10 Best reading glasses apps for Android

When you’ve forgotten your reading glasses and need to read the small text on a form or low lighting is making it difficult to see the items on a menu, an Android reading glasses app will make such situations a lot easier:

Reading Glasses – Magnifier – Visual Aid Zoom

Reading Glasses - Magnifier - Visual Aid ZoomWant to make the world around you closer or increase it?! This program is just what you need! Reading Glasses – Magnifier – Visual Aid Zoom is the best magnifying glass among all applications! Zoom provides a clear and high-quality picture.

It also works as a magnifying app with light since it converts your phone into a Flashlight. The application also works on those devices in which there is initially no approximation function! You can adjust the level of approximation, invert and freeze the image, and even highlight, approximate text (for phones that have a flash).

The program will help people with poor eyesight see better! The quality and zoom level of the image depends on the camera of your phone.

Reading Glasses - Magnifier - Visual Aid Zoom app

Downloads: 1000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.6 / 5)

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MagnifierThis program will help to turn your smartphone into a magnifying loupe in one click. All you need is a good autofocus camera. Quite a useful thing, with the help of it, it’s convenient to read, for example, all sorts of small inscriptions on packages. In addition, the application can control the flash, as well as take pictures. As can be seen in the screenshots, the increase is quite decent, allowing you to read quite small inscriptions.

Interface and control are easy. We direct the phone camera to the desired object, press the button for focusing, and actually consider what we wanted. There is also Freeze View function. After a freeze, you can zoom the view.

Magnifier app review Magnifier app

Downloads: 1000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.5 / 5)

Magnifying Glass

MagnifierThis is the simplest application that helps to read small text. The advantages include the possibility of increasing objects, the ability to take photos of enlarged objects. You can zoom in or zoom out the camera by your fingers. This software is distributed free of charge.

In the process of work, the program Magnifying Glass has shown itself to be a fully functional utility that will not be superfluous on your smartphone.

The program will help you to read the inscriptions in small print in contracts, menus, books and other-other occasions of life.

Magnifying Glass app review Magnifying Glass app review

Downloads: 1000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.4 / 5)

Magnifying Glass Flashlight

Magnifying Glass FlashlightThe application allows you to turn the phone into a magnifying glass. Such a function can be very useful in situations where you are in a poorly lit room or have not taken glasses with you.

Thanks to such a magnifying glass, you can easily read the text, written even in very small print, for example, information on the composition of the product, placed on the product label in the store. This application has a flashlight function.

One of the pleasant things is that there’s a camera button built right into it so when you’re looking at something with the flashlight you can take a picture of it!

Magnifying Glass Flashlight app review Magnifying Glass Flashlight app

Downloads: 1000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.7 / 5)

Magnifier -Magnifying Glass

Magnifier -Magnifying GlassMagnifier – Magnifying Glass is a useful Android tool from the studio OREO SOFT. Using the program is elementary because of just press “START”. The camera opens, and it already works with the effects of approximation.

You can zoom in and out as it is needed. For this, there is a special slider. The zoom level is written in the upper left corner. Below there is a panel with additional features. For example, the image of the sun means turning on the backlight (flashlight). There is also a reversal of the camera, “negative” or “black and white” mode.

Magnifier – Magnifying Glass is distributed free of charge. If you tap on the picture with the camera, take a picture that is automatically saved to the gallery. There is advertising content, a banner on top, but it’s so small that it will not interfere.

The overall design is discreet, you will not see anything outstanding or original, but the project is worthy.

Magnifier -Magnifying Glass app Magnifier -Magnifying Glass app review

Downloads: 100 +

Customers rating:  (3.8 / 5)

Smart Magnifier

Smart MagnifierSmart Magnifier is a rather useful application for tablets and smartphones, absolutely free to download. You will not stay indifferent when you first download the program if you have the need to wear glasses, but they may not always be at hand. The main purpose of the utility is to help users in the ability to see small details without using glasses.

You will have tools that are quite similar to the capabilities of the built-in camera settings. However, the program has more opportunities, and the quality of the result is much higher. With Smart Magnifier, you can turn your device into a magnifying glass that has the borders of your screen and uses for its proper work the maximum capabilities of a video camera.

There are many unique settings that you will not find in similar types of programs:

– LED (allows you to create an imitation of LED lighting, taking more space than daylight);
– Capture screen (ability to capture the resulting image);
– Freezing (fixing the image, with further changes);
– Zoom (camera or digital, increasing five times);
– Auto-focus (auto-focus on the desired object);
– Rotation (allows you to rotate the image on the screen in real time).

