Genius Scan app review

Genius Scan is a useful Android application developed by The Grizzly Labs. Take advantage of a reliable utility to create high-quality photocopies! Capabilities The algorithm of operation is extremely simple and involves the use of a camera on your device. Just start the application and activate the scanner. Automatic recognition will do all the work … Read more

Flikit app review

Flikit is a utility that allows you to create and share contact information with any Android device user, regardless of whether they have the application on their gadget or not. The transfer takes place via SMS and e-mail. The program is an electronic morning coat, for the exchange of which you do not need access … Read more

1Password App Review

A good password is not convenient: you have to write it to a notepad, put a notebook in the safe, and keep the key from the safe under the mattress. Today we’ll talk about 1Password – a powerful password manager with cross-platform synchronization. 1Password is widely recognized as the simplest and most reliable utility of … Read more

Newton Mail App Review

Newton Mail App Review

Newton¬†Mail is a great email client for Android. One of the best subscription-based email client. It is difficult to find the ideal option among various applications of this kind. It’s because we use mail every day and often enough. Therefore, the mail application should be as convenient, fast, and simple as possible. Its direct competitor … Read more

How to Move Apps to SD card on Android

How to move apps to SD card on Android

If your smartphone does not have a place to install new applications, transfer the old ones to the SD card. The circumvention of the related restrictions is quite simple. You may also like: How to hide apps on Android (Simple way) How to transfer applications to a memory card with standard tools The function of … Read more

7 Fun Mock Location Apps Android

Fun Mock Location Apps

Social networks, online maps, photo hostings, and other services track your coordinates and often without demand make this information available to others. But you can give them a false location. For example, to keep anonymity or just play friends. This can easily be done by changing your current location to the one you need, whether … Read more

How to Empty Trash on Android

Despite the fact that the Android OS with each update is getting better in appearance and functionality, it is not yet possible to turn it into a self-cleaning structure. The smartphone accumulates garbage from used and remote applications, temporary browser files, save in mobile games, and other “tails” that clog the gadget’s memory and disrupt … Read more

How to Backup Contacts on Android

The list of contacts in our smartphones has long become almost the only place for storing contact information of our relatives, colleagues, and useful acquaintances. Agree, we really do not want to lose all this information because with technology everything can happen – failure, software malfunction, virus software, and banal loss or theft of the … Read more

How to Add App to Homescreen on Android

Agree, sometimes it is convenient to have some files at hand. In order not to rummage through folders but to run them directly from the desktop. What for? Running programs from the “All applications” menu is inconvenient for two reasons – you have to do an extra tap to go to this menu and if … Read more

9 Free apps to download videos from Instagram

One of the most popular online services continues to gain popularity. Today, only the lazy do not view photos with favorite stars, celebrities, football clubs, etc. in Instagram. In 2013, Instagram allows you to upload not only photos but also video, which has long since become established and has become an integral type of content … Read more