9 Best Soundboard Apps in 2022 for Android

Best soundboard apps

If you want to have fun right now, download the best soundboard apps from our list: Meme and Vine Soundboard Meme and Vine Soundboard is an unusual program that offers a huge number of memes, funny pictures, and vine sounds. In this huge library, you are sure to find everything you need for comfortable communication … Read more

9 Best Music Notation Apps For Android

Best Music Notation Apps

If a person writes music in sheet music, surely he is not doing it on paper, the last century. And imagine that you are going somewhere or waiting for something or someone somewhere, there is not much to do. Writing music is an exit. And here are, of course, various mobile devices – smartphones and … Read more

9 Best Audio Filter Apps for Android

Best audio filter apps

In this article, we will try to analyze the best free and shareware mobile audio filter apps for Android. All of the presented programs have both completely free versions and test (trial) versions. It’s worth mentioning that the functionality of free audio editors is rather limited and rather suitable for simple editing, while paid audio … Read more

7 Best Apps to Speed Up or Slow Down Music on Android

Best apps to speed up or slow down music

Sometimes we may need to slow down or speed up the music. This is useful for learning a song on the guitar, as the slower speed helps you find chords. Speeding up your audio stream is often required for remixes or for comic effect. There are several Android apps for changing the tempo of your … Read more

10 Best Lip Singing Apps for Android

Best Lip Singing Apps

Do you like making funny videos? Want to surprise your friends with something new? Especially for you, we have prepared a review of 10 lip singing applications for your smartphone that will make you and your friends have fun. MuStar MuStar allows creating stunning music video clips in a matter of seconds. You can choose … Read more

11 Best Autotune Apps for Android

Best Autotune Apps

Do you dream of becoming a famous singer or try yourself as a hip-hop singer? Don’t be afraid to create new songs, because you have all the possibilities to do so. Special applications will help you improve your voice and create an incredible masterpiece. In this review, we’ve collected the best autotune apps for Android, … Read more

13 Best country music apps for Android

best country music apps android

Country music is loved and enjoyed by millions of people all around the world. Tis real stuff! No shitty superstars trying to be perfect and grab as much money as they can. Just a gentle sound of a guitar, nice rhythm and a voice singing about the all-time truths. How about a special app for your Android … Read more

11 Best boost music apps for Android

11 Best boost music apps for Android

In the Google Play store, you can download special applications designed to customize and boost the sound of music on your smartphone. We selected the best boost music programs in our review: Sound Bass Booster & Equalizer Sound Bass Booster & Equalizer is a multifunctional music player with many sound settings and automatic playback quality … Read more

5 Best FM Radio apps without WiFi connection

5 Best FM Radio apps without WiFi connection

Radio for your smartphone without Internet is a myth or reality? We made for you, quite an interesting selection – applications that allow you to listen to the radio without connecting to the Internet. Sometimes such a function will be useful, for example, in nature, where there are no available Internet connection networks. So, have … Read more

9 Best Android apps to make Dubstep

Best Android apps to make Dubstep

Dubstep quickly broke into the music industry. This style can be found everywhere: in music videos, in movies and, of course, at concerts of popular artists. And now you can even download Dubstep for Android in the format of entertainment applications. We picked up several music programs that will allow you to make Dubstep. So, … Read more