Best Customization … Read more

Goalist: Daily Planner, To-Do, Time & Goal Tracker App Review


Do you find yourself in indulgence and demotivation? You would like to achieve something in your life but feel like you’re a total mess? Do you feel like you need help to become more aware? Then try out this app and you will never face problems with planning and time management again. You may also … Read more

Ripple Wallet App Review

If you are dealing with cryptocurrency on a daily basis, it means you have heard of XRP wallets.  So what XRP really is? Easy. XRP is the currency of the payment network named Ripple. You may also like: 9 Best Digital Signature Apps for Android This company uses its own currency in order to send … Read more

Wurrly App Review


Are you a big lover of singing songs? Then, Wurrly App will definitely suit you! An ideal way on how to express fully your talent through music. Offers numerous options and parameters to make your recordings as successful as possible. You may also like: 11 Free Apps to Get Animoji for Android Use this app … Read more

DWP – Diet and Workout Plan App Review


We all know that working out itself isn’t enough to get a fit and healthy body. The most crucial part of it is your diet and how you plan your meals. But how is it to navigate in the ocean of tons of information about different diets and workout plans? How to find out which … Read more

Zenkit App Review


Nowadays there is great competition in the market of collaborative software. The challenges that humanity is facing nowadays, made the developers seek new opportunities to make project management software more flexible and suitable for the full online mode of team collaboration. You may also like: 12 Best Diet Diary Apps for Android Zenkit is one … Read more

Call Recorder – IntCall App Review

There is plenty of call recording apps on the market, but there are only a few that are really worth your attention. What are the feature that we’re looking for in apps of this type: the good quality of the sound, easiness in usage, and reliability. This is all that Call Recorder – IntCall is … Read more

Spanish Translator Dictionary + App Review


Learning a new language is never easy. Well, some marketers might try to assure you that it is, but in fact, you should always put the effort into it and, what is more important, to find the right tools that will enhance the process of your studying. For those who decided to learn Spanish – … Read more

GitJournal App Review

It seems like you can invent nothing new in the notes taking app – the name of it speaks for itself. Well, of course, you can do this app more multi-functional, add more features to it – there are many multi-functional notes taking apps on the market but it’s extremely rare when they gain true … Read more