9 Best Lie Detector Apps for Android in 2024

Best lie detector apps

Have you got some questions for your friends? Check them on the lie detector! A lie detector simulator is an application with the help of which you can determine whether a person is lying to you or not. The application is not only useful to find out the secrets of your friends by looking at …

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5 Best Feet Tickling Apps for Android

Tickle someone’s feet with these Android apps: Tickle Kuri! The game is pretty cool and interesting. I recommend tickling her heels! All the more the tickling stages and a few tools were added! For those who don’t have enough tools, a little secret. You can tickle your own finger! But there’s no voice acting… I’d …

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5 Best Grenade Prank Apps for Android

Best grenade prank apps

Do you want to play a prank on someone? You have a smartphone and basically, you don’t need anything else. For prank fans, we have prepared a selection of the best applications imitating the explosion of a grenade. Download and have fun! Simulator Bang Grenade You must like this joke app simulating a real grenade. …

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9 Best Hypnosis Apps in 2024 for Android

Best hypnosis apps

Hypnosis is currently used as an effective psychotherapeutic tool and method for treating various nervous disorders and psychosomatic illnesses. A person in a state of hypnotic trance is open to influence, and a psychotherapist can help him or her to solve underlying mental problems, find the causes of neurosis, and relieve nervous tension. But, most …

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9 Best Voice Changer Apps During Call for Android


Some of the pranks go out of fashion with time, some become the classics, and one of the examples of such practical jokes is a prank played on the phone. This type of prank stood the test of time and go back decades. Nowadays there is a myriad of useful applications for your mobile device, …

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9 Best Scary Stories Apps for Android

9 Best Scary stories apps for Android

Do you like to read scary stories? Can not find good literature? Download one of these apps, which have a lot of exciting horror stories! Planet of Horrors Fans of reading horror stories before bedtime can breathe a sigh of relief. Now they will need just download the Planet of Horrors – Scary Stories on …

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11 Meme Generator Apps for Android

11 Meme generator apps for Android

It’s difficult to imagine a social network that does not use such pictures, which have long been called memes and allow more than fully express emotions and even human reaction. However, it may not always be convenient searching Google for ready-made versions each time, so we have prepared a list of the best Meme generator …

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7 Free Fake Girlfriend Call Apps for Android

Free Fake girlfriend call apps

Tired of friends who are constantly showing off their girls? Give them a decent answer, show that you have someone and that she can not live without you, so constantly calls. In this post, you will find the programs which are designed to simulate incoming voice calls from beautiful girlfriends. Have a look! You may also …

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7 Best Fake Hair Clipper Apps for Android

7 Best fake hair clipper apps for Android

Many owners of mobile devices love to make fun of their friends and acquaintances. In this case, special applications-simulators of electric shavers will help. With it, the screen of your favorite device turns into a real hair clipper. So, we offer to take a look at the best fake hair clipper apps for Android collected …

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