11 Free Android Escape Games

Games in the genre of ”escape room” are a kind of puzzle. Of course, now popular quests in real-time are much more exciting; but, nevertheless, games with similar elements can also be a pleasant pastime. If suddenly someone does not know – in such games you are placed in a room or in a situation … Read more

8 Best football streaming apps for Android

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8 Free hearing aid apps for Android

Today, smartphones, tablets, PCs, and applications for them help the deaf and hard of hearing to do almost everything that people can without hearing loss. For example, order a pizza or call a taxi. With the help of new technologies, they find cinemas showing films with subtitles, and special software notifies the hearing impaired that … Read more

11 Best news apps for Android 2018

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DataVault Password Manager App Review

DataVault is the best password manager in which you can store personal and business logins. In the application, there are 10 templates to keep items such as credit cards, passports, site logins and much more. You are able to make new categories, types and form templates to severely personalize the management system. The tool ensures … Read more

Japanese English Dictionary+ app review

VidaLingua Japanese Dictionary Translator app is just a find for those who want to learn a language or tighten their knowledge in the field of Japanese. The application received a huge amount of positive feedback, which certainly speaks about the importance of this application. What the features of the application are: More than 2500000 phrases, … Read more

Monster Marbles: Turf War app review

Monsters are unruly guys, and our hero is a marble round ball monster and is fully hostile against all. In the Monster Marbles: Turf War, you will be involved in a military conflict that arose between a purple and a red monster. Your goal is to employ the red ball to knock out all enemies … Read more

Virtual Assistant DataBot app review

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Galactic Phantasy Prelude app review

If you are interested in 3D space action games, then you can choose to play a game like the Galactic Phantasy Prelude. This game has good graphics, a dynamic combat system, and other characteristics that lead it to the leaders among games of this genre. The possibilities of this 3D action are almost limitless, as … Read more

MoShow – Slideshow Movie Maker app review

Ordinary publications in social networks with kittens, dogs, and loved ones are not attracted to anyone. Nobody wants to look at boring photos. Here’s an animated picture – another matter. With the MoShow application, you can create looped slideshows from any images, turning them into visually appealing videos at a resolution of 640×640 pixels. In … Read more