9 Best Folder Lock Apps for Android

Best folder lock apps for Android

Do you know the feeling of fear when you give your phone to someone and remember that you don’t want them to see any letters, documents, pictures, or other files? If your Android smartphone or tablet stores data that you don’t want anyone to see, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ll consider the … Read more

9 Best Multitasking Apps for Android

Best multitasking apps

Modern Android devices are becoming more and more powerful, and this allows you to take full advantage of multitasking. The essence of this phenomenon is that you can use several applications at the same time. Multitasking can be implemented differently on different devices, but we have selected the best universal solutions. Floating Apps Free (multitasking) … Read more

7 Best TDEE Calculator Apps for Android

Best TDEE calculator apps

Calculating your total daily energy expenditure is critical for fat loss, muscle gain, and weight maintenance, so here is a review of free and best Total Daily Energy Expenditure calculators to accurately estimate your daily calorie needs. TDEE Calculator – Calorie Intake Calculator This is one of the best free TDEE calculator apps available on … Read more

9 Hardest Puzzle Games for Android in 2021

Hardest puzzle games

Stop killing time with silly games – install a couple of puzzle games that not only entertain but also help develop attention and intelligence. We decided to give you an overview of the hardest puzzle games in which you have to use your brain to win. So from the huge variety of such applications, we … Read more

9 Best Multiplayer Puzzle Games for Android 2021

Best multiplayer puzzle games for Android and iOS

For those who don’t mind flexing their brains, we have compiled a list of the best puzzle games with multiplayer. And after all, who can’t be proud of themselves after solving some mega difficult task? So choose, pump, and train your main organ with pleasure! Brain Wars Brain Wars is an Android program with which … Read more

11 Best Physics-Based Games for Android 2021

Best Physics-Based Games

What are the most addictive games for Android? Certainly, physics-based games won’t let you put a phone down for hours! We’ve tested hundreds of Android physics-based games. In this article, we will show you the 11 best representatives of games of this type. Bad Piggies Finnish studio Rovio, the creator of the most popular mobile … Read more

11 Best Apps to Unblur Images for Android 2021

Best apps to unblur images

Despite having a good camera, alas, photos don’t always turn out to be of high quality. This can be due to various reasons, from the wrong settings to the banal move of the smartphone in the process of shooting. How to improve the photo on the phone? In our article, we will tell you about … Read more

11 Best Astronomy Apps for Android 2021

Best astronomy apps

To admire the night sky, you don’t have to buy a telescope and go to the roof of your house. A smartphone and an installed application are enough. With astronomy apps for Android, you can explore the starry sky and the solar system without getting up from your sofa. Star Walk Star Walk is an … Read more

13 Best Open World Games 2021 for Android

Best Open World Games

Open world games offer players great freedom – you are given a huge world for research, in which you can do everything that the game offers. Exploring land, running errands, fighting, building something – usually, open-world games offer something of the above. In this list are games with the open world, which you can run … Read more

15 Best Indie Games for Android 2021

Best Indie Games

Hyper Jobs Hyper Jobs is a unique game of its kind, in which you are invited to try yourself in different areas and work in all kinds of spheres. Get a job as a doctor, cook, farmer, salesman, garbage man, driver, and that’s not all. The list of vacancies expands to 20 or more, each … Read more