Ulysse Speedometer App Review

Ulysse Speedometer is an indispensable mobile application for every person who has a car. The software product collected several quality features at the same time.  In the Ulysse Speedometer app, the data is displayed directly on the smartphone screen. The person who installed this application can easily determine the speed of movement. Simply by installing your mobile gadget in the cabin and running it, all information relevant to the driver will be displayed in a convenient format.

This program can be used not only in the cabin of the vehicle. The tool is so universal that it can be launched even when you are flying on an airplane. It allows you to determine not only the speed but also define the height at which you are.

The Ulysse Speedometer utility is also equipped with many secondary and at the same time very useful functionality. First of all, here we are talking about the presence of counters, which allow you to keep track of how you move around. You can save the counters to a memory card and send them by e-mail.

The program can send your current location in both manual and automatic mode, calculates the average speed of your movement for a particular time period, and for the entire travel time. The counters will keep all information, including current trips, trips for the day, two, the current week or month, and all the time after the application is installed. This information involves the duration of the trip, the distance, the coordinates of the starting and ending points and addresses, the speed – the maximum, the total average, and the average movement, the time – total, the time of movement, the time of parking.  This feature is very useful, for instance, in case you need to provide proof of not exceeding the speed.

There is also a function for setting the speed limiter. At the time when the vehicle reaches the speed limit, the application will alert you. All data that is provided by the application is stored “in the cloud”. Thus, even if you change your smartphone or tablet, you can be sure that the information that is relevant to you will always be available. In addition, you can adjust the display of the outside air temperature.

In the paid version, in addition to the lack of advertising, you can get a little more functionality. For example, the application will show the destination and also allow changing music tracks right from the app.

This mobile application has a very clear and simple management interface. So the program will be understandable even if you have never used similar tools before. The utility is characterized by stable operation and accuracy of the information provided. If you have your car and drive regularly on it, then installing Ulysse Speedometer on a smartphone or tablet, the trip will become more comfortable and safe. Note that the application is not demanding on the technical characteristics of the mobile device.

Distinctive features of the program:

  • the ability to save tracks;
  • display speed over active applications;
  • several separate profiles;
  • the possibility of testing a free version of the program for two weeks;
  • with the switch in just a few clicks, you can change the units of speed, manage sound, and other settings;
  • direct access to the media player and navigation;
  • the speed of access to all Quick Menu applications;
  • there is a speedometer of average speeds of movement. It is displayed along with the compass;
  • the function of high-speed corridors (up to ten pieces) – the application itself will warn about exceeding the speed allowed on this section of the road;
  • GPS-altimeter, which determines the height of the car’s location relative to sea level;
  • indication on the windshield, which reflects the real speed on the windshield of the car (very convenient when driving in the dark).

Downloads: +1000000

Customers rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

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