11 Best family locator apps for Android

The most important thing in our life is family. Therefore, we always try to stay in touch. Unfortunately, constantly calling each other to find out, for example, the location, is not always possible. Need a way more convenient and efficient. To solve these problems, family locator applications were created. They will allow you to stay in touch with all the members of your family. Easier than ever.

Family Locator – Phone Tracker

Family Locator - Phone TrackerThe Family Locator application is intuitive, and its design is modern and bright. Thanks to the new built-in function – the location log – users can not only see the location but also track the movement of all family members in the last 7 days!

The Family Locator application with the new trendy interface will allow you to stay in touch with family members easier and faster than ever. The app also has additional exciting new features for even greater usability. Users of the Family Locator application can set up a notification zone. You will be notified as soon as your children leave the specified safe zone or fall into the danger zone.

In addition, you can give various assignments to your relatives or even friends (you can add anyone). You can, for example, ask your children to take a walk with a dog in the park or go to the store near a neighboring house. In the personal profile of each user, there is an indicator that is responsible for the number of completed tasks. By the way, after successfully completing the assignments, you will be able to allow children to use new bright avatars. In addition, you can send free messages to family members right from the main screen of the application.

With the Family Locator app you can:

  • track the location of friends and children;
  • set notification zones and receive warnings if children entered or left a certain zone;
  • giving children instructions related to a particular place (for example, “Walk with the dog in the park”);
  • allow children to use bright new avatars after successfully completing assignments;
  • view the location history and track the movements of all family members over the past 7 days;
  • send free messages to family members.

Family Locator - Phone Tracker app review Family Locator - Phone Tracker app

Downloads: 5000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.0 / 5)

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Family Locator – GPS Tracker

Family Locator - GPS TrackerThis program is one of the most functional in its category. It is designed for use by all family members and provides complete information on the movements of each of them. It is possible to receive notifications about the arrival of a family member at a given point or, on the contrary, about his departure from the area you specified. This is convenient, for example, for parents who always want to know the whereabouts of their children.

If a Family Locator user is in an emergency, he will be able to use a special panic button that will automatically notify your GPS coordinates to all members of your circle via SMS, call and email.

Within a few seconds, they will know where you are and will receive a call. If they aren’t available by phone, an email will be sent asking you to check the phone. The function of “panic” works regardless of the state of telephone lines, providing you with a vital channel of communication with your family.


  • the ability to divide users into circles;
  • free chat;
  • receiving notifications about the coordinates of a circle member when they reach their destination;
  • ability to track stolen or lost phone;
  • 24/7 Dispatcher: reliable support for all participants in your circle. One click on the button to connect with a live person who already has your exact coordinates.
  • the ability to automatically send notifications about visiting places for each of the circles.

Family Locator - GPS Tracker app Family Locator - GPS Tracker app review

Downloads: 50000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.4 / 5)

Glympse – Share GPS location

Glympse - Share GPS locationGlympse is an easy and safe way to show your location to your friends and family members. Moreover, this program doesn’t just send a link to any point on the map, as it can be done, for example, in the standard Map application, its functionality is wider.

This service is, in fact, somewhat personalized, however, fortunately, it isn’t necessary to go through the registration process typical of such programs. However, you can upload your avatar and enter your name.

Make sure that you have the Share My Location option turned on, if you are, of course, going to send your location data to someone. In the Twitter Settings section, if you wish, you can enter data from your account on Twitter, then you can send your coordinates through this service too. Glympse allows you to share location data by email, twitter or SMS.

Going to the Map tab, the program will determine your exact location and display it on the map. Now, when you need to send your coordinates, just go to the Send tab. Here you will see a miniature of the map and several options. At the top, you must select the recipient’s email address (you can also enter the recipient’s phone number). By the way, you can select several recipients at once, so that all your friends will be able to see your coordinates at once.

Then you can choose the time during which Glympse will track your location (you can specify any time period up to four hours), add a message to the link and indicate where you are going. In addition to your current location and all your movements, your friends can even know the speed with which you move.

If necessary, the application allows you to gather a group of several users. The service is convenient when you need to gather people for any event or you want to know where your walking child is.

Glympse - Share GPS location app Glympse - Share GPS location app review

Downloads: 5000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.5 / 5)

Family GPS tracker KidsControl

Family GPS tracker KidsControlFamily GPS tracker KidsControl is a great app for those who care for their relatives and friends. With it, you can always be aware of the location of each other and easily communicate in one application. You will always know who and where is located, and if a person leaves his location or reaches a danger zone (especially important for children), you will immediately receive a notification. And the main thing is that you will only share your location with those you trust. Everything is safe.


  • automatic notifications when a child came to school and returned home;
  • the ability to view the history of movements of the child;
  • a tracker can locate even in the underground parking;
  • SOS button, giving an alarm to relatives if necessary;
  • automatic notifications when the child’s phone is dead;
  • laying the route to the child;
  • search for a lost or stolen phone;
  • an economical charge of the phone in the range of 1-7%

This application is able to determine the location even with inaccessible GPS.

Family GPS tracker KidsControl app

Downloads: 1000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.2 / 5)

Find my Kids: Child locator

Find my KidsFind my Kids: Child Locator is a program that will help parents find out where their child is now. In order to start, you need to install the application on both the parents’ smartphones and the child’s device, and then make a simple activation.

Now, mom and dad will be aware of the movements of their children and will be able to see where the child went when he finished school and came home. There is also an SOS signal function, which will help in the case of dangerous situations to quickly determine the location of children.


  • tracking the location of family members in real time;
  • view the history of movements;
  • control the battery on the phone of the child and receive notification of a low charge;
  • the ability to record sound around the child’s phone;
  • free chat;
  • the ability to set geo-zones and receive notifications when entering and exiting them.

