11 Best Apps to Unblur Images for Android 2021

Best apps to unblur images

Despite having a good camera, alas, photos don’t always turn out to be of high quality. This can be due to various reasons, from the wrong settings to the banal move of the smartphone in the process of shooting. How to improve the photo on the phone? In our article, we will tell you about … Read more

9 Android Apps with 1000+ Zoom Backgrounds

Apps with 1000+ Zoom backgrounds

Often Zoom’s online conference broadcasts have to come from a place you wouldn’t want to show to other conference participants. This is especially true when you work from home, where things, toys, and objects that you would not like to show to others can be scattered in the background. In such cases, Zoom allows you … Read more

9 Best Mouth Talking Apps for Android

Best Mouth Talking Apps

Have you seen a video where instead of a standard mouth a strange one with teeth is superimposed? If you’re looking for one, I’ll tell you where to find a filter with a talking mouth. TikTok In addition to creative effects, Tik Tok has a large base of entertainment tools aimed at recording funny video … Read more

9 Best Android Apps to Change Hair Color

Best Android Apps to Change Hair Color

Do you want to know which hairstyle is right for you? Do you see yourself with luxurious light curls or in dark color? For such tasks, there is a whole category of mobile programs that allow you to see yourself in a new way even before visiting a beauty salon. Several different applications allow you … Read more

15 Best Body Swap Apps for Android

Best Body Swap Apps

Sharing your funny photos is a new trend in social networking, and now it’s time for you to do it. The app changes your body with another person’s body in the photo, and it produces a funny result, but only if you do it right. To do this, you need the best body swap apps … Read more

11 Best Android Apps to Remove Beard From Your Photos

Best Android Apps to Remove Beard From Your Photos

Modern technology allows you to take snapshots in almost any environment and allow you to immediately see the result. But, when viewing the resulting images may turn out that some fragment of the picture (eg, beard) needs to be cut out. Often in the photo, there are extra items, and sometimes it is necessary to … Read more

11 Best Selfie GIF Apps for Android

Best Selfie GIF Apps

More and more applications today offer the ability to send GIF animation to friends. Typically, these apps give you access to an online repository of these GIFs, from which you can choose the one that suits you best. But how about you create these animated pictures yourself? Especially since it only takes your Android smartphone … Read more

7 Best Polaroid Frame Apps for Android

Best Polaroid frame apps

Polaroid instant print cameras are remembered for unusual photos, which are made in a small frame and contains a free space at the bottom for inscription. Unfortunately, not everyone now has the ability to take these pictures themselves, but you can add just one effect using a special application to get an image in a … Read more

12 Best Teeth Whitening Apps for Android

Best teeth whitening apps

Unfortunately, the teeth don’t always look white on the photo, so they have to be whitened with special editors. We’ve made a selection of the best teeth whitening apps for Android: AirBrush AirBrush is one of the best photo editing applications available. The rating of this application is almost ideal, as the results of photo processing … Read more

9 Best Apps to Change Eye Color for Android

Best apps to change eye color

Do you want to see what you’d look like with brown, green or blue eyes? Or maybe you’re getting ready for Halloween and thinking of a red-eye image? Don’t run to buy colored lenses right away, first try changing the color in the program to change the color of your eyes: FoxEyes Do you want … Read more