Easy Voice Recorder app review

An uncomplicated and convenient dictaphone for your smartphone, allowing you to freely control audio recording processes. The style of minimalism in the design of the interface does not affect the functionality but it greatly simplifies the work with the recording equipment. It does not substitute for recording meetings, lectures or personal information.

Easy Voice Recorder has no time limit for recording, it permits you to record in the background, if necessary, managing the process through a special pop-up widget. You can select one of several recording formats (WAV, MP4, and 3GP), based on the needs of a specific task, from the highest quality to the maximum compressed file. Another advantage of Easy Voice Recorder is the assistance for external connected gadgets, such as a microphone or camera. The ability to preserve audio recordings to exterior media is realized.


  1. Record with high quality in PCM and AAC, or employ AMR to keep space.
  2. The absence of any restrictions on time (except, of course, the availability of free space on your memory card), as there are no advertising notifications and SMS-spam.
  3. Effortless exchange and record management.
  4. Record in the background and monitoring the recording equipment with the help of the widget.

Pro Version Peculiarities

  1. The assistance of stereoscopic recording.
  2. Bluetooth support.
  3. Increased loudness and noise reduction.
  4. Skipping quiet areas.
  5. Support directories and preserve entries on the SD card.
  6. Shift to the mic of the camcorder for more loud and distinct recording.
  7. Monitor the recorder through the status bar. Records can also be appended to the status bar.
  8. You may also utilize Jelly Bean filters on maintained appliances, rename and remove entries, put them on a call, incorporate with Tasker and Locale, and much more.

The main function of any voice recorder is still sound recording. The Easy Voice Recorder tool gives your smartphone full functionality of an advanced voice recorder.

Downloads: +50000000

Customers rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

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