Contact Transfer App Review


Contact Transfer is a top-grade application that allows users to quickly copy contacts between Android, iPhone, and PC. In Contact Transfer, you can also create new contacts, edit existing contacts, and delete contacts on your Android phone right from your PC. So, this application allows users to copy contacts between your Android and PC wirelessly … Read more

Escape the BOOM App Review


Hey, all the gamers out there! We have found an excellent game with an entertaining plot for you. So, let’s have a look! Escape the Boom is a cooperative game that consists of 24 levels. Plus, you can download this app for free, as the first four levels are free! So, but how should we … Read more

7 Best Bucket List Apps for Android

Best bucket list apps

BucketList is a list of things to see, learn, try, do, and feel in this world. And for which there is only one chance – your life. BucketList helps you understand how short life is. Try writing such a list of 50, 100, or more items, the thought “How can I do it all?” will … Read more

Audiosdroid Audio Studio DAW App Review


If you are searching for a top-grade application that will help you to record and mix audio files, then we have to bring your attention to Audiosdroid Audio Studio. The application does not take up much storage space, as it weighs just 19M. Thus, there is no need to waste too much time on the … Read more

CallApp App Review


Many people are familiar with the situation when a mobile phone receives various calls from unknown numbers, while the subscriber is annoyingly trying to impose a lot of unnecessary services or goods. And there are a lot of such calls. This problem is very relevant in the modern world, where many companies have appeared that … Read more

Contapp App Review


Contapp is a full-featured app that allows you to create and scan business cards in a few seconds. This tool is full of stunning functions, so now we are going to tell you about them! Contapp is a stable and reliable application that does not hang. Plus, it comes with regular updates. After a quick … Read more

Probuild App Review


Are you working as a contractor, plumber, electrician, builder, or even HVAC technician? In this case, we have to bring your attention to a very useful tool for you – Probuild. Now let’s find out why this app is so special. Probuild allows users to quickly manage all their day-to-day work operations by using only … Read more

7 Best Online Corkboard Apps for Android

Best online corkboard apps

Do you love writing short lists of things to do, shopping, “don’t forget to take” items, someone’s phone number for one call not needed in your notebook? Do you love writing them on colorful paper squares? How much joy will you have when you download one of the apps below! No frills: just cute colored … Read more

LogiBrain Collection App Review


Hey, all the puzzle fans out there! We have found an excellent tool for you – LogiBrain Collection. The app is compatible with both tablets and smartphones. So, let’s get a glimpse! Despite a great number of features, LogiBrain Collection app is pretty lightweight. So, you will not have to waste too much time on … Read more

DejaOffice CRM with PC Sync App Review


Do you want to keep track of your contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks in one place? In this case, we have to bring your attention to DejaOffice CRM app. So, let’ have a look! First of all, DejaOffice CRM is quite popular in the market. Plus, the app contains a quick and simple installation process. … Read more