9 Best Android Apps to Measure Body Temperature in 2024

Unfortunately, very often we are faced with an illness and our temperature rises. And in order to help you a little bit, we found the best anroid apps to measure body temperature. But we have to warn you, that in most cases those apps are just pranks and don’t get your hopes high.

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Thermometer for Fever

Thermometer for Fever Check – record data about your body temperature and monitor your health with this app.

The Thermometer for Fever Check app is essentially an interactive log of your body temperature. You can enter your measurements into the app daily and view the report in the form of a regular list or graph.

The app provides you with information about your body temperature, while retaining all previously entered values. The saved data can be shared between accounts and between devices.

You can view your data using a regular journal list (body temperature and date are indicated in each column, low temperature is marked in blue, normal temperature is green, elevated temperature is red) or in the form of a linear graph.

Features of the Thermometer for Fever Check The Fever app:

  • You can record daily or hourly body temperature measurements, and then get a full analysis of your data (average temperature for the period, whether your temperature is normal, and so on)
  • In addition to temperature measurements, you can also monitor your blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • In addition to body temperature, you can record ambient temperature data
  • The app is able to work without an internet connection
Thermometer for Fever 1

Downloads: 50 000+


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Body Temperature Checker

Body Temperature Checker Recor – keep records of your body temperature to always monitor your health!

Thanks to this app, you can fully analyze your body temperature and always keep records at hand. The Body Temperature Checker Recor app will help you monitor your body temperature in everyday life or during illness.

All you need is daily (or several times a day) enter your data into the app. Based on them, the app will generate a report in the form of a list (each column indicates your gender, age, your temperature (including information about whether it is normal or not), date and time).

Or you can view the results in the form of graphs) a line graph and a histogram) in which all the necessary data is also indicated.

Features of the Body Temperature Checker Recor app:

  • Detailed analysis of your data in a format convenient to you (list or graph)
  • The app is able to work without an Internet connection.
  • Easy-to-use application with intuitive usage.
Body Temperature Checker1

Downloads: 10 000+

Customers rating:2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)



HealthBook is your personal health diary for recording your well-being data and tracking them. Be always aware of your health.

The HealthBook app is an electronic diary in which you can record almost any data about your health and monitor them in the future.

The app is suitable for those who are sick now or just take care of themselves daily. Also, HealthBook can become an indispensable assistant for the elderly.

In the app, you can record almost any information: What you did during the day (whether it was physical activity or a walk in the fresh air), record health indicators (temperature, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc.)

You can save the results of your data and view them later as a detailed list (in each the line indicates the parameter you need, time and date) or schedule.

Features of the HealthBook app:

  • User-friendly interface and data viewing in the mode suitable for you
  • The ability to record health indicators and actions in detail during the day will perfectly help older people to monitor their health.
  • Ability to track sleep mode
  • You can record your health complaints or suspicious symptoms to tell your doctor about them later

Downloads: 50+


Body Temperature

Body Temperature is a convenient app that will easily help you keep track of your body temperature and analyze it in the future.

This app will help you to keep and organize records of your body temperature. Recently (considering the situation with COVID-19), this is a convenient and useful feature.

This app allows you to record your body temperature, as well as the symptoms of a possible illness (headache, cough, chills, sore throat, dizziness, and so on).

You can keep records daily if you are just worried about your health or several times a day if you are ill. Later, you can take the notes and show them to your doctor.

Features of the Body Temperature app:

  • You can connect notifications to remind yourself to take your temperature or take medication
  • The ability to analyze recorded data for a long or short period (from a week to several months)
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit measurement scale is supported
  • You can create accounts for several members of your family and monitor the health of the whole family
  • Add symptoms of the disease to show them to the attending physician if necessary
Body Temperature1

Downloads: 500 000+

Customers rating:2.6 out of 5 stars (2.6 / 5)


Body Temperature Fever Tracker

Body Temperature Fever Tracker is an interactive notebook for your health records.

This app will help you in keeping records of your health status. You just need to enter your temperature data daily. Based on the information you entered, the app will generate a report in the form of a line graph or log.

