9 Android Apps To Fake Instagram Direct Messages

Apps to fake Instagram direct messages

The reasons for creating fake conversations can be different, sometimes even inadequate (no offense). Maybe you’re just a funny person and like to joke with your Instagram followers in this way, maybe you’re just bored with life. To create fake Instagram direct messages you can use these Android applications: iFake A simple application purely for … Read more

7 Best Scrolling Screenshots Apps for Android

Best scrolling screenshots apps

To record an entire web page or chat conversation, try using one of these seven scrolling screenshots apps. Screenshot Easy Screenshot Easy is an automatic interactive widget-trigger to form screenshots for Android devices. Allows you to form and save screenshots in one click. Equipped with functional tools for viewing, editing, and sharing screenshots created through … Read more

9 Best Split Picture Apps For Android

Best split picture apps For Android

Split picture apps make it quick and easy to create a unique profile on social networks. So, we’ve prepared a list of the best split picture apps for Android to transform your feed in minutes. MOLDIV MOLDIV is a versatile multifunctional photo editor. Take advantage of the opportunity to create high-quality photos and take stunning … Read more

7 Best Android Apps to Change Clothes on Pictures

Best Android apps to change clothes on pictures

Find your style, try on clothes virtually or find your perfect color combination. This, and more, you can do with the fashion apps in our exclusive selection. Here are the best Android apps to change clothes with the help of your smartphone: Dress Change Photo Editor Women’s suits, outfits, wedding dresses, casual dresses. The collection … Read more

7 Best Hyperlapse Apps for Android in 2022

Best hyperlapse apps

What is Hyperlapse video? Hyperlapse is a more advanced approach to frame-by-frame shooting. Time-lapse shooting shoots a series of images at a lower frame rate than conventional video and then plays them back at a faster rate than they were shot, allowing long episodes – like a sunset – to unfold in just a few … Read more

9 Best Gallery Lock Apps for Android in 2022


Today our mobile devices and cell phones specifically are full of our personal information. They often contain a lot of private photos, contacts, or documents. For some reason, there is no possibility to delete all information from the devices or enter a password on them. Moreover, sometimes we need to hide or lock different pieces … Read more

7 Best Story Album Apps for Android

Best story album apps

Do you love taking pictures and saving the best moments? These story album apps will help you organize all your moments. Samsung Gallery Samsung Gallery is the official photo gallery app from Samsung, installed by default in Galaxy smartphones. The application automatically creates a variety of albums, organizing photos by the application in which they … Read more