How to Empty Trash on Android

Despite the fact that the Android OS with each update is getting better in appearance and functionality, it is not yet possible to turn it into a self-cleaning structure. The smartphone accumulates garbage from used and remote applications, temporary browser files, save in mobile games, and other “tails” that clog the gadget’s memory and disrupt its performance.

Cleaning memory is a necessary preventive procedure, which must be carried out as regularly as cleaning the apartment or car maintenance.

Let’s view the advice on the care of Android smartphones and tell about some useful applications with which you can quickly and accurately clean the garbage from the memory of the device.

In order the phone does not accumulate unnecessary trash, it is enough to follow simple guidelines for the care of your gadget:

  1. Put only the right applications.
  2. Remove the system programs if possible.
  3. Transfer applications to the memory card.
  4. Disable ads in applications.

Cleaning Android from the garbage can be manually and with the help of special utilities. Manual removal involves a long and tedious digging in the settings of the smartphone. You need to go into each application and click the “Clear cache” button. And you need to do this regularly.

It is much easier to entrust the work to special utilities. We recommend several popular free applications that will clear the smartphone from excess weight in a few minutes.

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OS version: Android 4.0 or later.

A popular application that helps to clean Android from unnecessary files. Speeds up the phone, cleaning out the cache files and residual “tails” from remote applications. The utility blocks unnecessary notifications, stops applications that overload the processor, saves battery power, and removes viruses.


OS version: Android 4.0.3 or later

Free application that improves the performance of your smartphone. The utility determines what specifically hinders the work of the operating system. These can be old text messages, call logs, remote application files, temporary browser files, Instagram or photo editor. The accumulated garbage can be deleted in one touch, while the application allows you to choose what you need to clean and what to leave.



OS version: Android 4.0 or later

A very effective and reliable application that improves with every update. Service applications rarely assume the performance of any one function. Avast Cleanup not only cleans garbage on the smartphone but blocks ads, and even optimizes photos taken with the smartphone’s camera, adjusting the size and quality of the images. Garbage cleaning with this application can be done not only in manual but also in automatic mode, simply by setting certain time parameters.


OS version: Android 4.0 or later

A very light application, weighing less than 1 megabyte, removes accumulated garbage in a few seconds, determines which applications slow down the operating system, reports when the smartphone starts to work slowly, blocks ads, and reduces the load on the processor and battery.



OS Version: Android 2.2 or later

The application has a clear interface when one button can clean the smartphone from unnecessary files. The utility shows how much memory is clogged with garbage, what can be removed, and how much free memory will remain after cleaning. The application can speed up the work of applications and games, tuning their optimization.


In this article, you learned how to clean the memory of your Android device, using the program or manually. In any case, these methods are the most optimal for any user. We also recommend you do not install a bunch of applications at once. They can clog your RAM, which will lead to braking and possible hangs of your device.

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