Password Manager App Review

Password managers are pretty well established in the everyday life of users who are not ready to sacrifice their security and use the same password on all services. There are a lot of sites that require authorization, and remembering for every login and password is quite problematic.

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In this case, password managers come to the rescue. Using services to manage credentials is another step that improves network security. Thanks to these applications, it is possible to set a unique password for all sites and services without having to remember it and write it down somewhere.


The password manager is one of the most popular password managers in the google play market. This service was one of the first in the section of management and synchronization of identities.

Password Manager developers will help you to find the perfect balance between price and features and to synchronize a small number of devices, you can use the service for free. For most users, a free account will be enough.


Today, the password manager is one of the most popular applications for saving passwords among users. The application is very quick and easy to use. It is convenient to divide passwords into personal and business, which will help to distinguish your personal life and work moments. Also, this app will send you a signal when it’s time to change your password or when your password seems weak.


Of all the password managers, the majority of users prefer the Password Manager app. And also you can store in this application all the necessary phone numbers, delivery addresses, e-mail addresses, or bank card numbers.

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In addition to the standard feature set, LastPass is able to detect passwords that have been endangered, outdated, or reused. The app is pretty easy to use and looks great thanks to its minimalistic design. So, among all the password managers apps the Password Manager Password Pro is in our favorites.