10 Best NFT Crypto Games for Android

Best NFT crypto games

NFT crypto games become more and more popular. Some players in such projects already in a month recoup their investment and get a profit that exceeds their initial investment by dozens of times. The most important thing, in this case, is to find a quality and constantly evolving project, that is, don’t make a mistake … Read more

9 Best Jigsaw Puzzle Apps for Android

Best Jigsaw Puzzle Apps

In this collection, we would like to share puzzles that can arouse interest with their non-triviality, non-standard approach to business, and tasks that can sometimes be quite interesting. Let’s see what is in this collection, and maybe you will also take a slightly different attitude to puzzles in which you need to act not quickly, … Read more

25 Best Snapchat Story Games in 2021

Best snapchat story games

Snapchat’s stories function is incredibly popular. The success of Snapchat is often attributed to the fact that the app encourages users to constantly capture insignificant or mundane aspects of their lives. Perhaps one of the secrets of its popularity is that it encourages users to be more active on the platform and communicate with their … Read more

9 Best Candy Shop Games for Android

Best candy shop games

The following selection of games is suitable for kids and their parents. If your child has a sweet tooth, the games would be to his taste! You will have a lot of fun with your child, or at least, you can interest him for some time to play independently. Make your favorite lollipops, a variety … Read more

11 Best Diner Dash Games for Android

Best diner dash games

If you want to find games like Diner Dash, we’re here to help. We have collected the most similar games in one place. If you’re looking for something similar, you’ll probably like these games too. Diner DASH Adventures Diner DASH Adventures is a casual game in which you help Flo and Cookie create a restaurant … Read more

11 Best Bike Racing Games for Android

Best bike racing games

Do you like sports motorcycles or crazy about cool bikes? Then this selection of the best and most exciting bike races will definitely be to your liking and will allow you to spend your free time with excitement. Real Bike Racing If you like speed and have been looking for a game where you find … Read more

9 Best Pet Shop Games for Android

Best pet shop games

If you can not live a day without the company of our little friends, then our selection of the best pet shop games for Android is just for you. Pet Shop Story™ If you’ve been dreaming of doing business for a long time, but don’t have the finances or the skills? Pet Shop Story™ is … Read more

7 Best Home Poker Tournament Apps for Android

Best home poker tournament apps

It’s no secret that the only place to play poker is in Las Vegas. For those who want to lose their real savings, that’s the way to go. However, without losing a penny, you can feel all the excitement of this game if you enter directly having the Internet. And here is a selection of … Read more

7 Best Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) Apps for Android

Best chinese chess (Xiangqi) apps

To understand and love Chinese Xiangqi chess for a person with a European mentality is not an easy matter. In general, it’s very difficult to penetrate the beauty and elegance of this system. And if we perceive the harmony of ordinary, classical chess in our childhood and we don’t need any further explanations. Here everything, … Read more

21 Best Android Games with Controller Support 2021

Best Android games with controller support 2021

Gamepad-supported games on the Android platform are on the rise, not least due to the advent of Android TVs and consoles. The range of gamepads and Bluetooth controllers for Android devices is also growing. If you’ve already got a gamepad, you’re probably looking forward to trying it out. So which games are suitable for showing … Read more