Kalimba Real App Review

Kalimba is a plucked African musical instrument of the lamellaphon class. It is common in Central and South Africa and on the island of Madagascar. During the European colonization of America, kalimba was brought by Africans to Cuba, where it still exists.

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Such instruments are called “African hand pianos”. Kalimba is used in traditional rites and by professional musicians mainly as an accompaniment instrument. They play this wooden instrument with separate sounds or chords.


But if you do not have a live kalimba, it does not matter, you can extract equally charming sounds from the application for android devices – Kalimba Real. This is a simulator that will not only teach you how to play an instrument but also try your hand to decide whether you should buy a real kalimba. And if you are already the proud owner of one, pair your instrument with the application for recording and mixing your playing.


The app has a very nice design that you can customize for yourself. Choose the colors to your liking, and the type of instrument – 17-key or 15-key ones.

Download your favorite tunes, or practice on those that are already in the app. Style and modify modern and classical music, jazz, and blues in kalimba-manner. It’s easy!

Record your music, save and share it with your friends. Create your own kalimba ringtones.


The app will delight both experienced performers and beginners. It is very convenient to take the first steps in mastering keyboard instruments with it. Kalimba is one of the easiest and most intuitive implements to learn. The vast majority use such a set of notes that they can be picked up on the fly.

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Well, if you already have some experience of playing musical instruments, then the unusual and exciting Kalimba Real App will give you even more pleasant emotions.