9 Best Offline Indie Games for Android

Best Offline Indie Games

Indy games are isolated because they are created by single developers or small teams that are not under the wing of wealthy publishers. But this does not mean that the quality they are worse than AAA projects. By sacrificing a beautiful picture, the authors are attracted by the idea and the original gameplay. As a … Read more

11 Best HD RPG Games for Android

Best HD RPG Games

Are you a fan of the RPG genre? If so, then you probably more than once had to go through a huge number of different games in the market in search of something worthwhile. Among the huge number of clickers and games designed to kill time, to find something really good – very hard. So, … Read more

15 Best Gacha Games for Android

Best Gacha Games

Gacha game is a relatively new genre, quickly gained popularity in Japan and many other countries. Usually in the Gacha games implemented mechanics of the same name. Here you use something like a slot machine for selling toys to get random virtual items such as new characters, suits, and armor. It allows you to create … Read more

15 Best Idle Games for Android

Best Idle Games

Idle Games is a genre of games with the simplest game mechanics. The name comes from the characteristic sound of the mouse when you click. In mobile interpretation, clickers are such “tapers”. That is, from players everything is required without stopping to tap on the screen of the mobile device. Each tap on the subject … Read more

11 Best Nursing Simulation Game Apps for Android

Best Nursing Simulation Game Apps

In most video games, gameplay focuses on killing as many enemies as possible. But what if in games you want to cure others and not maim them? This is where medical games come into play. In most of them, the goal is similar. Provide help and cure as many patients as possible. The scale of … Read more

15 Best multiplayer sports games for Android 2020

Best multiplayer sports games

On Google Play you can find hundreds of thousands of sports games, but most of them are designed for a single player. But what if you and your friends want to play a game together? There are not so many such projects, but they are. We’ve chosen the best 15 multiplayer sports games for you, … Read more

11 High graphic games for Android 2019

High graphic games

Every year … hell, there, each month, mobile games are becoming more beautiful and more technological. There are such games that can capture the imagination; games, looking at which, there are doubts about their mobile roots.  Here is a list of the best Android games with high graphics in all variety of genres. Cover Fire … Read more

15 Best Android games with controller support 2019

Best Android games with controller support

More and more console games are being adapted for PC and Android, which means it’s time for a change. In this review, we will describe in detail the top 15 Controller Supported Games for Android  2019. Horizon Chase – World Tour Welcome to the championship in arcade racing in sunny California! Every year competition allows … Read more

17 Best puzzle games for Android

Best puzzle games

Puzzle games – a very convenient type of games for your smartphone. Firstly, the touch control seems to be specially created for them, and secondly, these are games that you can return to at any time when you have some free time. In the new selection of puzzles for Android – as recognized pearls, so … Read more

25 Best simulation games for Android 2019

Best simulation games

Would you like to know how you would feel in another life? For example, becoming a pilot or a city planner? You have a great opportunity to check it out! Simulators are those games that allow you to plunge into another world. We decided to help you in choosing by compiling a list of best … Read more