5 Best LiDAR Apps for Android in 2021

Best LiDAR apps

It has always been assumed that lidar is a thing needed exclusively for augmented reality work. LiDAR scans space and determines the outlines of objects in the field of view. But when it appeared on the phone, it became clear that it was just a passing innovation with no iconic impact on AR work or … Read more

3 Best Facial Motion Capture Apps for Android

Best facial motion capture apps

There aren’t many facial motion capture apps on Android. But we tried to find several, although some of them are just for fun. Face Mocap Face Mocap is one of the few applications for Android that can recognize gestures, facial expressions, and head rotation. To use the application you can use any TCP client. The … Read more

9 Best Apps to Blur Background on Android

Best apps to blur background

Sometimes you’ll take a picture or selfie that looks good and the background spoils it all. But that won’t be a problem anymore! In this article, I’m going to share with you the best, in my opinion, apps that will make even the most uncomplicated portrait look irresistible – as if it was taken by … Read more

9 Best Red Eye Remover Apps for Android

Best red eye remover apps for Android

Photography enthusiasts may encounter a popular problem in images: red-eye. This can be caused by using the flash in the evening or at night. The eyes in a photograph may develop this tint because a person’s eyeballs are colored red and the rays are reflected off the eyeball during photography. You can get rid of … Read more

5 Best Fake Cigarette Apps for Android

Best fake cigarette apps

If you like to have fun with your friends or you’re always pranking someone, here’s another cool idea for you! We offer to download a cigarette smoking simulator for Android. Haven’t you tried yet? Cigarette Smoking Simulator – iCigarette Want to have some fun? The iCigarette application simulates a burning cigarette. You will not get … Read more

11 Best Apps to Turn Picture Into Anime Drawing on Android

Best apps to turn picture into anime drawing

The process of drawing with your phone is quite tedious; it’s much easier to turn ready-made photos into drawings. You can find quite a few apps for this purpose in the Google Play store. But which one to choose? We want to help you figure it out and give you an overview of the best … Read more

11 Best Photo & Video Recovery Apps for Android in 2021

Best photo & video recovery apps

Who of us has not encountered a situation where deleted files that previously seemed completely unnecessary, after some time, suddenly become extremely necessary? Or situations when files are deleted by mistake and the question arises as to how to restore them? Don’t panic as Photo & Video Recovery Apps successfully solve such problems. Рere we … Read more

9 Best Before & After Compare Photo Apps for Android

Best before & after compare photo apps

Want to create a collage where you can see yourself as you looked young and how you look now? Or do you want to compare the changes that have happened to you recently? Then, download one of the best before and after compare photo apps from our list: Collage Maker A simple and powerful program … Read more

11 Best Apps to Unblur Images for Android 2021

Best apps to unblur images

Despite having a good camera, alas, photos don’t always turn out to be of high quality. This can be due to various reasons, from the wrong settings to the banal move of the smartphone in the process of shooting. How to improve the photo on the phone? In our article, we will tell you about … Read more

9 Android Apps with 1000+ Zoom Backgrounds

Apps with 1000+ Zoom backgrounds

Often Zoom’s online conference broadcasts have to come from a place you wouldn’t want to show to other conference participants. This is especially true when you work from home, where things, toys, and objects that you would not like to show to others can be scattered in the background. In such cases, Zoom allows you … Read more