9 Best Android Apps for Gaining Weight

for Gaining Weight

Regular exercise and proper balanced nutrition are the key to good health, active longevity, and improvement of body mass index not only during the beach season but also throughout the year. There are special gadgets for monitoring an active lifestyle. A cross-platform application specially created for this purpose will help to monitor the quantity and … Read more

9 Best Reverse Phone Number Lookup Apps for Android


There is hardly one person who does not have a cell phone. This fact led to numerous calls and SMS, which ordinary people come across every day. Some of the calls and SMS are pleasant and business-oriented, while others can be surprising or even unwanted. To protect yourself from such calls and SMS you can … Read more

9 Best Birth Chart Calculator Apps for Android


People have been always wondering if there is a connection between starts and their lives. Researchers were carried out to study it, however, there is still no clear answer. But one thing remains true: stars’ and planets’ positions definitely influence various processes on Earth. Taking that into account, we can conclude that cosmic patterns impact … Read more

11 Best Green Screen Apps for Android


The photography and videography industries are becoming more and more popular these days. This is connected to the fact that cameras are developing, and a great number of pictures or clips of high quality can be made by, literally, anyone. This factor led to another level of photos and videos. It is not enough just … Read more

9 Best Apps to Check Room Temperature for Android

Best apps to check room temperature

Mobile app developers have already learned how to embed an entire working thermometer into your phone. Now it’s possible to throw away all thermometers from the house. You just need to download the appropriate app and start using your phone as a measuring device. Is it possible to measure temperature accurately? Since an integrated sensor … Read more

11 Best Apps to Enhance Photo Quality on Android

Best apps to enhance photo quality

Today, we’ll tell you how to improve the quality of your photos with popular image editing apps. Each app has a user-friendly interface and a clever hinting system for beginners that makes it easy to work on any photo. In this article, you will find 11 mobile apps that will help you edit and publish … Read more

10 Best NFT Crypto Games for Android

Best NFT crypto games

NFT crypto games become more and more popular. Some players in such projects already in a month recoup their investment and get a profit that exceeds their initial investment by dozens of times. The most important thing, in this case, is to find a quality and constantly evolving project, that is, don’t make a mistake … Read more

9 Best Jigsaw Puzzle Apps for Android

Best Jigsaw Puzzle Apps

In this collection, we would like to share puzzles that can arouse interest with their non-triviality, non-standard approach to business, and tasks that can sometimes be quite interesting. Let’s see what is in this collection, and maybe you will also take a slightly different attitude to puzzles in which you need to act not quickly, … Read more

7 Best Fake Document Scanner Apps for Android

best fake

Do you need to urgently provide your documents to your boss, but you don’t have an office scanner at hand? Do you want to make a copy of documents or securities, but you only have paper originals on hand? In this situation, your Android device and one of the fake document scanner apps described below … Read more

9 Free Word Processor Apps for Android

free word processor

The idea of using a phone as a universal notepad is not new. Even before smartphones became a mass phenomenon, many subscribers adapted drafts of SMS messages for taking notes. With the development of mobile devices, working with notes has become much more convenient – many phones have special applications for taking notes, and many … Read more