Best universal remote apps

15 Best universal remote apps for Android

With mobile devices, it’s easy to replace all the remote controls in the house, designed for different devices. But this will require specialized applications, which we have selected for the readers of our website. If you use these programs, you can quickly and efficiently create a complete and multifunctional remote control to adjust the sound, […]

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Best stud finder apps

10 Best stud finder apps for Android

Nowadays there are some apps that can help you find your earrings, keys, rings and the like. With the Stud finder app, you can find any metal, wire or anything like that. You can find lost metal items even in a wall. Although you can also do this with a metal detector, it can be […]

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Best file compressor applications

10 Best file compressor apps for Android

Nowadays, mobile gadgets can do almost any job. It’s absolutely easy to open various pictures, videos, documents and other types of data. Now it’s very easy to share different files with friends and family by simply sending them to different messengers or by e-mail. But it often happens that there is too much data and […]

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Best call blocker apps

12 Best call blocker apps for Android

People don’t like when they receive calls from unwanted numbers on their smartphone and receive spam in SMS. We want to spend time calmly with friends and family, but instead, we are distracted every five minutes by calls from companies with their stupid advertising. Fortunately, there are many applications that help filter and block unwanted […]

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Best Android apps for reading manga

11 Best Android apps for reading manga

Manga is a Japanese comic book. Quite popular in Japan, and in the world. But if Japan publishes printed originals, the rest of the countries may not have paper editions, so virtual sources predominate. Manga reader apps are what you needed: MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA is the official application of Shueisha […]

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Best Android theme apps

15 Best Android theme apps

If you are tired of the standard phone or tablet interface, you can easily change the appearance of your desktop, main menu, application icons, and other components, using special software. Our review presents the best free Android themes that can change the design of your device beyond recognition. CM Launcher 3D CM Launcher 3D is […]

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Best 3D animation apps

9 Best 3D animation apps for Android

Nowadays, moving images have a wide range of applications: from expressing emotions to being used as advertising on the network. Animation applications can help you create animation. This article presents a selection of top 9 3D animation applications for the Android platform. Animate Me! Animate Me! is a simple application with which your children can […]

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Best Polaroid frame apps

7 Best Polaroid frame apps for Android

Polaroid instant print cameras are remembered for unusual photos, which are made in a small frame and contains a free space at the bottom for inscription. Unfortunately, not everyone now has the ability to take these pictures themselves, but you can add just one effect using a special application to get an image in a […]

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Best dog whistle apps

10 Best dog whistle apps for Android

Dog owners are a separate community of people who are likely to use special applications about dogs. Not only do they love their pets and satisfy their daily needs, but they also go deeper into training, nutrition, and treatment. For new owners and professionals who take the training seriously, there are apps like the dog […]

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Best fake broken screen apps

11 Best fake broken screen apps for Android

Among the programs in the category of tools, you can find a lot of joking applications that don’t perform any function other than lifting the mood. Among such applications – fake broken screen, which will make your device a bit unusual. The program performs the function of a standard theme or even a launcher, which […]

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