How to quickly change keyboard on Android

[thrive_text_block color=”light” headline=””] The issues of upgrading the smartphone’s operating system are of concern not only for beginners but also for experienced Android users trying to adjust the device for themselves. It includes both flashing, installation of side applications, and much more. All pay attention only to visual changes, ignoring the built-in keyboard. You can … Read more

SpiderOakONE app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] SpiderOak is a confidential storage for files and directories, with advanced backup, synchronization and sharing capabilities on all devices, including mobile devices. All users receive 2 GB of free storage for their confidential data, while the size of the downloaded file is not limited. The main advantage of the application is the … Read more

Asana app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] Asana is a free (up to 15 users) system of tools for project management and interaction between company employees and customers. Task manager gives the opportunity to track progress, deadlines, and project results. The manager can vary the access rights by adding individual employees to all categories or to individual tasks of … Read more

FxGuru app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] FxGuru: Movie FX Director – application for post-processing of video with the function of superimposing of special effects. Explosions and fire, mystical essences and wild animals – this and much more you can add to the videos, using an Android device for this. Also, cinematic filters and special MotionMatch ™ technology for … Read more

YouCam Perfect app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] YouCam Perfect is a program for Android, with which you can change the photos to your taste. A wide range of possibilities of the application will help to realize your creative ideas and fantasies, correcting images. There are a lot of ways to change the photo. Running the program and hitting the … Read more

World Around Me app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] Traveling is becoming easier. Forget the old tradition of torturing passers-by with inquiries about where to find a hotel or hospital nearby. With World Around Me, you will feel at home everywhere. World Around Me is an interactive catalog, which includes the most popular and most necessary objects for tourists: museums, hotels, … Read more

QualityTime app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] How difficult it is for an adult to accustom himself to using a smartphone/tablet only when necessary: do not watch videos for hours, do not play games, do not sit in social networks, forgetting about life. You will not get rid of it immediately, for this, you need a systematic observation of … Read more

Combo Crew app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] Combo Crew – colorful and very bright representative of fighting games on Android, performed in the best traditions of such popular games as Street Fighter and Final Fight. You will fight at once from several enemies using different punches and combinations. Gameplay and control Download Combo Crew on Android means to get … Read more

CloudCal Calendar app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] The new CloudCal application for Android devices provides a fresh look at scheduling the day. A distinctive feature of this program is a kind of graphic display of the working calendar, which allows you to see how busy your day is. Magic Circles miraculously turns calendar days into dial numbers that display … Read more

Footej Camera app review

[content_container max_width=’1000′ align=’left’] Do you want to make the coolest photos? Now it’s possible! Do not use regular photo editors, they can only slightly change the look of the photo. Using this camera with built-in filters and other settings, you can change photos in real time, and immediately see what it will be. This will … Read more