9 Best character creation apps for Android

Best character creation apps

In this article, we will look at the most popular applications for creating characters on Android: FaceQ FaceQ is a very fun and powerful avatar creator. Even if you don’t know how to draw, you can still easily create your own hand-drawn avatar by combining different parts of the face. FaceQ allows you to create … Read more

9 Best hidden voice recording apps for Android

Best hidden voice recording apps

One of the first additional features that appeared in mobile phones was the function of a voice recorder. On modern devices, voice recorders are still present, already in the form of separate applications. Many manufacturers build such software into the firmware, but no one forbids the use of third-party solutions. Especially if you want to … Read more

15 Best Wi-Fi analyzer apps for Android

Best Wi-Fi analyzer apps

A Wi-Fi analyzer app is simply necessary for a large number of users, from beginners in the world of the Internet, ending with professionals in the IT industry and experienced network administrators. WiFi security is becoming an extremely important aspect of data protection. Using such applications, you can constantly monitor the status of your network, … Read more

11 Best apps to add texts to photos for Android

Best apps to add texts to photos

In this article, we will consider interesting applications to add text to photo. Among them, there are both simple utilities and powerful ones that allow you to fully edit photos. But now we are only interested in the possibility of writing a text: Fontmania A great application that will turn your photos and pictures into … Read more

11 Best time calculator apps for Android

Best time calculator apps

Today we will review applications that are designed to work with time, that is, time calculators. Let’s introduce our applicants (all distributed free of charge), which can be found on the Google Play Market: Time Calculator: Hours Work & Time Between Time Calculator application is the best app to calculate time, hour, minute and more … Read more

9 Best baby face apps for Android

Best baby face apps

Pregnant women are always very interested in how their babies will look when they are born. We provide an opportunity to find out right now with the best baby face generator apps. Stop imagining – it’s time to see what your baby will be like! You may also like: 9 Best breastfeeding apps for moms … Read more

5 Best eye candy apps for Android

Best eye candy apps

Stop worrying about the pictures taken on the front camera, because you just have to download the eye candy app – a beauty camera, photo editor for Android, and you will get a universal tool that will provide you with everything you need to get high-quality pictures. Candy Camera Now, you can take a photo … Read more

5 Best reverse phone lookup apps for Android

Best reverse phone lookup apps

“Call from an unknown number” appears on the screen of your smartphone. Many of these calls come from companies that are engaged in telemarketing, that is, they are trying to sell services or products to you about which you know nothing. However, it happens that a real person is calling, whose number you forgot to … Read more

7 Best wifi walkie talkie apps for Android

Best wifi walkie talkie apps

Are you familiar with the old walkie talkies? They became popular because they provided complete autonomy for the organization of communication. Now you can recall them again and reach a new level of functionality with your phone! TOP 7 WiFi Walkie Talkies for Android Marco Polo Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie is a completely new … Read more

11 High graphic games for Android 2019

High graphic games

Every year … hell, there, each month, mobile games are becoming more beautiful and more technological. There are such games that can capture the imagination; games, looking at which, there are doubts about their mobile roots.  Here is a list of the best Android games with high graphics in all variety of genres. Cover Fire … Read more