How to print from Android

How to print from Android

Printing has become a paradoxical technology. On the one hand, it has never been so easy not to print: most paper documents in everyday life, at school and in the office can be used directly from a computer screen, smartphone, tablet or e-book. On the other hand, it’s not going to die at all: for … Read more

How to get emojis on Android

How to get emojis on Android

Why in the minds of contemporaries more and more often the idea creeps in: would I install emojis on my Android device? Yes, because these cool small smiling faces quite accurately convey our mood to the interlocutor. Gadgets, the software of which is built on the basis of Android, used to be popular without these … Read more

17 Apps to get HD wallpapers for Android phone

Apps to get HD wallpapers

In our today’s collection, there are several great applications for working with HD wallpaper on Android smartphones and tablets. They allow you to download, install and modify the background for the home screen, as well as for the device lock screen. Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers) Backgrounds HD is a collection of cool wallpapers for personalizing a … Read more

How to Download YouTube Videos on Android

How to download YouTube videos on Android

YouTube is the most popular video hosting, in the catalogs of which there are many videos of a wide variety of topics. Often, users have a natural desire to download a favorite video to their Android-smartphone or tablet, to review it later or show it to friends. However, without additional programs, this can not be … Read more

7 Best cad drawing apps for Android

Best cad drawing apps

Let’s be honest, to find an application that will at least open DWG files is already good news. We even not say that they open them correctly and without incredible artifacts and deformation. Therefore, below we will tell about those applications that showed a more or less acceptable result and which you can try yourself. … Read more

21 Best Radio Apps for Android

Best radio apps

Not so long ago, radio was the only entertainment available for the masses. To date, it has not deservedly receded into the background, despite the fact that progress has not bypassed this kind of leisure. Today we will tell you about several programs with which you can listen to tens of thousands of online radio … Read more

11 Apps to Get Free Emojis for Android

Best apps to get free emojis for Android

Third-party emoji keyboard provides a wide range of options. If you are tired of expressing yourself using the same smileys, it’s time to get acquainted with new, creative ways of demonstrating your emotions in messages: from animated 3D emoticons to emoji text. We collected the 11 best free emoji apps that will take your messages … Read more

11 Offline Bible Apps for Android

Offline Bible apps

Today, applications for smartphones cover all areas of the modern person’s interests – from purchases and entertainment to science and finance. Religion has not become an exception. We have selected several programs, which, in our opinion, are worth downloading. So, have a look at the best Bible offline apps for Android! Bible The Bible is … Read more

7 Best Drudge Report Apps for Android

7 Best Drudge report apps for Android

When it comes to keeping abreast of the latest news, the Internet offers a lot of sources that enrich our knowledge of a topic. The fact is that due to too much information, we can be easily deceived, as it becomes more difficult to distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources. So, you have a way … Read more

17 Best Bill Reminder Apps for Android

best bill reminders for android

Have you ever forgotten to pay for rent or parking? Now it will be impossible since you will always have a reminder that will notify you in time of the need to pay the bills! Have a look at the top list of bill reminders for Android. You may also like: 21 Best reminder apps … Read more