9 Best Mouth Talking Apps for Android

Best Mouth Talking Apps

Have you seen a video where instead of a standard mouth a strange one with teeth is superimposed? If you’re looking for one, I’ll tell you where to find a filter with a talking mouth. TikTok In addition to creative effects, Tik Tok has a large base of entertainment tools aimed at recording funny video … Read more

5 Best Android Apps to Catch a Cheater

Best apps to catch a cheater

Catching a cheater with your phone is not so easy. But there are still several options if you download the application from our selection of the best Android apps to catch a cheater. Phone Tracker By Number Find the location of the liar becomes easy with the help of a GPS tracker. So we have … Read more

9 Best Android Apps to Change Hair Color

Best Android Apps to Change Hair Color

Do you want to know which hairstyle is right for you? Do you see yourself with luxurious light curls or in dark color? For such tasks, there is a whole category of mobile programs that allow you to see yourself in a new way even before visiting a beauty salon. Several different applications allow you … Read more

7 Best Intruder Selfie Apps for Android

Best Intruder Selfie Apps

Did you know that setting a PIN or password doesn’t make your smartphone completely secure? If your phone is stolen, a thief will try his best to break your password protection. So, if you are concerned that someone is trying to hack your phone, or if you want to have photo evidence in case of … Read more

ProofHub App Review


Collaboration software plays a crucial role in corporative teamwork in 2020. Actually, not only in cooperative work – nowadays it is used everywhere. This year definitely became a turning point for all kinds of apps of this type and also brought new challenges making the developers revise the reliability and functionality of these apps. You … Read more

Taskito App Review


This is another organizer and planner app that deserves a separate post on our portal as one of the best apps in this category. It is quite challenging for a productivity planner app to be authentic nowadays, however, it seems like Taskito got that card on its sleeve. You may also like: 7 Best Slimming … Read more

Zenchat App Review


As we are getting used to conduct business in the situation of the worldwide pandemic, it becomes clear that almost all spheres of our lives need to be updated. And even though it might seem like the software is the only way out to save business communication, it is clear that it needs to go … Read more

9 Best Customization Apps for Android

Best customization apps

To help you stay in the trend, here is our selection of the best Android customization apps, which you can get right now. Smart Launcher 5 Smart Launcher 5 is a launch program for Android, which replaces the classic interface of your phone with another, so you will have easier and faster access to many … Read more

7 Best Slimming World Diet Apps for Android

Best Slimming World Diet Apps

Slimming World is the most popular organization dealing with diet and health issues in the UK. Millions of people eat healthy food every year and do more exercise while adhering to this health plan. However, to stick to this plan, you need to count the caloric intake of food every day. The best slimming world … Read more

5 Best Atkins Diet Tracker Apps for Android

Best Atkins Diet Tracker Apps

Atkins Diet involves reducing carbohydrate consumption to 20 grams per day, which makes the bodywork differently. Carbohydrates are a universal energy source. When they stop coming in with food, the body starts to use the reserve resources in the form of fat reserves. In order to adhere to such a system of nutrition, it is … Read more