17 Best virtual girlfriend apps for Android

virtual girlfriend apps

Are you tired of being alone? Sitting at work, do you want to hear the girl’s sweet voice, talk to her or at least read a couple of nice lines from her? Then applications-simulators of virtual girls are designed just for you and your smartphones! We picked the 17 best of them to brighten up … Read more

17 Best resume builder apps for Android

When applying to a recruitment agency, you, first of all, make a resume. Usually, you fill in a ready-made template, taken from friends or online, and in a banal way expound another faceless story of an ordinary man, create a print version and send it to potential employers. It’s time to introduce novelty: change and refresh the … Read more

18 Best Wishlist apps for Android

The tradition of making paper lists has long been borrowed by Internet developers and spread among users. Now everyone can prepare a list of expected gifts, which will make it much easier for relatives and friends to think about a holiday purchase, and you will not be forced to smile at the sixth service in … Read more

7 Best Police scanner apps for Android

Best Police scanner apps

Would you like to hear what the police say on the radio, how are orders were given to them and all that? Well, then you have the opportunity to do it thanks to one of the described applications of our list. In addition to police radio scanners, firemen and many other streams are available, including … Read more

17 Best voice to text apps for Android

Do you want your phone to understand you with a half-word? Would you like to send a text message with a voice command? Then see the review of the most popular voice to text apps on the Android operating system.  The idea of recognizing the user’s speech by the program is not new. It has … Read more

17 Best Sudoku apps for Android

It would seem that the time for Sudoku games has long passed because in the modern mobile world there are a huge number of toys of various genres, ranging from conventional shooters to serious logic games. However, it is the Sudoku games that can really train your brains. Sudoku on Android is great entertainment that … Read more

15 Best Mirror apps for Android

We picked up 15 Best Mirror apps for Android, which will be useful for both girls and guys who want to know how they look or to get stunning photos. Mirror by MMAppsMobile Mirror is an application for Android that in a few seconds will turn your smartphone or tablet into a mirror. If you … Read more

21 Best Calculator apps for Android

The calculator in the smartphone is one of the irreplaceable classic functions, which will always be relevant in any gadget. It will help the housewife calculate the amount of the cost of the products in the supermarket, and the scientist – on the move to estimate the complex formula. If you get bored with a … Read more