Miracle Merchant app review

Miracle MerchantMiracle Merchant is an unusual game project, which was developed by the studio Arnold Rauers for phones and tablets running the Android platform.

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Miracle Merchant opens the door to the mysterious world of alchemy, which is full of many unexplained phenomena. Armed with alchemical cards, the player will have to create a huge number of potions and elixirs to please the clients of the medieval wizard.

Game rules

In Miracle Merchant, the player tries to get rid of all the cards. There are 4 decks of 13 cards in total in the game. Each deck contains 10 cards of one of four colors and three black cards. The decks are mixed.

Miracle Merchant game

The game consists of several rounds. In each round, a visitor comes to the player who needs a potion. A player makes a 4-card potion recipe, which he randomly takes from any decks. But there is one rule: a visitor needs a potion of a certain color, which means that at least one card must be of that particular color.

Cards are combined with each other, increasing their values and the values of neighboring cards (by default, all cards except black ones have a value of 1). After making a recipe of four cards, various bonuses are given. For example, a bonus is given if:

  • you used the visitor’s additional color
  • for a pair of identical colors
  • for a set of all four colors
  • for two pairs of colors, etc.

Miracle Merchant app

The main thing after making a four-card recipe is to get a potion with a positive value as a result. The rules may seem too difficult, but in fact, the process is very simple and incredibly addictive.

The presented mobile application is an alternative variation of the good old solitaire with its own specific rules. Thanks to the prompts and ancient parchments, you can easily understand the features of the game mechanics. It is noteworthy that all levels are generated in a random order, so each new game is a kind of challenge to yourself.

Miracle Merchant app review

In this project, almost all social functions are supported, including the world leaderboard, the availability of a system of achievements, as well as regular daily tasks. With these tools, you can compete with friends in the art of alchemy. Finally, we want to talk about the convenience of this card game, since the average game here lasts 2-3 minutes.

Game design and interface

In the end, it’s worth noting the extremely user-friendly and intuitive user interface. In addition, the game has excellent control, adapted to the features of the touchscreens. Due to the wide functionality, users can customize the game for the most comfortable use.

The visual component of the project deserves special attention. The game has a very colorful palette. The use of unusual graphics and colorful design makes the game mysterious, which has a positive effect on the overall impression of the project. The concept continues with well-chosen musical accompaniment. Thanks to these and other factors, developers provide complete immersion in the game world of Miracle Merchant for the Android.