7 Best Clinometer Apps for Android

Best clinometer apps for Android

Mobile app developers develop not only games, anti-viruses, smartphone protection, and camera enhancements, but also useful software for professionals. A clinometer is considered to be one of such applications. The clinometer is an instrument used in construction and topography. It is designed to accurately measure inclinations and angles. You can also use it to measure … Read more

7 Best Graph Paper Apps for Android

Best graph paper apps for Android

Are you nostalgic for paper and pen? Check out our graph paper apps for mobile use. Such services will offer you sets of brushes and pens for expressive writing, sketching, doodling, and note-taking. Capture ideas, create, and share your work! Bamboo Paper If you are in search of a virtual notebook Bamboo Paper is what … Read more

9 Best Red Eye Remover Apps for Android

Best red eye remover apps for Android

Photography enthusiasts may encounter a popular problem in images: red-eye. This can be caused by using the flash in the evening or at night. The eyes in a photograph may develop this tint because a person’s eyeballs are colored red and the rays are reflected off the eyeball during photography. You can get rid of … Read more

9 Best Drafting Apps for Android

Best drafting apps

Using electronic drawings instead of paper drafting has become more efficient. So, you can use special drafting programs to make drawing on Android a lot easier. The apps are available for free on Google Play: AutoCAD This is the only official application from Autodesk, which actually sets all the trends in the development of the … Read more

5 Best Fake Cigarette Apps for Android

Best fake cigarette apps

If you like to have fun with your friends or you’re always pranking someone, here’s another cool idea for you! We offer to download a cigarette smoking simulator for Android. Haven’t you tried yet? Cigarette Smoking Simulator – iCigarette Want to have some fun? The iCigarette application simulates a burning cigarette. You will not get … Read more

11 Best Apps to Turn Picture Into Anime Drawing on Android

Best apps to turn picture into anime drawing

The process of drawing with your phone is quite tedious; it’s much easier to turn ready-made photos into drawings. You can find quite a few apps for this purpose in the Google Play store. But which one to choose? We want to help you figure it out and give you an overview of the best … Read more

11 Best Invoice Maker Apps for Android in 2021

Best invoice maker apps

Do you create invoices on the regular basis? Then, you’re better off with a dedicated solution! And if you don’t want to pay, you’ll want to take a look at one of the great free invoicing solutions. Here is a list of the best invoice maker applications in 2021. Invoice Maker If you need to … Read more

11 Best Photo & Video Recovery Apps for Android in 2021

Best photo & video recovery apps

Who of us has not encountered a situation where deleted files that previously seemed completely unnecessary, after some time, suddenly become extremely necessary? Or situations when files are deleted by mistake and the question arises as to how to restore them? Don’t panic as Photo & Video Recovery Apps successfully solve such problems. Рere we … Read more

11 Best Mahjong Android Apps in 2021

Best mahjong Android apps

For fans of gambling, Chinese culture and just fans of having a good time, we offer the following selection of the best Mahjong games for Android. We’ll try to give a description of the coolest games of Mahjong from Google Play. Mahjong Journey Mahjong Journey is solitaire and travel in one. Search for pairs of … Read more

7 Best FPS Tester Apps for Android

Best FPS tester apps

Many of you often wonder, or have ever wondered, how do you know the number of frames per second? It’s difficult to determine the current FPS by eye. Special programs are used to monitor the FPS. Here are the best FPS tester apps for Android: FPS Test This is a simple graphic performance test. It’s … Read more