Top 10 Android Apps That Make Photos Talk

It is easy to add sound to your photos to have a good time with friends and family members. Here is a list of apps that will help you to prank someone.

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Choose the photo you want to animate. It can be your selfie, a photo of friends, or even superstars. The most important thing is that artificial intelligence can recognize a face.

Then you should move on to the most important part to bring your photo to life. You can choose one of the ready-made phrases, for example, congratulations on a holiday. Among the already pre-installed phrases, you will find basic and special greetings.

On the other hand, you can record your message yourself. Write a small text and then the program will process it and make the face move according to what is written.

After that, the AI will process the received data, compare the words and mouth movements in the photo, vocalize the text and give you the finished result. Hurry up to share the video with your friends!


  • It is easy to add a voice to a photo.
  • You can download a video.


  • You get a low-quality video.
TokkingHeads: nostalgic animat1

Downloads: 50 000+

Customers rating:3.3 out of 5 stars (3.3 / 5)


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Make My Photo Talk

The main function of this app is to add sound to your photo. Unlike other apps that require the obligatory presence of a face in the photo, this service adds audio to any image.

Take a photo directly in the app or download one from your smartphone. Adding an audio recording to a picture does not take much time.

The next step is that you need to make a voice recording. However, it can also be music, environmental sounds, or anything.

Moreover, it is available to download the file to your phone to further edit it or send it to friends on social networks. Also, the design of the app is very simple. Only the necessary tools and nothing superfluous.


  • You can record the audio that you need to add to the photo.


  • The app does not change the photo so that the mouth moves following the words.
Make My Photo Talk1

Downloads: 10 000+



This is a multifunctional service that helps you make your photos live and have fun with friends and family members.

Using the app is very simple as it has a user-friendly design. First, pick the song you want to attach to the photo. There are several sections, for example, hits, birthday songs, children’s songs, and others.

After you have decided which song you like the most, select a photo and wait a few seconds for the AI to process the picture. Be sure it will be fun! The facial features move with the music and the lips curve to the beat.

In addition, the app provides users with a photo editor that can change their selfies. Add a picture on which the face is clearly visible and then you will get a 3D cartoon-style version.


  • High-quality videos with popular songs.
  • It is possible to send videos to friends on any social network. 
  • You can get cartoon versions of your selfies.


  • Sometimes the app may freeze.
DreamFace: Face Photo Animator1

Downloads: 5 000+


PicVoice: Add voice to photos

This is a simple app that will be very useful if you want to make your photos talk.

There are no additional features that would interfere with you and that are only available by paid subscription.

To begin with, you will need a photo. It can be any picture, selfie, mountain landscape, magnificent sunset – anything.

However, keep in mind that, unlike other similar services, this program does not compare the sound with mouth movements.

The next step is to record the audio that you would like to add to the photo. Record your voice, or song, or attach an existing audio file. The app does not provide a set of ready-made sounds.

This program has special features to animate your pictures. Very soon you receive a video file that will be appreciated by your subscribers on social networks.


  • It is possible to get a high-quality video.


  • The app cannot animate the picture to the sound.

PicVoice: Add voice to photos1

Downloads: 500 000+

Customers rating:3.2 out of 5 stars (3.2 / 5)


My Talking Pet

If you want to leave a photo of your favorite pets as a memento, then downloading this app is a great idea. You will get a high-quality file with a kitten or puppy that will make sounds.

It is possible to use the program to animate a photo. Your pets can move their heads, frown, blink and open their mouths. A static picture turns into a GIF or video file.

Then choose a sound. There is a large variety of ready-made animal sounds. Add a dog barking, a cat purring or birds singing to the photo – this will make the video funny and cute.

To make a pet photo even cooler, you can decorate it with various elements such as glasses, hats, mustaches, or necklaces.

You can experiment and choose a photo of your friends instead of a photo of a cat or dog. It promises to be extremely fun!


  • It is possible to record your audio files.
  • There is a set of ready-made animal sounds.
  • You can use different decorations in the photo.


  • Many features are available only by PRO subscription.

My Talking Pet1

Downloads: 5 000 000+

Customers rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


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Lippy – make anyone talk

This app is different from other similar ones because there are already pictures that can be supplemented with sounds. These are images of various popular characters, for example, superheroes.

