2 Best Insulator Apps for Android

Best insulator apps

We present to your attention insulator applications for Android that will simplify your work. You may also like: 9 Best Area Calculator Apps for Android Insulator’s App The application is suitable for creating charts for industrial insulators. Guarantees quick access to all information in the workplace. This application has a free and paid version. The … Read more

3 Best Triangulation Apps for Android

Best triangulation apps

Below there are 3 apps for triangulation on Android devices: Triangulation With the help of the application, you will be able to determine the location of the desired point on the map. But for this, you need to know the distance to it from 2-3 places. You just need to enter these values in the … Read more

5 Best Feet Tickling Apps for Android

Tickle someone’s feet with these Android apps: Tickle Kuri! The game is pretty cool and interesting. I recommend tickling her heels! All the more the tickling stages and a few tools were added! For those who don’t have enough tools, a little secret. You can tickle your own finger! But there’s no voice acting… I’d … Read more

11 Best Construction Budget Apps for Android

Best Construction Budget Apps for Android

Construction is one the most complex businesses, thus being in charge of it demands carefully keeping track of all expenses and income. Therefore, the special tools for facilitating this complicated process of management can be of great help. Nowadays, from time to time a standard calculator and notebook are insufficient. For that reason, developers are … Read more

7 Best Time Travel Apps for Android

Best time travel apps

Have you ever dreamed of getting a time machine and finding yourself somewhere in the mysterious past or on the contrary, in the mesmerizing future? Since it’s still impossible in reality, we can still afford it in the virtual one. And here is a selection of the best time travel applications for Android. Time Travel … Read more

5 Best Assistive Light Apps for Android

Best assistive light apps for Android

Do you want to maximize the light capabilities of your phone? Using your phone for lighting is convenient because your flashlight is always at your fingertips. Now you will always see the way in the dark with one of these assistive light apps for Android. A couple of minutes to install and your Android will … Read more

5 Best Virgin Dating Apps for Android


A lot of actions, deals, tasks, and hobbies take place on our mobile devices in the modern world. There is almost no such thing, which cannot be performed via the Internet in 2022. This is also true about romantic relationships. An opportunity to choose a partner with the help of the Internet does not narrow … Read more

9 Best Gallery Lock Apps for Android in 2022


Today our mobile devices and cell phones specifically are full of our personal information. They often contain a lot of private photos, contacts, or documents. For some reason, there is no possibility to delete all information from the devices or enter a password on them. Moreover, sometimes we need to hide or lock different pieces … Read more

5 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Architecture (Android)


Presently, prospective augmented and virtual reality technologies are being rapidly developed and are successfully used in diverse professions. One of the spheres of professional activity that currently benefits from AR is, obviously, Architecture and construction. Regarding design, engineering, and model creating these processes are seriously facilitated as 3D models are easier to be dealt with … Read more

5 Best Grenade Prank Apps for Android

Best grenade prank apps

Do you want to play a prank on someone? You have a smartphone and basically, you don’t need anything else. For prank fans, we have prepared a selection of the best applications imitating the explosion of a grenade. Download and have fun! Simulator Bang Grenade You must like this joke app simulating a real grenade. … Read more