How to Transfer Files from Android to PC

Sometimes the situation arises when you require conveying files from the phone to the computer or to the card. For example, you are photographing or filming a video with your smartphone, files are piling up, take a lot of memory – much more convenient to store them on the PC.

The transfer with the use of a code on the computer under Windows

Almost any release of Windows from XP will allow you to link your Android gadget as storage. You will need the USB code that comes in the kit with the phone (used for charging).

  1. Compound your communicator to your PC via USB wire.
  2. Opt for the hone linkage regime adjustments.
  3. On the PC, go to My Computer and select the device that arose.

There are some valid methods for connecting a phone to a PC. It can be a detachable disk, a media unit (MTP), or a camera (PTP). The camera makes it feasible to employ the integrated camera of the phone to catch a photo or video, other options provide access to all open folders.

Various smartphones and tablets on Android (when connected through a cable) are shown on the computer in different ways, most often as a media unit or a portable disk. If a duplicate memory card is installed in the memory, there will be two disks in the folder: the memory of the device and the SD-card.

You can find a photo or video in DCIM/Camera or Download (they can be on any disk). If you know the name of the file to at least partially -press F3 and enter the name. In fact, the file is found. You can copy any necessary information from the computing device to an exterior gadget and conversely.

There is software to extend the possibilities when connecting Android to a PC. Some of them are created definitely for specific appliance types but there are universal utilities from third-party creators. For instance, Mobile Go.

With Mobile Go, you may not only link your phone to your computing machine for file transmission. The tool permits you to completely control the unit from a PC.

You can reveal the image on the computer screen, control established applications, contacts, and other data, view photos and videos, save unit backups and regenerate them, obtain and mail messages, and much more.

How to transmit archives from Android to your PC via USB Android and conversely via Mobile Go:

  1. Load the Mobile Go tool on the software’s internet site and set up.
  2. Activate Android USB checkout in the developers’ menu.
  3. Join your gadget to your PC via a USB cord.
  4. Opt-in the software Mobile Go Files partition.

The tool will automatically determine your unit and set up the driver to work with your gadget. Also, with the help of Mobile Go, you may link to the PC via the Wi-Fi network.

Direct transfer of files via Wi-Fi

With this target, you can use SHAREit. On Android, the application is installed via PlaуMarket but for PC you need to download at least version 4.0. We repeatedly use the installation on each device. We will try to transmit the file from the phone to the computer.

The application dictates whether to send or receive a file. Choose “Send” and start downloading the file. Whenever a file is selected, it automatically searches for the computer, which is stored on the scanner’s side.

A pictogram is displayed that identifies the computer, presses it, and activates the connection. If the program writes on its own by connecting, please do the following:

  1. On the phone, select the computer to start the WiFi hotspot, it was able to disconnect when scanning.
  2. At the same time on the computer in the network settings or in the lower right corner, clicking on the network icon, you may receive a designation of a new network (not the brand of the smartphone, a set of letters), it is necessary to click on it and select “Connect”.

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If you do it right, the selected file will automatically be transferred at high speed. You can not close the app and transfer other files in both directions. By the way, if you use the smartphone as the access point to the Internet, it will work in parallel.