Unreal Commander Software Review

Even though most content of our website is dedicated to Android apps, here is the software for your PC that you might find useful! The best free file manager? Does what the most common competitors won’t do in their lives? The most convenient and beautiful appearance customization with a two-panel interface? That’s right, this is … Read more

Mortal Crusade: Sword of Knight App Review


Hey, all the gamers out there! We have good news for you. If you are looking for a new adventurous action game, you should pay attention to Mortal Crusade: Sword of Knight app. So, let’s take a deeper look at why this game is so special. Mortal Crusade: Sword of Knight is an RPG game … Read more

Sleepin’ Guy App Review


Sleepin’ Guy is a story-driven quest game for iPhones and iPads from the well-known Suicide Guy series. This is a fascinating fantasy story about a guy lost in the world of his own dreams. But he needs to wake up to save his loved ones. There is nothing easier and faster than downloading this game. … Read more

Towers: TriPeaks Solitaire App Review


There are some games that just take your breath away. Towers: TriPeaks Solitaire is certainly one of these kinds of games. If you are looking for an entertaining card game to play with friends or family, you should try this variant. So, let’s find out why this app is so special. First of all, we … Read more

Kalimba Real App Review


Kalimba is a plucked African musical instrument of the lamellaphon class. It is common in Central and South Africa and on the island of Madagascar. During the European colonization of America, kalimba was brought by Africans to Cuba, where it still exists. Such instruments are called “African hand pianos”. Kalimba is used in traditional rites … Read more

SSV XTrem App Review

Welcome to the revamped SSV Xtrem, a captivating racing simulator that won’t make you bored with a variety of exciting tracks around the world. Not only will you find the most interesting models of racers, aerial somersaults, many dangers, and complications, but also the taste of victory. Let’s go. Use the settings icon in the … Read more



If you like fighting games and which are not just about fighting round after round, but carry the plot behind their idea then you should definitely try this game called “Fists for Fighting”. It’s an engaging simulator of kickboxing, where you need to beat all your rivals and win the biggest prize of your life. … Read more

The Lost Sky App Review

Oh, those boring space games where everything is the same – rockets, explosions, simple graphics, and monotonous soundtracks. You flew there – you shot here. Annoying, huh? But it’s not at all the same thing at all with The Lost Sky juicy game! Because you not only save the planet from some monsters in it … Read more

Horror Nights Story App Review


Do you like horror stories but you’re also afraid of them? Well, you’re not alone in that. There are times when you would like to play a horror game but you don’t want nightmares to chase you for days afterward – and you wonder if you can play it safe? Well, with Horror Nights Story … Read more

US Conflict App Review

There are thousands of war-theme games on the market nowadays and when it’s time to make a choice you might be confused. We decided to give you a nice suggestion to save you from wasting your time  – therefore we prepared the review of the “US conflict” game – a captivating strategy that shows what … Read more