7 Best Story Album Apps for Android

Best story album apps

Do you love taking pictures and saving the best moments? These story album apps will help you organize all your moments. Samsung Gallery Samsung Gallery is the official photo gallery app from Samsung, installed by default in Galaxy smartphones. The application automatically creates a variety of albums, organizing photos by the application in which they … Read more

15 Best Android Apps to Make Money Fast in 2022


Imagine just sitting at home after work or studies and getting money for your ordinary activities. Are you excited? In case of a positive answer, try these best Android apps to make money fast in 2022 that are represented in this article! 1. InboxDollars This is an amazing and simple application, the developers of which … Read more

7 Best Bridge Construction Games for Android


There have always been games, which allow players not only to have fun but also to improve their intellectual skills or create something special. Today’s games include these elements, and you can play them both in real and virtual lives. One of the most interesting and useful for developing mentioned above sides is a construction … Read more

9 Best Date And Time Calculator Apps for Android


Today’s pace of life goes fast, which leads to quick decisions and reactions. In some cases, it is impossible to deal with a load of different tasks on your own; various helpful tools and apps, which are available on the market are to solve this problem. One of the most frequent cases of using such … Read more

5 Best Android Battery Fully Charged Notification Apps


Lots of people are used to leaving their devices on the charger even after reaching 100%. This cannot lead to significant consequences such as a breakdown, although it is in preference not to do so as it may lead to a reduction in the effectiveness and the capacity of the battery and overheating. Therefore, there … Read more

7 Best Auto-Reply Text Apps for Android

Best auto reply text apps

Sometimes a smartphone can be very distracting, preventing the user from focusing on something important. In this situation, auto-reply text apps can come in handy. It’s also of interest for those who are often busy and simply don’t have time to answer all incoming calls. Autoresponder Autoresponder is a virtual assistant that will automatically respond … Read more

9 Best Don’t Touch My Phone Apps for Android

Best don't touch my phone apps

Often there are situations when you need to leave your device at home. Such as exams, meetings, cultural institutions, etc. But at home, it can be taken by mom, brother, sister. Secret information can be read by a person you don’t want to. Don’t touch my phone apps will help avoid that. They are designed … Read more

7 Best Stenography Apps for Android in 2022

Best stenography apps

Stenography is a way of writing quickly, using special signs and abbreviations. To a person who is not familiar with the types and techniques of stenographic writing, the written text may seem like an encrypted code that only the stenographer himself can understand. Many people are frightened by the word stenography and there is a … Read more

11 Best Gender Swap Apps for Android in 2022

Best gender swap apps

Social media masks have captured the imagination of users around the world. They add special effects to your photos, making them funny or slightly embellishing. In addition, in recent years, many apps have been released that use a similar principle to change gender in photos and videos. In this article, we will present to you … Read more

9 Best Soundboard Apps in 2022 for Android

Best soundboard apps

If you want to have fun right now, download the best soundboard apps from our list: Meme and Vine Soundboard Meme and Vine Soundboard is an unusual program that offers a huge number of memes, funny pictures, and vine sounds. In this huge library, you are sure to find everything you need for comfortable communication … Read more