The developers of the service update the number of new characters every week. That is why even if you have not found your favorite hero, wait a bit, he or she will appear in the list.

Immediately after you have picked a character, start recording audio. You can just talk, tell a sad story, or a joke. The character will speak in your voice, moving his eyebrows, eyes, and mouth to the beat.

Using the app is very simple. It has a clear design, in which there is nothing unnecessary.


  • There are many famous fictional characters to create funny videos.


  • Users do not have the opportunity to use their photos and pictures for editing.

Lippy - make anyone talk1

Downloads: 1 000+


Anyface: face animation

This app has many different useful features that can make you and your friends laugh.

After you have decided which photo you like the most, proceed to the editing stage. You can easily animate facial movements. Eyebrows will shift in surprise or frown, your mouth may smile, and so on.

Of course, the photo animation function is available to you, not only a moving face. Choose one of the ready-made phrases or create your own. After that, you will receive a video file that will please you and your loved ones.

You can also use this service as a photo editor. Experiment with different filters and get a great composition.

In addition, you can decorate your pictures with various extra elements. Hats, glasses, or mustache – choose something that you like and make the photo even more lively.


  • There are a lot of opportunities to bring your photos to life.
  • You can use filters and decorations.


  • There are a few features that are available for free.

Anyface: face animation1

Downloads: 1 000 000+

Customers rating:3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


Face Dance

This service has many functions that will amuse you and your friends. There is everything here to turn your photos into videos.

Conveniently, the service allows you to use photos not only with one person but with a whole group of people. Do not limit yourself to choosing pictures!

The app has a huge catalog of songs. Find the one you like. It can be one of the hits, rock, blues, or any other song.

What is more, the service also offers a duet song performance function. Just upload two photos and they will sing at the same time.

Of course, you will have an old, dusty album at home. You can animate black-and-white photos and get nostalgic.

There are also various filters here. You can turn your picture into an anime, or cartoon or find out how you will look when you get older


  • There is a large catalog of songs to choose from for your photos.


  • Low video quality.

Face Dance: AI Photo Animator1

Downloads: 5 000 000+

Customers rating:3.3 out of 5 stars (3.3 / 5)



This app will help you become a meme star. Create incredible videos using a huge collection of tracks and your pictures.

It is very simple. First, take a suitable photo from the gallery of your phone.

Make sure that the face is visible in the photo. On the other hand, it is possible to choose ready-made pictures of celebrities that are in the app.

The music catalog that the service provides is enormous. Here you can find a song for any occasion. There is a selection of songs for the holidays, and playlists with classic compositions or hits of different years.

The AI will process your request. You will have to wait just a couple of seconds until the program correlates the words of the song and the rhythm with the facial expression. It will be unforgettable fun!

Moreover, the app has a convenient and modern design that allows you to use the service quickly and simply.


  • There is a collection of music of different genres.


  • Sometimes the app may freeze.

Avatarify: AI Face Animator1

Downloads: 500 000+

Customers rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


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Photo Video Maker – PixPoz

Installing this app on your smartphone is a great idea because it has everything you need to edit photos and, most importantly, add a voice to them.

Although your static face on the selfie will not move in the rhythm (there is no mimic animation function), this service still has various useful tools to bring your pictures to life.

Edit the photo the way you want. There are a huge number of neon elements, removing the background feature, and adding other decorations – in other words, improve your photo with animated details.

As icing on the cake, find a suitable track in the unlimited catalog of songs that is in the app. Let your picture be bright, attractive, and singing. Now it is a real holiday card or even an album cover!

In addition, you can write text directly on the photo. Come up with beautiful words about love or a funny signature. This will certainly make the picture more lively.

However, if you do not want to deal with the photo editor, it is always possible to just transfer control to the service. There are already several prepared filters here.

All you have to do is upload a photo from the gallery and wait for the moment. Then you will receive a processed video file where your picture will glow, move and sing.


  • The app has a large number of photo editing tools.
  • You can use the music catalog.
  • It is available to make a slideshow.
  • Users can download gif files.


  • There are bugs in the app.
Photo Video Maker - PixPoz1

Downloads: 1 000 000+

Customers rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)