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33 Best RTS games for Android

The most awesome RTS for Android 1. DomiNations Dominations is a great strategy game that’ll take you on a journey from the Stone age to the Space age (nobody knows why the Space age, but apparently, Elon Musk is right). On your journey, you will grow civilization, lead a mighty nation through the centuries, battle with other nations […]

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33 Best RPG games for Android

1. Eternium Eternium is one of the most popular role playing games on Google Play these days. It has been chosen by millions of players around the world and gained lots of positive reviews. The game has a classics vibe in it and at the same time stays modern. You can choose one of the three […]

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15 Best photo sharing apps for Android

Flickr Flickr is an app owned by Yahoo. Originally it was a social network for photography lovers, which it still is. You can find lots of beautiful pictures there as well as share your own ones. More than that, though, the app allows you to create, store and share albums of photos. You are given 1000 […]

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17 Best polling apps for Android

Social polling apps Wishbone Wishbone Compare Anything is an app that is not actually about polling, at least in a professional kind of way – it is more of an app that allows you to learn a bit more about what’s buzzing around these days or, in other words, what’s on everyone’s mind. The app’s […]

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