11 Best Android Multiplayer Horror Games In 2022

Best multiplayer horror games

Horror is undoubtedly one of the most popular genres of games. For fans of tickling their nerves, this game in multiplayer mode will cause even more emotions. In today’s review we have collected the best representatives of the horror genre with multiplayer mode for Android: Specimen Zero Specimen Zero is a grim and scary action … Read more

11 Best Auto-Clicker Apps For Android In 2022

Best auto-clicker apps

Autoclicker is a small application that can be used to set up automatic clicking on set points on the screen in the desired sequence. Timings, click duration, click cycle length, repetition – these and more can be set to work automatically. The most common use of auto clickers is for games. It can be used … Read more

9 Android Apps To Fake Instagram Direct Messages

Apps to fake Instagram direct messages

The reasons for creating fake conversations can be different, sometimes even inadequate (no offense). Maybe you’re just a funny person and like to joke with your Instagram followers in this way, maybe you’re just bored with life. To create fake Instagram direct messages you can use these Android applications: iFake A simple application purely for … Read more

7 Best HEVC Players for Android


We all know that playing more or less rare video formats on Android devices, especially with the recent updates is not the easiest idea around. Therefore, in the article down below we collected the most convenient and best HEVC players for your Android device. By the way, it’s no secret that HEVC videos tend to … Read more

5 Best Terminal Emulator Apps For Android


For all our readers who don’t want to live within borders and want to have access to all the software on their Android devices no matter for which platform this software or app is developed, we found the best emulator apps for Android that you should check out. And in case you want to be … Read more

9 Anime Love Games for Boys (Android)


Anime Love Games is an interesting genre that is interweaved in lots of directions. Among its collection, you can discover fantasy, traditional dating, adventure, gay dating, and other genres. In the article down below we collected 9 anime love games for boys. By the way, before we start, don’t forget to check out our article … Read more

Catch – a game for the Blind and Deaf App Review


Catch is a game designed for people with a limited ability to perceive with the organs of sight and hearing. In this game, the user will need to corner your enemy through the vibrations of the phone and then catch him. The closer you touch the screen to your enemy, the stronger the vibration will … Read more

9 Best Instant Messaging Apps for Android


If you’re still using calls as your main method of communication via your smartphone you are either over 45 or you live at work. It seems like the text-messaging has taken over the world, and it slowly pushes out all the other options. People text each other even without SIM cards, online, via WiFi. The … Read more