8 Free hearing aid apps for Android

Today, smartphones, tablets, PCs, and applications for them help the deaf and hard of hearing to do almost everything that people can without hearing loss.

For example, order a pizza or call a taxi. With the help of new technologies, they find cinemas showing films with subtitles, and special software notifies the hearing impaired that someone is ringing at the door. In case of emergency, the software can even send a notification about the sound of a fire siren. Let’s talk about the Free hearing aid apps for Android.


Here it is, the triumph of technology! The application will help millions of hearing impaired and deaf people make phone calls. Perhaps for some, this call will be the first. RogerVoice translates the telephone speech into subtitles in real time, so that the user can easily read what the person on the other end says.

The application has appeared thanks to a successful campaign for Kickstarter. A French startup has been working on this technology for about a year. In essence, RogerVoice is a VoIP application that analyzes the voice conversation, transcribes it and sends it to the phone in real time. The application already supports 12 languages.

At the other end of the wire, the addressee hears you, just like a normal phone call, and you get the text of his words. And this is a key advantage of the service. It is also important that those to whom you call are not required to install the application.

The service opens up great opportunities for everyone, not only for hearing impaired or deaf people. And the founders of the startup themselves promised to change the world.

Spread Signs

The world’s largest dictionary of sign languages with over 200,000 gestures! Learn American, Czech, British, Indian, Estonian, French, German, Australian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese and other sign languages. You can learn both individual letters and whole words and phrases.

The application effectively helps not only the deaf and dumb but also those who would like to break the barrier in dealing with people suffering from this disease.


Full control at your fingertips. Delight absolute stealth: compatible with Android gadgets, the touchControl App permits you to seamlessly modify programs, volume, bass and treble on your hearing aid through a smartphone. And now the most important thing is that the TouchControl App can be downloaded for free via Google Play.

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Easy access to all functionality.
  3. Ability to rename the program.
  4. The range is 1 m.
  5. Reliable data transmission via ultra high-frequency signals.
  6. No additional hardware required – just your smartphone.
  7. Compatible Android smartphones.

Ear Mate

The app is suitable for those who have hearing impairments.

In terms of functionality, this program is similar to a hearing aid gadget – its main purpose is to sound the sound around you about amplifying it through headphones.

And in order to make it convenient for you to manage the application, it has built-in Control Loudness Sensitivity and GRAPHICAL EQUALIZER functions.

  1. Convenient volume up button.
  2. The equalizer has 5 bands, which allows you to adjust the perception of sound as you wish.
  3. Sensitivity control.

Smart Hearing Aid

This application will help people who have hearing problems. For better functioning of the application, it is recommended to use headphones.

The meaning of the application is that it determines the sound frequencies with which you have problems. Then the program filters these frequencies and amplifies them. That way you hear better.


With this application, you can easily and conveniently manage your hearing aid. The functionality of this program provides the following features:

  1. Change listening programs.
  2. Adjusting the volume of the duster or its complete shutdown.
  3. Adjusting the bass using the function TrebleControl.
  4. Speech Navigator.
  5. Display all data on the mobile phone screen.
  6. The control signals are: an application generates short ultra high-frequency control signals which are intended for playback through the speakers, and devices can be heard.

Connect by BeWarned

An application that will make a revolution in the world of communication with the hearing impaired. He helps those who are deaf to communicate with the service industry — to place an order at a restaurant, to carry out bank payments or to report on their state of health at the doctor’s office.

The application works very simply, it translates any written text into speech and your speech into text. For example, you need to place an order in a cafe: you just write that you need a burger, and the application says it. The waiter knows what you need. If the waiter wants to ask a question, for example, to you with mustard or without, he can say it, and you will see it on the screen of the smartphone.

Super Hearing Aid

The app is designed for people with hearing disabilities. The program permits you to enhance the sound from the phone to your headphones.

The application has a number of features:

  1. Easy to handle.
  2. Excellent sound quality with a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz.
  3. Sound amplification up to 30 dB.
  4. Fast sound processing.
  5. Speak to Text function.

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Of course, technologies for the deaf and hearing impaired have significantly improved the situation, but much remains to be done…