Dev Tools App Review

This app is a real salvation for your phone. It will return to its productivity in just a couple of taps on the screen.

Dev Tools have a variety of useful features that will allow you to get to know your phone much better. For example, it is possible to view app files installed on your device.

Dev Tools App Review1

The app also provides the opportunity to customize the color of the screen. This is very convenient if you do not like the current shade of the screen and you want to change it.

Users can view the history. If it is necessary to figure out when and which app was opened a few days ago – just use the corresponding function. The service will immediately give you the information: the name, the time of activity, and so on.

Dev Tools App Review2

Moreover, the management of installed apps is very simple. You can easily check files. directories, apk and so. All updates are under your control.

Those who have skills in programming at least at the very basic level will appreciate advanced options to improve the productivity of a smartphone.

Dev Tools App Review3

It is possible to render the GPU in a few seconds, display various updates, run services, and much more.