11 Best Polyamorous Dating Apps for Android

poly dating apps

We’re living in a world where monogamy isn’t the only option. Poly relationships are becoming more and more common, and with that comes a need for apps that cater to those lifestyles That’s why we’ve rounded up the best polyamorous dating apps for Android you could try. These apps are ideal for curious individuals, those …

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Top 10 Fetish Dating Apps for Android

top fetish dating apps

Tired of swiping through endless profiles only to find out your potential matches don’t share your kink? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up the top fetish dating apps for Android for all you kinksters out there. These apps let like-minded individuals connect and explore their desires. Plus, these cater to all ages: …

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18 Best Dating Simulator Games for Android (2024)


There are tons of dating simulator games on the market nowadays, but let’s be honest, because there are so many of them, the majority of those are just a scam. So in order to help you to save time while picking a perfect one, we selected the best dating simulator games that will be trending …

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9 Best Android Dating Apps For College Students

Best dating apps for college students

Undoubtedly college students are always immersed in their studies and sometimes don’t even have time for new dating and relationships. A photo, a description, a couple of clicks and you’re already in an active search! Guess what we’re talking about? Yes, today we’re talking about dating apps! Such services have long been a comfortable environment …

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7 Best Single Parent Dating Apps For Android

Best single parent dating apps

Raising children alone is hard work for anyone who has encountered difficulties in their marriage and has opted for divorce. It’s a traumatic event for adults and children alike. The quickest way to heal the wounds is to have a new member of the family – a dad or mom. Someone special, someone who is …

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Top 5 Farmer Dating Apps for Android

Top farmer dating apps

Being a farmer is not easy nowadays, it’s a special way of life: early rise, late work, and minimum free time to spend on yourself. That’s why we’ve made a selection of dating apps for farmers that bring farmers together, help them find their love, and dip into a romantic atmosphere. Why put a cross …

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5 Best Android Apps To Find Peoples’ Social Media

Best apps to find peoples' social media

What should you do if you need to find a close friend, an old friend, or an old acquaintance, but his/her profile just doesn’t exist in a particular social network? It’s not difficult, but if you type “Search by name” or “Find a friend by the nickname” into Google, there are many services for this …

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9 Best Instant Messaging Apps for Android


If you’re still using calls as your main method of communication via your smartphone you are either over 45 or you live at work. It seems like the text-messaging has taken over the world, and it slowly pushes out all the other options. People text each other even without SIM cards, online, via WiFi. The …

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9 Best Midget Dating Apps for Android in 2024


There is no need to say that every person all over the globe deserves love regardless of his or her nationality, sexual preferences, or appearance. Therefore, there exist lots of diverse online dating arrangement platforms that support people in this delicate process. At times some society members struggle more on their way to finding the …

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9 Best Nerd Dating Apps for Android in 2024

Best nerd dating apps for Android in 2022

Nowadays, it’s hard to meet people with similar values. That’s why so many people choose online dating sites. Many of them offer the ability to filter people and find matches based on your expectations. So, if you’re a nerd, you’ll probably like them. In this article, we’ve selected the best dating apps for nerds for …

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