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Best clock widget with seconds

7 Best clock widget apps with seconds for Android

A marvelous abundance of clock widgets is collected in the Google Play Store, and therefore it isn’t an easy task to choose something worthy. However, if you try, you can find really interesting, useful and beautiful things. Do you want to make the design of your smartphone truly unique and inimitable? Before you start long […]

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Best virtual assistant apps

9 Best virtual assistant apps for Android

Which voice assistant is the best for Android? This article provides a list of all available services. After studying it, you will be able to decide what is the best voice assistant for you. All are available for free and reliable. Google Assistant Google Assistant, like any other voice assistant, can answer simple and complex […]

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25 Best offline shooting games

25 Best offline shooting games for Android

Where else can you find so much action as you do in shooters? FPS or TPS – it doesn’t matter, the main thing is hot shooting, explosions, and chaos. Here are the best offline shooters for Android 2019: Cover Fire Cover Fire is a cool shooting game. Here you will confront a powerful organization Tetracorp, […]

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best country music apps android

13 Best country music apps for Android

Country music is loved and enjoyed by millions of people all around the world. Tis real stuff! No shitty superstars trying to be perfect and grab as much money as they can. Just a gentle sound of a guitar, nice rhythm and a voice singing about the all-time truths. How about a special app for your Android […]

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dice roller apps android

9 Best dice roller apps for Android

Dice rollers are needed for lots of games, especially board games. For example, it can be used to decide who makes a move first. This tricky little thing is also used in math to learn about probability and luck and all of that. The only problem is that sometimes you just can’t find it! Or […]

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13 Android games like Diablo 2019

Diablo-like games are those projects in which players are engaged in the industrial destruction of crowds of monsters, collecting various loot from them, pumping their character and constantly improving their skills. So, if you like the game Diablo, you’ll find this selection interesting: Dungeon Legends Dungeon Legends is an exciting role-playing action game similar to […]

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Best candle light apps for Android

7 Best candle light apps for Android

Beautiful lighted candles, placed throughout the room, cause a romantic shiver among ordinary people and professional confusion among firefighters. Indeed, why endanger your home when there are special programs: Candle Candle is a pretty and quite a natural candle emulator for Android. Moving the smartphone to the left and to the right you will watch […]

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Best Hebrew calendar apps for Android 2019

5 Best Hebrew calendar apps for Android 2019

The Jewish calendar is also of particular importance in the life of the Jewish Messianic communities. The annual cycle of holidays, the cycle of reading the Torah according to weekly chapters – all this is intended to systematize and put in order the spiritual life of the New Testament believer. We hope that this selection […]

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10 Best reading glasses apps for Android

10 Best reading glasses apps for Android

When you’ve forgotten your reading glasses and need to read the small text on a form or low lighting is making it difficult to see the items on a menu, an Android reading glasses app will make such situations a lot easier: Reading Glasses – Magnifier – Visual Aid Zoom Want to make the world […]

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9 Best breastfeeding apps for moms

9 Best breastfeeding apps for moms (Android)

Breastfeeding is important and not always an easy task. If a woman became a mother for the first time, she has many questions. Mobile applications will help to find answers to questions and improve breastfeeding. There are many different paid and free applications on the Web that can simplify the process of breastfeeding. But not […]

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