19 Best weather apps for Android

19 Best weather apps for Android

Knowledge of whether it will rain today will save you from the cold. Knowing how hot it is on the street will not let you put on extra clothes. Knowledge of how cloudy it will be in the evening will ensure you and your girl a guaranteed romantic dinner with the stars. As you can … Read more

13 Best Photo Organizer Apps for Android

best photo organizer apps for android

Modern smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly involved in photography related specialties, and therefore the question of choosing a good program for working with images is of great importance. Today we want to introduce you the applications for organizing and viewing images for mobile devices running Android. Despite the apparent simplicity, not all photo organizer … Read more

15 Cool Charades Apps for Android

Cool Charades Apps

Games in the companies of friends are always great. Some of the most popular games are, of course, “Associations” or “Secret Words”, but even they are already rather bored. But do not despair. For fans of the above games, we have something new and even more interesting, fun and provocative – charade games. Millions of … Read more

Easy Voice Recorder app review

Easy Voice Recorder app

An uncomplicated and convenient dictaphone for your smartphone, allowing you to freely control audio recording processes. The style of minimalism in the design of the interface does not affect the functionality but it greatly simplifies the work with the recording equipment. It does not substitute for recording meetings, lectures or personal information. Easy Voice Recorder … Read more

7 Fun Mock Location Apps Android

Fun Mock Location Apps

Social networks, online maps, photo hostings, and other services track your coordinates and often without demand make this information available to others. But you can give them a false location. For example, to keep anonymity or just play friends. This can easily be done by changing your current location to the one you need, whether … Read more

9 Free apps to download videos from Instagram

One of the most popular online services continues to gain popularity. Today, only the lazy do not view photos with favorite stars, celebrities, football clubs, etc. in Instagram. In 2013, Instagram allows you to upload not only photos but also video, which has long since become established and has become an integral type of content … Read more

17 Best Sound Effect Apps for Android

Have you ever thought about how many sounds the ear of a person perceives each day? Throughout the day, whether we like it or not, our body and our subconscious are under the influence of the “music” of the environment. Getting out of bed and starting to realize the reality, we do not pay attention … Read more

11 Best survival games for Android

Survival can be very different – but invariably fascinating, and you will be sure of this by carefully studying our selection. We have compiled in it the best games about survival on Android – the most interesting of those that can be found on Google Play. They will offer you to survive in the most … Read more

20 free fashion games for Android

20 free fashion games for Android

Fashion games for free invite all women of fashion in a variety of stories. You can play with dolls or princesses, mermaids, heroes of comic books and anime, picking up clothes for each character, and going shopping to stores. Still, it can be business when you become the owner of a boutique, helping to dress … Read more

Add music to your video apps for Android (9 Best apps)

Why is it necessary to make a video on your smartphone or tablet? Firstly, it is convenient – they are compact enough, light and always at hand, which eliminates the need to carry a bulky “mirror” to the mountains or to the beach. Secondly, these same gadgets can store tickets, interpreters, routes, and any other … Read more