12 Free VR Games For Android Without Controller

Free VR games without controller

You should only start your journey into VR with quality games. Only in this case, you can properly assess the prospects of the technology. We have selected a few VR games which can be played without controllers. Among them, you can find the most simple and those that will squeeze every last drop of your … Read more

10 Free Android Apps To Crop Photos Fast

Free apps to crop photos fast

If you want to publish the same image to different social media platforms, it’s entirely possible that you’ll need to make changes to adapt it to each platform so that they look perfect on all of them. Whether that’s your goal or not, one of the best options for doing so is the photo resizer … Read more

7 Best Vacation Countdown Apps For Android In 2022

Best vacation countdown apps

In fact, we are drowning in the daily grind and sometimes forget about meaningful events. The apps on our list will help you count the number of days until vacation and remind you of the date. That said, if you like to plan it all out clearly, you can take advantage of our list of … Read more

7 Free Wedding Countdown Apps For Android In 2022

Free wedding countdown apps

When your wedding date is set, all you have to do is count the days until it happens and hope that you have enough time to prepare. These uncomplicated but cute wedding countdown apps help you do just that. You can also count down the days to other events. And to make wedding preparations less … Read more

11 Best Ring Design Apps For Android In 2022

Best ring design apps

How to choose the perfect ring? Before you finally choose a ring, you need to be clear about both your budget and your own needs. Perhaps it’s practicality and compatibility with your overall everyday look, or a luxury ring for a special occasion. Do you want to make the process of choosing a ring a … Read more

9 Best Android Bill-Splitting Apps In 2022

Best bill-splitting apps

A trip with friends. Paying your rent. Going shopping at a supermarket. Going out to lunch with a colleague. How often do you end up splitting a bill between several people, arguing and adding up lots of numbers? Download a bill-splitting app and keep things friendly. It will do the complicated maths for you! Also, … Read more

11 Best Family Chat Apps For Android In 2022

Best family chat apps

There are many messaging apps that allow group chats. In fact, as far as we know, almost all of them are suitable for family chats. They will help you stay in touch with your children and other relatives at all times, plan weekends and special events together. So, if all you need is family group … Read more

9 Best Private Photo Sharing Apps For Android In 2022

Best private photo sharing apps

Sharing photos has never been more popular. Perhaps it’s because you want to keep your family, friends, readers, or followers up to date. There are many options for storing and sharing photos for a variety of needs. You can even find a way to share your photos that suits your personal life as well as … Read more

11 Best Loyalty Card Apps For Android In 2022

Best loyalty card apps

Discount card apps fulfill an important role – freeing the user from numerous plastic cards. Information is entered into the account and read from the smartphone screen when needed, so you no longer need to have your card with you to pay or get rewards at your favorite shops. Some of the apps on the … Read more

5 Best Android Apps To Find Peoples’ Social Media

Best apps to find peoples' social media

What should you do if you need to find a close friend, an old friend, or an old acquaintance, but his/her profile just doesn’t exist in a particular social network? It’s not difficult, but if you type “Search by name” or “Find a friend by the nickname” into Google, there are many services for this … Read more