In addition to being able to keep a record of your temperature, thanks to the Body Temperature Fever Tracker app you can also measure your body mass index and keep a log of ambient temperature.

Features of the Body Temperature Fever Tracker app:

  • Convenient format for recording data in the form of daily notes or a graph.
  • A detailed report on your data. The app will record your temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, your body mass index, date and time of recording.
  • Based on your data, the app can give you useful recommendations
Body Temperature Fever Tracker1

Downloads: 5 000+


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Body Temperature Thermometer

Body Temperature Thermometer is an app with which you can easily monitor your temperature and your health.

This app will help you monitor your temperature daily if you are very worried about your health or will help you record your indicators throughout the day in case you feel unwell or are ill.

It happens that you can feel so bad that you are literally unconscious. Many doctors recommend that their patients record physical indicators throughout the disease. It is in this case that the Body Temperature Thermometer app will be useful to you.

You can enter your data manually, or synchronize the app with your smartwatch and configure the interval by which the app will read your temperature.

Features of the Body Temperature Thermometer app:

  • User-friendly interface and intuitive use of the app
  • You can create several pages for each member of your family and monitor the health of your loved ones.
  • The app records, analyzes and saves the data you have entered, sorting them by date and time.
Body Temperature Thermometer1

Downloads: 500 000+


Medrec – medical record

Medrec – medical record is a universal app that will help you not only monitor your health but also take care of it.

The app is a virtual medical card in which you can record all your health indicators (body temperature, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc.), analyze them. Write down the symptoms that bother you.

In addition to the fact that you can keep a complete record and analysis of your physical indicators, you can also set up reminders about taking medications or medical procedures (measure temperature, blood sugar, blood pressure).

You can also upload important medical documents to the app, for example, records from your medical record, photos of medical prescriptions, laboratory results, X-rays, and more.

In the app, you can make an appointment for an online consultation with a doctor by sending him the data from the application in advance (so that the doctor could get acquainted with your tests and physical condition in advance).

Features of the Medrec – medical record app:

  • Ability to record the necessary physical indicators
  • Save photos and electronic copies of important medical documents in the application
  • Possibility to make an appointment for an online consultation with a doctor
  • A convenient system for analyzing your data in the form of a list or graph
Medrec – medical record1

Downloads: 10 000+


Core Body temperature

Core Body temperature is an app that will help you track changes in your body temperature during sports.

This app is perfect for athletes and ordinary people who like to warm up in their spare time. The app helps you monitor your internal body temperature. Body temperature may change due to illness, intense exercise or physiological processes.

During sports and with particularly strong physical exertion, your body temperature rises, in exceptional cases up to forty degrees Celsius, which is extremely dangerous. But the Core Body temperature app will help you and let you know when it’s time to cool down.

The app works using a smartwatch – the information enters the app directly from the device and is stored there. Thus, after training, you can see how your temperature has changed.

Features of the Core Body temperature app:

  • User-friendly interface and app operation process.
  • A convenient system for storing your data and further analyzing it in a format suitable for you (in the form of an information list or graph)
  • The app will remind you when to rest during a workout or when to take antipyretic medicine (if you are sick).
Core Body temperature1

Downloads: 5 000+


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Body Temperature Checker

Body Temperature Checker is an app that will help you organize your body temperature records and analyze it.

This app analyzes your records and based on them makes an information report in the form of a list or an interactive graph. You can record your temperature daily or with the help of reminders from the app (if you are sick and forget about it).

The app can be useful not only if you are ill and have a fever, but also if you are overcooled and have frostbite. The app will help you keep a record of your temperature while you are waiting for a doctor.

Features of the Body Temperature Checker app:

  • The ability to monitor body temperature using a variety of functions and analyze data in a way convenient for you (in the form of information lists or a graph)
  • Temperature measurement on the Celsius and Fahrenheit scale.
  • The ability to save your data as a document and send it to the mail or print it out.
Body Temperature Checker1

Downloads: 10 000+