Flikit app review

Flikit is a utility that allows you to create and share contact information with any Android device user, regardless of whether they have the application on their gadget or not. The transfer takes place via SMS and e-mail. The program is an electronic morning coat, for the exchange of which you do not need access to the Internet.

If you are tired of the large abundance of business cards that you have to carry everywhere with you, then the free application Flikit is what you need. Generate and share info with any person or social media sans having to provide a paper version of the business card.

Flikit is an easy way to save on printing of paper business cards. Contact information, e-mail addresses, Internet sites, and your profile on social networks (including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) will be stored electronically on your gadget.

Let’s get to work with Flikit

First, it is necessary to create your profile. You will do this right after you upload and set up the application to your phone.

Now add the data that you desire to share in the future – it can be phone numbers, addresses, sites, profiles, etc. All this you can send employing Flikit code, SMS, and e-mail. But if you use Flikit code to convey data, the process takes place at a lightning speed.

Specificity of the application:

  1. Fast data transmission.
  2. Ability to provide data on several social networks with anyone.
  3. Transfer info employing SMS, email or Flikit QR code.
  4. Adding any information (including personal and professional) for its further sending.
  5. All your contact info is stored in a safe place and on one device.
  6. The ability to update information stored in the application.
  7. Work without connecting to the network.
  8. All data is end-to-end encrypted.
  9. Convenient graphics and a QR scanner.

Entrepreneurs, various kinds of sellers, and just working people will find their benefits in the Flikit application for Android. Forget paper business cards. Save your time and money by setting up the Flikit tool on your gadget.

You have a virtual card in your pocket. Create, store, and share!

Downloads: +1000

Customers rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)