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Best simulation games

25 Best simulation games for Android 2019

Would you like to know how you would feel in another life? For example, becoming a pilot or a city planner? You have a great opportunity to check it out! Simulators are those games that allow you to plunge into another world. We decided to help you in choosing by compiling a list of best […]

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10 Best blue light filter apps for Android

Probably, each of us faced insomnia, long using the phone by ourselves and our children, or working on dark nights. In some cases, such a long use of modern gadgets is inevitable. To make work on your mobile device more comfortable or convenient, download a blue light filter to Android, and you will immediately feel […]

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Best plant identification apps

7 Best plant identification apps for Android

Surely, walking in the park or traveling, you have repeatedly met plants which names you would like to know. A plant identification application is created just for such cases: it can recognize plant species by photos. We have collected the most useful and convenient applications in this category: Google Lens The most obvious way to […]

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Best Hotel games

9 Best Hotel games for Android

Have you ever dreamed about opening your own hotel? How about being able to manage a hotel? We’ve collected the best hotel games for Android in our review: Resort Tycoon Have you ever had the desire to create your own holiday resort? Give people joy and a smile, as well as relax yourself? Create your […]

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Best Android Apps for Watermarking Photos

9 Best Android Apps for Watermarking Photos

If you don’t want someone to steal your photos on social networks, put watermarks on them. We picked up 7 mobile applications that will help protect images from theft and even make you a little more popular. Add Watermark Free Add Watermark allows you to add watermarks to images. You can easily add your text […]

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Best cut and paste apps for Android

9 Best cut and paste apps for Android

Have you long wanted to learn how to cut objects from photos and paste them into other images? Want to create cool pictures for social networks? Express your imagination and create your own unique images with cut-paste photo app! We have just prepared some excellent options for you! Cut Paste Photo Seamless Edit If you like […]

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Best TV guide apps for Android

7 Best TV guide apps for Android

When you are far away from the TV and computer, and you want to know when your favorite show will begin, special mobile programs will help you. With their help, you can find out the TV program for today, tomorrow and even a week in advance: TV Listings & Guide Plus Download TV Listings & […]

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Best clock widget with seconds

7 Best clock widget apps with seconds for Android

A marvelous abundance of clock widgets is collected in the Google Play Store, and therefore it isn’t an easy task to choose something worthy. However, if you try, you can find really interesting, useful and beautiful things. Do you want to make the design of your smartphone truly unique and inimitable? Before you start long […]

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Best virtual assistant apps

9 Best virtual assistant apps for Android

Which voice assistant is the best for Android? This article provides a list of all available services. After studying it, you will be able to decide what is the best voice assistant for you. All are available for free and reliable. Google Assistant Google Assistant, like any other voice assistant, can answer simple and complex […]

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25 Best offline shooting games

25 Best offline shooting games for Android

Where else can you find so much action as you do in shooters? FPS or TPS – it doesn’t matter, the main thing is hot shooting, explosions, and chaos. Here are the best offline shooters for Android 2019: Cover Fire Cover Fire is a cool shooting game. Here you will confront a powerful organization Tetracorp, […]

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