Lost Echo app review

Lost EchoThe world around us is full of inexplicable mysteries and secrets. Of course, they attract, forcing to puzzle over solving them.

So the hero of the exciting Lost Echo game for Android should find answers to many questions, and in this, he will need the help of players.

Detailed graphics, atmospheric music, and original plot make this game memorable and incredibly exciting.

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The game tells a very interesting storyline, which is so coolly designed that it is worth paying tribute to those people who were engaged in the development of this game application.

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Planet Earth, the near future – cities have extremely positive technologies: perfect materials everywhere, flying cars moving on safe fuel, and cleaning systems. But Greg, the protagonist of the Lost Echo puzzle, stopped paying attention to the universe around – his girlfriend disappeared right in the center of the city, and nobody knows where. He immediately begins to look for her, but something happened that Greg could not have foreseen: except him, no one remembers the girl! Only players are able to solve all the puzzles and find the correct answer in the perfect locations of the distant future.

Lost Echo game

Tasks and rules

Lost Echo is a classic adventure game: many locations, objects everywhere, riddles and secrets, dialogues between the characters, and all information is recorded in a capacious magazine. The decisions of the players don’t affect the course of the storyline, but the linearity of the story is perfectly compensated by the unexpected finale and the way of narration: everything is covered with the sacrament! There are few rules – players will have to learn only management.

Lost Echo app

Locations and objects

The game universe clearly migrated from the distant future – strange multi-story houses, unique prototypes of cars, terminals, and monitors. It is interesting to watch perfect cities, especially when the scenery surrounds a distinct and frightening storyline. Objects are also for every taste. Download Lost Echo for Android right now, try it!

Lost Echo review

Game features:

  • Detailed and realistic graphics
  • Each location has its own theme music.
  • Evolving storyline with an unexpected ending
  • An easy and intuitive control system
  • Multiple difficulty levels


The design of the locations and the items themselves are made just gorgeous. The game hasn’t a large size, but the developers were able to put into it a huge open world, available to us for research, as well as a variety of subjects with which we can interact directly. The music in the game isn’t less quality, that’s why we are advised to play with headphones.

Lost Echo is an amazing quest filled with magic, beautiful scenery and a huge world to explore and try to find your girlfriend.

Surely many players are tired of the monotonous and boring quests for finding objects, if you are among such people, then Lost Echo will definitely surprise you, in a good way. The game, however, is very interesting, you just need to find time for its passage.