11 Best Ring Design Apps For Android in 2023

Best ring design apps

How to choose the perfect ring? Before you finally choose a ring, you need to be clear about both your budget and your own needs. Perhaps it’s practicality and compatibility with your overall everyday look, or a luxury ring for a special occasion. Do you want to make the process of choosing a ring a … Read more

9 Best Private Photo Sharing Apps For Android in 2023

Best private photo sharing apps

Sharing photos has never been more popular. Perhaps it’s because you want to keep your family, friends, readers, or followers up to date. There are many options for storing and sharing photos for a variety of needs. You can even find a way to share your photos that suits your personal life as well as … Read more

7 Android Apps To Count Things from Photos


Android apps to count things from photos are fun and interesting apps – it doesn’t matter if you need them for work or entertainment purposes – in the list down below you will find an app for every ledge! And if you like to make calculations using apps, you can also explore the article about … Read more

9 Best Skin Tone Detection Apps For Android

Best skin tone detection apps

We often want to change something in our appearance. Whether it’s a change in hair color, hairstyle, or changing eye color. It can be hard enough to imagine yourself in a new role. That’s why you can make these changes to photos beforehand and get a better look at the new image. Luckily, Android offers … Read more

5 Best Naked Scanner Apps For Android in 2023

Best naked scanner apps

A trendy application among the younger and modern generation, it would be no exaggeration to say, is a mobile body scanner, which works together with the built-in phone camera. A confirmation of this statistic is that young people often decide to download the body scanner program to their phones. The whole functionality of this simple … Read more

9 Android Apps To Fake Instagram Direct Messages

Apps to fake Instagram direct messages

The reasons for creating fake conversations can be different, sometimes even inadequate (no offense). Maybe you’re just a funny person and like to joke with your Instagram followers in this way, maybe you’re just bored with life. To create fake Instagram direct messages you can use these Android applications: iFake A simple application purely for … Read more

7 Best Scrolling Screenshots Apps for Android

Best scrolling screenshots apps

To record an entire web page or chat conversation, try using one of these seven scrolling screenshots apps. Screenshot Easy Screenshot Easy is an automatic interactive widget-trigger to form screenshots for Android devices. Allows you to form and save screenshots in one click. Equipped with functional tools for viewing, editing, and sharing screenshots created through … Read more