9 Best Gallery Lock Apps for Android in 2022


Today our mobile devices and cell phones specifically are full of our personal information. They often contain a lot of private photos, contacts, or documents. For some reason, there is no possibility to delete all information from the devices or enter a password on them. Moreover, sometimes we need to hide or lock different pieces … Read more

7 Best Story Album Apps for Android

Best story album apps

Do you love taking pictures and saving the best moments? These story album apps will help you organize all your moments. Samsung Gallery Samsung Gallery is the official photo gallery app from Samsung, installed by default in Galaxy smartphones. The application automatically creates a variety of albums, organizing photos by the application in which they … Read more

11 Best Gender Swap Apps for Android in 2022

Best gender swap apps

Social media masks have captured the imagination of users around the world. They add special effects to your photos, making them funny or slightly embellishing. In addition, in recent years, many apps have been released that use a similar principle to change gender in photos and videos. In this article, we will present to you … Read more

7 Free Photo Resizer Apps for Android


A lot of photos are taken daily on various mobile devices and professional cameras. Moreover, different pictures are shared on various social media and are downloaded or uploaded almost every second. Such a vast amount of pictures require a lot of additional space on phones and tablets for doing all these functions. To optimize this … Read more

11 Best Green Screen Apps for Android


The photography and videography industries are becoming more and more popular these days. This is connected to the fact that cameras are developing, and a great number of pictures or clips of high quality can be made by, literally, anyone. This factor led to another level of photos and videos. It is not enough just … Read more

11 Best Apps to Enhance Photo Quality on Android

Best apps to enhance photo quality

Today, we’ll tell you how to improve the quality of your photos with popular image editing apps. Each app has a user-friendly interface and a clever hinting system for beginners that makes it easy to work on any photo. In this article, you will find 11 mobile apps that will help you edit and publish … Read more

7 Best Fake Document Scanner Apps for Android

Best Fake Document Scanner Apps

Do you need to urgently provide your documents to your boss, but you don’t have an office scanner at hand? Do you want to make a copy of documents or securities, but you only have paper originals on hand? In this situation, your Android device and one of the fake document scanner apps described below … Read more

7 Best Apps to Remove Snapchat Filters on Android

Best Apps to Remove Snapchat Filters

Do you use Snapchat and still have photos with captions or filters from this social network? Do you want to delete them? Let’s look at some good apps that will help you do this. 1. Quick Object Eraser To remove a filter or mask from a photo, you can use Quick Object Eraser. This application … Read more

5 Best LiDAR Apps for Android in 2021

Best LiDAR apps

It has always been assumed that lidar is a thing needed exclusively for augmented reality work. LiDAR scans space and determines the outlines of objects in the field of view. But when it appeared on the phone, it became clear that it was just a passing innovation with no iconic impact on AR work or … Read more

3 Best Facial Motion Capture Apps for Android

Best facial motion capture apps

There aren’t many facial motion capture apps on Android. But we tried to find several, although some of them are just for fun. Face Mocap Face Mocap is one of the few applications for Android that can recognize gestures, facial expressions, and head rotation. To use the application you can use any TCP client. The … Read more