Use maximum opportunities to simplify your needs.

There is also the function of sending photos to friends. To use it, you need to connect to the Internet. The utility is perfectly optimized, which will not reduce the overall performance of the device when using the program.

Smart Magnifier app Smart Magnifier app review

Downloads: 1000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.0 / 5)

Magnifier & Microscope

Magnifier & MicroscopeMagnifier & Microscope – an unusual application for Android, which offers to equip your mobile device with interesting features for free. The program is based on the camera of a smartphone or tablet.

The presented application combines several functions. Mainly, it aims to help the user to see distant objects or objects of small size. After starting the program, the image is immediately displayed on the screen.

By moving the device, you are to aim the camera lens on the desired object. In the absence of additional settings, it is visible on the screen in the same way as in the process of creating a photo. You can manage the application functionality in any convenient way. For example, to zoom in/out a picture, you can make a traditional movement with two fingers or drag the icon with the image of a magnifying glass to a suitable position.

When the Microscope function is activated, the object will be seen even clearer with the display of all its smallest details. Of course, this program doesn’t replace a real microscope, since its effectiveness depends on the quality of the camera module installed in the gadget.

The application also offers to experiment with the brightness of the image, set a different color filter (black and white, sepia and others). In addition, you can also take a picture here or “freeze” the screen – that is, save the picture in the form in which it is visible on the display.

The interface is simple, all controls are at hand. Use the program is convenient.


– magnification of the image several times;
– even very small details can be seen;
– a set of color filters;
– change the brightness;
– photography;
– freeze the screen.


– the effectiveness of the application depends on the capabilities of the camera device.

Magnifier & Microscope can be a useful application, provided that your device has a high-quality camera with high resolution and flash.

Magnifier & Microscope app Magnifier & Microscope app review

Downloads: 5000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.2 / 5)

Magnifier + Flashlight

Magnifier + FlashlightDo you see poorly or do you need a magnifying glass? We present you a great magnifier for Android. Zoom provides a very high quality and clear picture. Approximation works even on those devices where initially there is no image approximation function.

With Magnifier + Flashlight application, you can freeze and invert the image, adjust the level of approximation, highlight the approximate text (for devices with flash). People with poor eyesight will be able to see better through this software. But don’t forget that the quality of the picture depends on the camera built into your Android device.

The application has only one screen from which you can use all available functions. Zooming in/out of a picture is done with the slider located on the right side of the screen next to the multi-function menu. With the help of the menu, you can rotate the image, invert colors, focus the camera.

Also, if the room is dark and there isn’t enough light, you can turn on the built-in lights. The application allows you to take a picture of an enlarged image or if you need to make a so-called freeze (a very useful feature).

In the settings of the application, you can change the rotation angle from 0 to 270 degrees, enable high FPS mode and alternative focus. You can also set the maximum display brightness on when using this application.

We can say that this is the best application among its competitors in its functionality. Pretty good magnification with unsurpassed quality.

Magnifier + Flashlight app

Downloads: 50000 +

Customers rating:  (4.5 / 5)

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight

Magnifying Glass + FlashlightThis program has a flashlight and a magnifying glass for reading the small text. Just turn on the magnifying glass and watch how it automatically adjusts the sharpness on the text and prompts you to zoom the image.

You can read a poorly distinguishable text. A magnifying glass will select the sharpness in automatic mode and allow you to change the scale for the image.

Additionally, a simple flashlight with backlight is available. There is a possibility of a fivefold increase in scale, as well as stabilization, transparency mode and saving of the images.

Now it will be easy and pleasant to read. And most importantly: you save yourself from the inconvenience due to deteriorating vision. In addition to the best magnifier, you get the brightest flashlight with LED for backlighting.

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight app Magnifying Glass + Flashlight app review

Downloads: 5000000 +

Customers rating:  (4.4 / 5)

Magnifying Glass Flashlight PRO

Magnifying Glass Flashlight PRO appMagnifying Glass Flashlight PRO is a smart reading glasses app. It includes a full-screen magnifier and a flashlight. After installing the app, you can use your phone’s camera to read small text. You can use it anywhere with low light.

The main features of the application:

  • You can save magnified images to read them later,
  • freeze, unfreeze and even share magnified photos,
  • use LED flashlight in dark places or during a night,
  • auto-zoom (2x,3x,4x,8x),
  • manual zoom in/out (1x to 32x).

Magnifying Glass Flashlight PRO

Downloads: 1000 +

Customers rating:  (4.6 / 5)