15 Best Bluetooth Multiplayer Games for Android

Best bluetooth multiplayer games for Android

Having time with friends without the internet and not sure what to do? Not a problem! Every smartphone has Bluetooth, so online gaming on Android can save the day. Play Market has a lot to offer, from fast-paced shooters, action, crazy racings to calm board and brain games. Our latest rating will help you to … Read more

9 Best Adult Party Card Games for Android (No 18+)

Best adult party card games

There are thousands of games in a variety of genres on the Play Store, but most of them are designed for single-player play. But what if you and your friends want to play a game together? There aren’t many such projects, but they do exist. We’ve chosen for you the best 9 party card games … Read more

5 Best 1000 (Thousand) Card Game Apps for Android

Best 1000 (thousand) card game apps

Thousand (1000) is a fun card game that has been developed for mobile devices to support card games. It’s worth saying right away that the game is not for everyone, and perhaps some will find it boring as hell. And the thing is that the game is suitable only for adult players, who have previously … Read more

5 Best UNO Multiplayer Games for Android

Best UNO multiplayer games

Today I’m sharing with you my impressions of using the UNO multiplayer game apps. First a bit of history. In 1971, a hairdresser in the USA got bored of playing simple cards and created something new and incredible for the time. And all members of his family enthusiastically began to play UNO. He realized that … Read more

9 Best Rummy Card Games for Android

Best rummy card games

Rummy is one of the most popular card games, second only to Poker. Formerly known as Rummy Poker, Rummy was introduced in the 19th century in American saloons and gambling houses. Though its rules are simple, it still offers great opportunities for the experienced player. But what happens when you have no one to play … Read more

7 Best Cribbage Card Games for Android

Best cribbage card games

Cribbage is an exciting card game popular in England and the USA. According to one version, it was invented in the early 17th century by English poet John Suckling. A full deck of 52 cards is used in the game. The main goal of the game is to win 121 points before your opponent does … Read more

7 Best Apps to Speed Up or Slow Down Music on Android

Best apps to speed up or slow down music

Sometimes we may need to slow down or speed up the music. This is useful for learning a song on the guitar, as the slower speed helps you find chords. Speeding up your audio stream is often required for remixes or for comic effect. There are several Android apps for changing the tempo of your … Read more

7 Best Retirement Countdown Apps for Android

Best retirement countdown apps

If you’re tracking the days until your retirement, this selection of countdown apps is just for you! Have you thought about what you want to do when you retire? It’s hight time! Countdown Days App & Widget The Countdown Widget is a free app that reminds you of important events in your life, and it’s … Read more

5 Best Call Waiting Apps for Android

Best call waiting apps for Android

Call waiting may be provided by your service provider or be installed by default in your phone. The newer the phone, the more likely it is that call waiting is a standard feature. However, you may have trouble setting it. So we’ve put together a selection of the best apps from Google Play Store to … Read more

9 Best Apps to Change Font Style on Android

Best apps to change font style

You don’t have to be a blogger or a designer to have a need to decorate your social media pages. Unusual fonts will only accentuate your personality and help you visually diversify your page content. Show the world that you are a vibrant and creative individual. There are plenty of beautiful fonts to choose from, … Read more