Fractal Space App Review


Do not be surprised if the Fractal Space game will make you dance with joy and worry with excitement. Its design is excellent, physics makes you perceive everything as reality, and music touches the heart. A rich plot with twists and turns and two different endings will not leave you bored. And all this without … Read more

Stampy’s ABC App Review


When it comes to teaching kids letters, nothing is more important than a form that is engaging, fun, and colorful. This is exactly the educational application Stampy’s ABC, made in the style of a plasticine cartoon. Since the app is intended for children from two to seven years old, it is as simple as it … Read more

Password Manager App Review


Password managers are pretty well established in the everyday life of users who are not ready to sacrifice their security and use the same password on all services. There are a lot of sites that require authorization, and remembering for every login and password is quite problematic. In this case, password managers come to the … Read more

Tic Tac Mo App Review

For all its seeming simplicity, the popular game “tic-tac-toe” requires special attention and perfectly contributes to the development of logic. This game is played not only by children; there are also fans of tic-tac-toe among adults; in this case, children learn the basics of logical thinking, and adults remember its basis and receive relaxation against … Read more

forDiabetes: diabetes self-management App Review


Those who suffer from diabetes are aware of the large number of parameters that need to be kept under control. Luckily, there is a new app that can help regulate all of them. ForDiabetes – the ultimate diabetes management app. ForDiabetes compiles and analyses all the important variables, such as glucose and carbs levels, blood … Read more

D’scover App Review

Everybody wants to keep their family under control and it may be a real challenge these days. But if you have a family locator app that brings the whole family together online it will be much easier. That’s why D’scover app is an efficient and useful choice for all of you who want to stay … Read more

5K Player App Review


You know, in 2020 the idea of looking for a special media player might seem a little weird, but it is all before you even meet this one. The number of features that this product possesses is quite impressive and 5K Player is definitely more than just another software in this niche. The app was … Read more

iBlue Pro Bluelight Filter App Review

Work, education, communication, information… We look at the screens of smartphones for several hours a day. And according to some studies, they impair our vision even more than laptop and PC screens. The so-called “blue light” is especially harmful. Doctors even recommend using glasses that block the blue spectrum. But there is an easier solution … Read more

PathAway Outdoor GPS Navigator App Review


Don’t let yourself get lost from the path while achieving your goals. Don’t waste time looking for your way – trust your PathAway navigator. Here’s how he does it. The welcome screen continues with a reminder to activate GPS; then you see the main screen with your position on the map. The maps look a … Read more

KMPlayer App Review


KMPlayer is the best solution on the market for watching video and audio files! The feature that makes it stand out from the competitors is that you can forget about codecs, settings, and unsupported video, audio, and subtitle file formats. You won’t have any problems. The design of the application is simple, even a novice … Read more