15 Best Body Swap Apps for Android

Best Body Swap Apps

Sharing your funny photos is a new trend in social networking, and now it’s time for you to do it. The app changes your body with another person’s body in the photo, and it produces a funny result, but only if you do it right. To do this, you need the best body swap apps … Read more

11 Best Android Apps to Remove Beard From Your Photos

Best Android Apps to Remove Beard From Your Photos

Modern technology allows you to take snapshots in almost any environment and allow you to immediately see the result. But, when viewing the resulting images may turn out that some fragment of the picture (eg, beard) needs to be cut out. Often in the photo, there are extra items, and sometimes it is necessary to … Read more

11 Best Push-Up Apps for Android

Best Push Up Apps

Push-ups are a simple but incredibly effective exercise. It can be done by anyone, anywhere and anytime. However, certain rules also exist here, which are taught by best push-up apps for Android, which we have collected for you in this review. Push Ups Workout This is an application from the famous studio. It will not … Read more

15 Best Gacha Games for Android

Best Gacha Games

Gacha game is a relatively new genre, quickly gained popularity in Japan and many other countries. Usually in the Gacha games implemented mechanics of the same name. Here you use something like a slot machine for selling toys to get random virtual items such as new characters, suits, and armor. It allows you to create … Read more

15 Best Idle Games for Android

Best Idle Games

Idle Games is a genre of games with the simplest game mechanics. The name comes from the characteristic sound of the mouse when you click. In mobile interpretation, clickers are such “tapers”. That is, from players everything is required without stopping to tap on the screen of the mobile device. Each tap on the subject … Read more

9 Best Disco Ball Apps for Android

Best Disco Ball Apps

Do you want to throw a party at home? Gather friends, choose the best music, and decorate your home with a virtual disco ball. It’s easy to do with fun apps for your smartphone. In this review, we have collected the best disco ball apps for android, which will help you decorate any party. Disco … Read more

11 Best Nursing Simulation Game Apps for Android

Best Nursing Simulation Game Apps

In most video games, gameplay focuses on killing as many enemies as possible. But what if in games you want to cure others and not maim them? This is where medical games come into play. In most of them, the goal is similar. Provide help and cure as many patients as possible. The scale of … Read more

11 Best Motion Detector Apps for Android

Best Motion Detector Apps

CCTV systems equipped with motion sensors are used not only for the security of organizations but also for home security purposes. Choosing them is not easy, it takes time and knowledge in the field of video surveillance, but unfortunately, we do not always have them. A smartphone or tablet can help in this situation. You … Read more

11 Best Selfie GIF Apps for Android

Best Selfie GIF Apps

More and more applications today offer the ability to send GIF animation to friends. Typically, these apps give you access to an online repository of these GIFs, from which you can choose the one that suits you best. But how about you create these animated pictures yourself? Especially since it only takes your Android smartphone … Read more

9 Best Wallpaper Auto Changing Apps for Android

Best Auto Wallpaper Changing Apps

Changing the background on your own Android Gadget is one of the easiest and most effective ways to personalize your smartphone. In addition to manual wallpaper installation, there are some tricks, which are not so known, but very useful. We are talking about applications that support automatic background replacement. One of the options is to … Read more