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15 Best volume booster apps for Android

Check also  Volume Booster GOODEV Volume Booster is easy to use program for smartphones, with which you can increase the maximum volume level. Designed specifically for Android-devices, this program is useful for music lovers. Classic life event – you go to work, on a business trip or just on business in a crowded transport, and […]

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13 Free Android apps without ads 2018

Check also  2048 Gabriel Cherulli, the creator of the game, offers players a field with 16 cells, which with each turn there is a figure of two. The bottom line is that you need to combine the squares with the same values until you get the number 2048. At each round, two tiles with the […]

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15 Best GarageBand alternatives for Android

Music has long ceased to be a lot of professionals and graduates of conservatories – to be considered a musician, it is not at all necessary to master an instrument or voice skillfully. Numerous sequencers allow fans to record melodies without leaving home, armed at best with a MIDI keyboard. With the advent of mobile […]

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