11 Best Android Multiplayer Horror Games In 2022

Best multiplayer horror games

Horror is undoubtedly one of the most popular genres of games. For fans of tickling their nerves, this game in multiplayer mode will cause even more emotions. In today’s review we have collected the best representatives of the horror genre with multiplayer mode for Android: Specimen Zero Specimen Zero is a grim and scary action … Read more

11 Best Auto-Clicker Apps For Android In 2022

Best auto-clicker apps

Autoclicker is a small application that can be used to set up automatic clicking on set points on the screen in the desired sequence. Timings, click duration, click cycle length, repetition – these and more can be set to work automatically. The most common use of auto clickers is for games. It can be used … Read more

9 Android Apps To Fake Instagram Direct Messages

Apps to fake Instagram direct messages

The reasons for creating fake conversations can be different, sometimes even inadequate (no offense). Maybe you’re just a funny person and like to joke with your Instagram followers in this way, maybe you’re just bored with life. To create fake Instagram direct messages you can use these Android applications: iFake A simple application purely for … Read more

9 Best Reseller Apps To Earn In 2022 For Android

Best reseller apps to earn in 2022

Reselling goods as a way to earn money is becoming more and more popular. But creating your own online store is costly both in time and money. That’s why we suggest you look at already operating popular marketplaces that offer cooperation to resellers on favorable terms. In this article, we have collected the best reseller … Read more

7 Best Scrolling Screenshots Apps for Android

Best scrolling screenshots apps

To record an entire web page or chat conversation, try using one of these seven scrolling screenshots apps. Screenshot Easy Screenshot Easy is an automatic interactive widget-trigger to form screenshots for Android devices. Allows you to form and save screenshots in one click. Equipped with functional tools for viewing, editing, and sharing screenshots created through … Read more

11 Best Clipboard Manager Apps for Android in 2022

Best clipboard manager apps

Why do you usually copy the text on your mobile gadget? Find the meaning of a word on the Internet? Find the translation? Paste an address or a phone number in a message? Thanks to the clipboard manager app for Android, you can do all these things with a single touch! Clipboard Actions & Notes … Read more

11 Best Proxy Browser Apps for Android in 2022

Best proxy browser apps

Proxies and VPNs are used as a means of security and anonymity. Today let’s talk about proxies. Someone doesn’t want the ISP to know what a person does on the Internet. Someone wants to protect themselves from hackers. You don’t need to buy proxies, just use a browser with an intermediate server already built-in. We … Read more