Moovit App Review

Moovit is a useful application that will help in real time to find out the arrival of a particular vehicle and see the traffic congestion, which will allow laying the optimal routes. As sources, the service uses its own data, indicators of various transport companies, as well as information received from users. The last factor is the most important for the service – each user (who installed the application) helps the development of the service.

The application of the same name was taken up by Moovit. The product is cross-platform, which increases the efficiency of the service every day.

Interface and features

The interface has an abundance of information so you’ll want to take some time to get comfortable with it. The main tab is “Route search”. There are three lines: the point of departure, the point of arrival, and the time of departure. After you bring all the necessary information, the application will offer the best ways of moving. Information is generated based on your location, which is read by GPS. By the way, the use of the service implies a permanently enabled module.

The application offers several options for traffic. As a result of the search for routes, the approximate time required for travel, the distance that you have to walk, and the necessary modes of transport are shown. By clicking on the special key, you confirm the choice of this route. After that, all that the user has to do is to follow the instructions. Here, step by step, information will be updated about what needs to be done at the moment.

The explanations for walking are especially convenient. Here the stage-by-stage plan is laid out – in which direction it is necessary to turn, which street to exit and how long it will take. In this case, all routes can be saved for reuse. In the other tab, you can see the schedule of the different modes of transport by selecting the route number.

However, the main advantage of the application is the schedule of routes. When you open the application, your geolocation will be determined, and stop indicators will appear on the map. For each of them, you can click and see which transport stops at a particular stop, as well as its route with a detailed schedule.

In addition, Moovit is also a navigator. If you want to leave from another area (city, country) to your home, then simply build a route from your current location to the street with the house. The application will build a route from the point with your coordinates to the stop of the nearest transport, and then to the final destination (including transplants, if any). As a bonus, Moovit will calculate an approximate arrival time, considering all transitions and transplants. It should be noted that the amount of transport is not limited to standard buses, trolleybuses, and trams.

Features of Moovit for Android:

  1. Ability to lay routes.
  2. Several variants of movement for each route.
  3. Convenient tips.
  4. Calculation of time for travel.
  5. Accounting of traffic jams.
  6. The function of saving frequent routes.

As mentioned above, the effectiveness of the service directly depends on its popularity. That’s why the application is completely free, and the user is unlikely to find any traces of monetization. Another advantage – in addition to the free application, you can note the work of the app in over 1500 cities worldwide, 78 countries; Moovit, also, covers 44 languages, including Russian.

The result

Moovit is a useful application that contains a huge amount of information about traffic. The created database of the service is replenished daily thanks to the use of the application. The user can get information about traffic jams, find profitable routes and see enough detailed information about each stage of the movement. The interface is slightly confusing, however, once you understand it, you get a convenient tool that can help out in the most difficult situations.

Downloads: +90000000

Customers rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

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