Top 10 Sleep Talk Recorder Apps for Android

top sleep talk recorder apps

Are you curious about what you say in your sleep? Maybe you’re convinced you’re secretly a genius solving the world’s problems while you snooze. Or perhaps you’re just curious if you talk in your sleep at all? Well, have no fear! We’ve picked up the top sleep talk recorder apps for Android you could try. …

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11 Best Multiple Bluetooth Speaker Apps for Android


Are you planning to throw up a party and you need the maximum sound volume but you don’t want to get any extra devices? Don’t worry, in the following article, you will find the multiple Bluetooth speaker apps for the most powerful sound. And don’t forget to compile a cool playlist! For that, you can …

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9 Best Tinnitus Apps For Android

Best tinnitus apps

Tinnitus – ringing in the ears. The term refers to sounds and noises heard in the head rather than coming from an outside source. For some people, the noise may come and go, causing minor annoyance. However, sometimes the symptom becomes continuous and intense. Then it has a negative effect on daily life. In some …

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12 Best Music Playlist Maker Apps For Android

Best music playlist maker apps

Many users of mobile devices listen to music via streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music, or Apple Music. At the same time, many music lovers prefer to use their own media collection – both because streaming is not always fast enough, and because their favorite songs never get boring. Of course, in …

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9 Best Soundboard Apps in 2023 for Android

Best soundboard apps

If you want to have fun right now, download the best soundboard apps from our list: Meme and Vine Soundboard Meme and Vine Soundboard is an unusual program that offers a huge number of memes, funny pictures, and vine sounds. In this huge library, you are sure to find everything you need for comfortable communication …

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9 Best Music Notation Apps For Android

Best Music Notation Apps

If a person writes music in sheet music, surely he is not doing it on paper, the last century. And imagine that you are going somewhere or waiting for something or someone somewhere, there is not much to do. Writing music is an exit. And here are, of course, various mobile devices – smartphones and …

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9 Best Audio Filter Apps for Android

Best audio filter apps

In this article, we will try to analyze the best free and shareware mobile audio filter apps for Android. All of the presented programs have both completely free versions and test (trial) versions. It’s worth mentioning that the functionality of free audio editors is rather limited and rather suitable for simple editing, while paid audio …

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7 Best Apps to Speed Up or Slow Down Music on Android

Best apps to speed up or slow down music

Sometimes we may need to slow down or speed up the music. This is useful for learning a song on the guitar, as the slower speed helps you find chords. Speeding up your audio stream is often required for remixes or for comic effect. There are several Android apps for changing the tempo of your …

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10 Best Lip Singing Apps for Android

Best Lip Singing Apps

Do you like making funny videos? Want to surprise your friends with something new? Especially for you, we have prepared a review of 10 lip singing applications for your smartphone that will make you and your friends have fun. MuStar MuStar allows creating stunning music video clips in a matter of seconds. You can choose …

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11 Best Autotune Apps for Android

Best Autotune Apps

Do you dream of becoming a famous singer or try yourself as a hip-hop singer? Don’t be afraid to create new songs, because you have all the possibilities to do so. Special applications will help you improve your voice and create an incredible masterpiece. In this review, we’ve collected the best autotune apps for Android, …

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