If you are worried about your child, then, by all means, try this application. With it, you can track where the child is during the day in real time, as well as when he came in or left the place you marked on the map. At the same time, you will be aware of his daily activity. For example, if he played games in the lesson, to whom he called and with whom he spoke.

In case your baby’s phone is in silent mode, you can send a loud beep to get his attention.

Find my Kids app Find my Kids app review

Downloads: 10000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.4 / 5)

Family Locator & GPS Tracker

Family Locator & GPS TrackerFamily Locator & GPS Tracker is an accurate mobile service that allows you to track the location of your friends and family members in real time via GPS navigation. With this application, you can safely track the location of your children, colleagues, and friends around the clock.

The main function of the application is the dynamic determination of the location of a participant of a virtual room in real time and the location of the icon with a photo on an interactive city map. You can instantly check the location of any member of the group if his phone is turned on and GPS is working on it. The application saves the entire history of locations and routes. Built-in messenger allows you to easily communicate with participants in several rooms and keep in touch with your family.

Also, there’s the ability to customize personal notifications. So, for example, the application notifies you if the child has deviated from the specified route or decided to take a walk in a prohibited area. You can also set up notifications for events such as leaving the house or returning home, entering a specific area, and much more.

It’s hard to say how many times people make phone calls to ask one simple question: “Where are you?”. With this application, you can easily track the location of other people, help your child not to get lost in an unfamiliar place and you can monitor the safety of people dear to you.

Family Locator & GPS Tracker app Family Locator & GPS Tracker app review

Downloads: 5000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.2 / 5)

Family Locator & Safety

Family Locator & Safety

Family Locator & Safety is a unique project that combines the functions of a navigator and an email client.

Unlike other similar programs, this project allows you not only to track the whereabouts of friends and relatives but also exchange messages with them and even create photo albums. The other functions remained unchanged. The application accurately determines the coordinates, indicating the data on the map and notifies about the arrival of a group member at a certain point.

Using the “panic button” the program will transmit a message about the dangerous situation to the devices of other users. Constantly recurring events and movements can be memorized so that the client notifies about them in one click.

Family Locator & Safety is a good service, providing control over the whereabouts of family members and friends. With the built-in chat program can be recommended as the ultimate solution.

Family Locator & Safety app Family Locator & Safety app review

Downloads: 1000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.1 / 5)

Family Locator by Fameelee

Family Locator by FameeleeFamily Locator by Fameelee – a unique application designed for the Android operating system. This developer studio has managed to create a truly innovative project that is very popular and has a high user rating.

Now you can keep track of your relatives. Most often, the software is used by caring parents to find out the location of the child at the moment.

There is a special button “SOS”. Clicking on it, a message is sent on another phone that your goal is in trouble, with this showing the current location.

As for the technical component, the application has a pleasant visual design. It is clear and convenient. To use the program, you must have an Internet connection, turn on the GPS navigator.

Family Locator by Fameelee app Family Locator by Fameelee app review

Downloads: 100000 +

Customers rating:  (4.5 / 5)

GeoLocator — Family Tracker + Baby Monitor Online

GeoLocatorGeoLocator was created for parents of children 5–17 years old and all who care about the safety of loved ones. And for many users, the application has become a family entertainment, a new interactive space for communication and interaction.

Tracking the movement of family members is possible in several ways:

  1. Set up automatic alerts for crossing safe zones.
  2. Enable online tracking in your application – and monitor the movement of a family member in real time.
  3. View travel history for the selected day/date. Details of the history depend on the frequency of updates (checking where the person is).

GeoLocator users can also:

  • Call a family group member from the app. And even if silent mode is activated on his smartphone, GeoLocator will forcibly turn on the sound;
  • find the way to the location of a family member using the navigation mode;
  • receive notifications about the state of charge of the smartphone batteries;
  • the ability to set up dangerous and safe zones and receive notifications when entering and leaving them.

The GeoLocator interface is simple and intuitive. When you start the application, the user sees the map, on it – markers of all family members nearby.

GeoLocator app GeoLocator app review

Downloads: 500000 +

Customers rating:  (4.6 / 5)

Phone Tracker By Number

Phone Tracker By Number

Phone Tracker By Number – find out the location of your friends and family members easily and quickly with a great application for real-time GPS tracking.

With the latest technology, you can find dear people with one touch. Track the location of your family in real time and add a photo for each participant. The application has become a favorite software for parents who are worried about their children. Just start to enter the phone number in the search engine, and you will see where the person you need is located.

Each monitored phone can be seen on the map or view the entire list of participants (the location will be displayed in text format, longitude, and latitude, as well as the date and time of the last signal received).

All features are completely free. The application doesn’t have a limit on the number of monitored devices. It also allows you to get some information about the device, except for the location, including the history of movements and battery level.

Phone Tracker By Number app Phone Tracker By Number app review

Downloads: 50000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.4 / 5)

GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone TrackerGPS Phone Tracker – use your GPS navigator to report your location. Install the tracker on your phone and the phone of family members and be aware of their movements.

The program will quickly become a part of your life, with it you can even find a lost phone. The utility has a simple interface and is based on the latest technologies. It will help you stay connected in real time with people and their devices.

Another important point is to control the travel of one of your friends. Now you will know for sure that he will not be lost. And the radar can be installed on the smartphones of all family members, especially if you plan to attend a festival or fair so that one of them doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

The GPS Phone Tracker application is a reliable locator that will simplify people’s lives. It receives a signal through the nearest cellular station and determines the location.

GPS Phone Tracker app GPS Phone Tracker app review

Downloads: 10000 +

Customers rating:  (4.3 / 5)