How To Put Apps To Sleep On Android

How to put apps to sleep on Android

If you don’t want specific applications to run in the background, you should set them to go to sleep mode. This is a useful option that will help you save battery power, improve performance, reduce memory usage and simply close annoying programs and their notifications. For example, you can add WhatsApp to the list to … Read more

How To Recover Deleted Instagram Messages On Android

How to recover deleted instagram messages on Android

Instagram is a multimillion social network with active communication between users. And facing the problem: how to restore deleted messages in Instagram is not uncommon. It doesn’t matter whether the correspondence was deleted accidentally or intentionally, you may need the messages later. You may also like: 6 Best Instagram Private Profile Viewer Apps for Android … Read more

How To Find Hidden Apps on Android Gadget

How to find hidden apps on Android gadget

No one will argue with the fact that today there are a huge number of applications from many different categories, the use of some of which it is undesirable to know to outsiders. First and foremost, we’re talking about the people closest to you: your parents, your children, your boyfriend or girlfriend. It may be … Read more

How to fix Android apps close automatically

How to fix Android apps close automatically

Android phones are becoming more reliable every day. They have chipsets paired with memory, which is almost equal to that of an average laptop. But then the phones end up doing a lot more work than the average laptop. Among games, videos, and social networking apps, we make video calls and many other things that … Read more

How to hide apps on Android (Simple way)

How to hide apps on Android

The need to hide applications on the phone or tablet occurs for users for two reasons. The first is the desire to keep private life, correspondence or photo gallery in secret. The second – a large number of rarely used icons in the application panel, preventing you from finding the right ones. So, how can … Read more

How to Detect Mock Locations on Android

How to detect mock locations on Android

Geolocation plays an important role in our smartphone – some applications ask for your coordinates to work correctly, using geolocation you can find a lost person, and even if your wife asks you to specify your coordinates, you can easily do it. You may also like: 7 Fun Mock Location Apps Android However, many users … Read more

How to print from Android

How to print from Android

Printing has become a paradoxical technology. On the one hand, it has never been so easy not to print: most paper documents in everyday life, at school and in the office can be used directly from a computer screen, smartphone, tablet or e-book. On the other hand, it’s not going to die at all: for … Read more

How to get emojis on Android

How to get emojis on Android

Why in the minds of contemporaries more and more often the idea creeps in: would I install emojis on my Android device? Yes, because these cool small smiling faces quite accurately convey our mood to the interlocutor. Gadgets, the software of which is built on the basis of Android, used to be popular without these … Read more

How to Download YouTube Videos on Android

How to download YouTube videos on Android

YouTube is the most popular video hosting, in the catalogs of which there are many videos of a wide variety of topics. Often, users have a natural desire to download a favorite video to their Android-smartphone or tablet, to review it later or show it to friends. However, without additional programs, this can not be … Read more

How to Do Emojis on Android

Why are emoticons so popular? Because the cool balls quite accurately convey our mood to the interlocutor. Technology, the software of which is built on the basis of Android, used to be famed without smiles but with the increasing popularity of online communication, users need them more often. You may also like: 11 Apps to … Read more