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Best reverse phone lookup apps

5 Best reverse phone lookup apps for Android

“Call from an unknown number” appears on the screen of your smartphone. Many of these calls come from companies that are engaged in telemarketing, that is, they are trying to sell services or products to you about which you know nothing. However, it happens that a real person is calling, whose number you forgot to […]

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Best wifi walkie talkie apps

7 Best wifi walkie talkie apps for Android

Are you familiar with the old walkie talkies? They became popular because they provided complete autonomy for the organization of communication. Now you can recall them again and reach a new level of functionality with your phone! TOP 7 WiFi Walkie Talkies for Android Marco Polo Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie is a completely new […]

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High graphic games

11 High graphic games for Android 2019

Every year … hell, there, each month, mobile games are becoming more beautiful and more technological. There are such games that can capture the imagination; games, looking at which, there are doubts about their mobile roots.  Here is a list of the best Android games with high graphics in all variety of genres. Cover Fire […]

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Best Android games with controller support

15 Best Android games with controller support 2019

More and more console games are being adapted for PC and Android, which means it’s time for a change. In this review, we will describe in detail the top 15 Controller Supported Games for Android  2019. Horizon Chase – World Tour Welcome to the championship in arcade racing in sunny California! Every year competition allows […]

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Best in-car dash cam apps

7 Best in-car dash cam apps for Android

To transform a smartphone into a DVR, it’s not enough to set up the camera on the video and install the gadget on the stand. But to use a special program – is another matter. Developers have created many utilities that make DVRs from mobiles as well. We have identified 7 convenient programs for Android, […]

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Best puzzle games

17 Best puzzle games for Android

Puzzle games – a very convenient type of games for your smartphone. Firstly, the touch control seems to be specially created for them, and secondly, these are games that you can return to at any time when you have some free time. In the new selection of puzzles for Android – as recognized pearls, so […]

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Best simulation games

25 Best simulation games for Android 2019

Would you like to know how you would feel in another life? For example, becoming a pilot or a city planner? You have a great opportunity to check it out! Simulators are those games that allow you to plunge into another world. We decided to help you in choosing by compiling a list of best […]

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10 Best blue light filter apps for Android

Probably, each of us faced insomnia, long using the phone by ourselves and our children, or working on dark nights. In some cases, such a long use of modern gadgets is inevitable. To make work on your mobile device more comfortable or convenient, download a blue light filter to Android, and you will immediately feel […]

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Best plant identification apps

7 Best plant identification apps for Android

Surely, walking in the park or traveling, you have repeatedly met plants which names you would like to know. A plant identification application is created just for such cases: it can recognize plant species by photos. We have collected the most useful and convenient applications in this category: Google Lens The most obvious way to […]

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Best Hotel games

9 Best Hotel games for Android

Have you ever dreamed about opening your own hotel? How about being able to manage a hotel? We’ve collected the best hotel games for Android in our review: Resort Tycoon Have you ever had the desire to create your own holiday resort? Give people joy and a smile, as well as relax yourself? Create your […]

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