How To Put Apps To Sleep On Android

How to put apps to sleep on Android

If you don’t want specific applications to run in the background, you should set them to go to sleep mode. This is a useful option that will help you save battery power, improve performance, reduce memory usage and simply close annoying programs and their notifications. For example, you can add WhatsApp to the list to … Read more

9 Best Tinnitus Apps For Android

Best tinnitus apps

Tinnitus – ringing in the ears. The term refers to sounds and noises heard in the head rather than coming from an outside source. For some people, the noise may come and go, causing minor annoyance. However, sometimes the symptom becomes continuous and intense. Then it has a negative effect on daily life. In some … Read more

9 Best Visual Voicemail Apps For Android

Best visual voicemail apps

Agree that some voice messages can be crucial and others are just garbage. So it’s the visual voicemail applications that will help you recognize important messages and not waste your time listening to all the trash. And if you’re tired of spam calls, then you can easily block unwanted calls with these apps. now, let’s … Read more

9 Best Android Dating Apps For College Students

Best dating apps for college students

Undoubtedly college students are always immersed in their studies and sometimes don’t even have time for new dating and relationships. A photo, a description, a couple of clicks and you’re already in an active search! Guess what we’re talking about? Yes, today we’re talking about dating apps! Such services have long been a comfortable environment … Read more

7 Best Single Parent Dating Apps For Android

Best single parent dating apps

Raising children alone is hard work for anyone who has encountered difficulties in their marriage and has opted for divorce. It’s a traumatic event for adults and children alike. The quickest way to heal the wounds is to have a new member of the family – a dad or mom. Someone special, someone who is … Read more

Top 5 Farmer Dating Apps for Android

Top farmer dating apps

Being a farmer is not easy nowadays, it’s a special way of life: early rise, late work, and minimum free time to spend on yourself. That’s why we’ve made a selection of dating apps for farmers that bring farmers together, help them find their love, and dip into a romantic atmosphere. Why put a cross … Read more

10 Best Short Hair Apps For Android To Try New Style

Best short hair apps to try new style

Many people have the same hairstyle and are afraid to change anything, while others try on a new look every season. Do you like short haircuts but doubt whether it suits you? What kind of haircut would be a bombshell? We decided to test the short hair apps for smartphones and chose the top 10. … Read more

Top 9 Android Apps To Find Clothes From Pictures

Top apps to find clothes from pictures

Suppose you like a closet item: a jacket, a shirt, a dress that looks great on your favorite movie actor. You took a photo or a screenshot, what’s next? Next, you’ll need a mobile app to help you find clothes in a store based on a photo sample or brand name. Well, if you want … Read more

9 Best Video Playlist Manager Apps For Android

Best video playlist manager apps

For some people, the best video player for Android is any video player without ads and intrusive offers to subscribe to premium. For some, certain features, such as a video playlist manager, are important. Therefore, when compiling the top apps for this article, we studied each popular video player for Android, compiled concise descriptions, and … Read more

9 Best Fashion Stylist Apps For Android

Best fashion stylist apps

How about a fashion assistant and personal stylist on your phone? We’re talking about mobile apps that will help you create stylish looks, follow trends, inspire you with ready-made looks, and teach you how to optimize your closet. The phone can easily become a personal stylist, a fashion analyst, and a faithful assistant in matters … Read more