11 Best Gender Swap Apps for Android in 2022

Best gender swap apps

Social media masks have captured the imagination of users around the world. They add special effects to your photos, making them funny or slightly embellishing. In addition, in recent years, many apps have been released that use a similar principle to change gender in photos and videos. In this article, we will present to you … Read more

9 Best Soundboard Apps in 2022 for Android

Best soundboard apps

If you want to have fun right now, download the best soundboard apps from our list: Meme and Vine Soundboard Meme and Vine Soundboard is an unusual program that offers a huge number of memes, funny pictures, and vine sounds. In this huge library, you are sure to find everything you need for comfortable communication … Read more

9 Best Fake Number Apps for Android in 2022

Best fake number apps

Now, most services and applications require a phone number for registration, which then receives an SMS message with a code. Without entering the code, registration is impossible or the account will remain very limited in its capabilities. Now it’s not necessary to specify a personal phone number, because there are virtual services for this purpose. … Read more

9 Best Hypnosis Apps in 2022 for Android

Best hypnosis apps

Hypnosis is currently used as an effective psychotherapeutic tool and method for treating various nervous disorders and psychosomatic illnesses. A person in a state of hypnotic trance is open to influence, and a psychotherapist can help him or her to solve underlying mental problems, find the causes of neurosis, and relieve nervous tension. But, most … Read more

9 Best Area Calculator Apps for Android

Best Area Calculator Apps

Are you studying, but you forgot the formula and you need to calculate the area? Or are you building a room and you need to pick up the right amount of materials and calculate the price for them? Then our today’s selection is for you! Today you will find the top of the best applications … Read more

11 Best Reverse Video Apps for Android & iOS

Best Reverse Video Apps

Video playback in reverse or reverse is a special effect that can be applied to the entire video or its fragment. It is often used together with speed change. Slow-motion or fast-forward video is found in many movies and professional video clips. But in fact, this effect is easy to apply to any video. Let’s … Read more

9 Best Bet Calculator Apps for Android

The line of events on the website of a modern bookmaker includes all known sports, and the conduct of an important game – a huge number of outcomes. How can a simple better cope with such volumes of information, and still remain a good plus? No calculations on a piece of paper: all probabilities are … Read more

7 Best PDF Page Remover Apps for Android

Best PDF Page Remover Apps

Different documents have been a part of our everyday life for several centuries. Nowadays almost everybody, from schoolchildren to entrepreneurs, deals with typing, editing, adding, or deleting various files, especially those of PDF. With the current fast pace of life, it is necessary to have a convenient and easy tool for reading or editing such … Read more

9 Best Template Maker Apps for Android


Simple photos or drawings cannot surprise or impress anyone today. This fact is true about both work and hobbies, connected to visual arts: photographers, videographers, designers, and other creative people need different tools to edit their works. Apps for mobile devices, which allow users to turn their photos or videos into something more than a … Read more

7 Free Photo Resizer Apps for Android


A lot of photos are taken daily on various mobile devices and professional cameras. Moreover, different pictures are shared on various social media and are downloaded or uploaded almost every second. Such a vast amount of pictures require a lot of additional space on phones and tablets for doing all these functions. To optimize this … Read more