7 Best subtitles apps for Android

Best subtitles apps

If you need subtitles while watching videos on Android, you have this option. It’s very easy to do. Download one of the subtitle apps for Android from the list: Get Subtitles Get Subtitles will help to find subtitles for your favourite movies. It will automatically scan your device and offer subtitle files to choose from. … Read more

11 Best home study apps for Android

Best home study apps

To learn new things, you don’t need to go to university and get the first (second, third) higher education – you can study online, and with the same professional teachers. We have chosen the best home study apps for Android: Coursera Coursera is a free online education service, which was originally created as a web … Read more

15 Best multiplayer sports games for Android 2020

Best multiplayer sports games

On Google Play you can find hundreds of thousands of sports games, but most of them are designed for a single player. But what if you and your friends want to play a game together? There are not so many such projects, but they are. We’ve chosen the best 15 multiplayer sports games for you, … Read more

9 Best File Transfer Apps from Android to Windows PC

Best File Transfer Apps from Android to Windows PC

Sometimes it’s necessary to transfer files from your computer to Android and vice versa. Most of my technically unsavvy friends use a USB cable or Bluetooth for this purpose. But the wire method is pretty cumbersome and uncomfortable, and the Bluetooth transfer rate leaves much to be desired. We have a WiFi network almost everywhere, … Read more

15 Best universal remote apps for Android

Best universal remote apps

With mobile devices, it’s easy to replace all the remote controls in the house, designed for different devices. But this will require specialized applications, which we have selected for the readers of our website. If you use these programs, you can quickly and efficiently create a complete and multifunctional remote control to adjust the sound, … Read more

10 Best stud finder apps for Android

Best stud finder apps

Nowadays there are some apps that can help you find your earrings, keys, rings and the like. With the Stud finder app, you can find any metal, wire or anything like that. You can find lost metal items even in a wall. Although you can also do this with a metal detector, it can be … Read more

10 Best file compressor apps for Android

Best file compressor applications

Nowadays, mobile gadgets can do almost any job. It’s absolutely easy to open various pictures, videos, documents and other types of data. Now it’s very easy to share different files with friends and family by simply sending them to different messengers or by e-mail. But it often happens that there is too much data and … Read more

12 Best call blocker apps for Android

Best call blocker apps

People don’t like when they receive calls from unwanted numbers on their smartphone and receive spam in SMS. We want to spend time calmly with friends and family, but instead, we are distracted every five minutes by calls from companies with their stupid advertising. Fortunately, there are many applications that help filter and block unwanted … Read more

11 Best Android apps for reading manga

Best Android apps for reading manga

Manga is a Japanese comic book. Quite popular in Japan, and in the world. But if Japan publishes printed originals, the rest of the countries may not have paper editions, so virtual sources predominate. Manga reader apps are what you needed: MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA is the official application of Shueisha … Read more

15 Best Android theme apps

Best Android theme apps

If you are tired of the standard phone or tablet interface, you can easily change the appearance of your desktop, main menu, application icons, and other components, using special software. Our review presents the best free Android themes that can change the design of your device beyond recognition. CM Launcher 3D CM Launcher 3D is … Read more