7 Best Polaroid frame apps for Android

Best Polaroid frame apps

Polaroid instant print cameras are remembered for unusual photos, which are made in a small frame and contains a free space at the bottom for inscription. Unfortunately, not everyone now has the ability to take these pictures themselves, but you can add just one effect using a special application to get an image in a … Read more

10 Best dog whistle apps for Android

Best dog whistle apps

Dog owners are a separate community of people who are likely to use special applications about dogs. Not only do they love their pets and satisfy their daily needs, but they also go deeper into training, nutrition, and treatment. For new owners and professionals who take the training seriously, there are apps like the dog … Read more

11 Best fake broken screen apps for Android

Best fake broken screen apps

Among the programs in the category of tools, you can find a lot of joking applications that don’t perform any function other than lifting the mood. Among such applications – fake broken screen, which will make your device a bit unusual. The program performs the function of a standard theme or even a launcher, which … Read more

9 Best calligraphy apps for Android

Best calligraphy apps

In an era of technological progress, even such a sophisticated art as calligraphy becomes electronic. We’ve collected the best calligraphy apps available on Play Market for free: Calligrapher Calligrapher is a convenient application for creating calligraphic prints and various drawings. It is easy to use, with the ability to modify the background and choose the … Read more

12 Best teeth whitening apps for Android

Best teeth whitening apps

Unfortunately, the teeth don’t always look white on the photo, so they have to be whitened with special editors. We’ve made a selection of the best teeth whitening apps for Android: AirBrush AirBrush is one of the best photo editing applications available. The rating of this application is almost ideal, as the results of photo processing … Read more

7 Best Android apps to check current wind speed

Best Android apps to check current wind speed

Did you know that the wind speed of Hurricane Irma, which dominated off the coast of Florida, and because of which millions of people had to be evacuated, was up to 300 km/h? Gusts of such force practically don’t leave the chances for any inhabited construction. It’s no wonder that many people have started to … Read more

9 Best restaurant reservation apps for Android

Best restaurant reservation apps

Explore the cafes and restaurants of almost any country and book a table in the most suitable institution – now it can be done quite quickly through these smart applications: OpenTable OpenTable is one of the best Android apps which helps you to find and book a restaurant. Comprehensive and intuitive search filters will make … Read more

7 Best Android apps to book meeting rooms

Best Android apps to book meeting rooms

Looking for a smart technology that allows you to plan and effectively manage corporate meetings, optimize corporate processes and make better use of corporate premises? We have found a modern way of management! Regus  Regus leases offices, co-working and meeting rooms around the world. The international network now includes 3000 business centers in 120 countries. … Read more

9 Best apps to change eye color for Android

Best apps to change eye color

Do you want to see what you’d look like with brown, green or blue eyes? Or maybe you’re getting ready for Halloween and thinking of a red-eye image? Don’t run to buy colored lenses right away, first try changing the color in the program to change the color of your eyes: FoxEyes Do you want … Read more

7 Best payday loan apps for Android

Best payday loan apps

The fastest way to get instant payday loans is by checking out one of these great apps. So, get the best payday loan when you need it most: CashNetUSA CashNetUSA is a great service to check your balance, request funds and make a payment right from your phone. It’s an excellent way to borrow money … Read more