Soccer Manager Worlds

Soccer Manager is a soccer management simulator, in which you will have the opportunity to become a manager of a soccer club to bring it to fame. You will be competing online with other players with the same goal as you. Like in most similar games, the key feature of Soccer Manager is the sale and purchase of players. You can hire and sell any player by discussing the deal with other clubs. For example, you have an excellent player on the left flank, in which another club is interested, and you will be ready to make a deal if the club offers you a good defender, which your team needs. In addition to making deals with players, you have to manage the team during the whole soccer season, which is very realistic in this game. You can participate in a league, a cup and, of course, an international cup. To win all these trophies, you will need not just a mediocre team led by one great player, but a really serious team of outstanding players. The numbers in the game are no less interesting: 50,000 players and more than 2,000 teams, as well as a lot of options concerning strategies and tactics. Soccer Manager is a full-featured sports game related to soccer club management. Soccer Manager has a clear interface and well thought out gameplay that can capture your attention for more than one hour.

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