11 Best Bike Racing Games for Android

Do you like sports motorcycles or crazy about cool bikes? Then this selection of the best and most exciting bike races will definitely be to your liking and will allow you to spend your free time with excitement.

Real Bike Racing

If you like speed and have been looking for a game where you find yourself behind the wheel of real sports motorcycles, then Real Bike Racing is a skills game in which you will fly through the tracks and take your motorcycle to the limit in crazy races.

Defeat the most experienced opponents and become the fastest rider on the track.

Steering your bike is easy: on the bottom of the screen you will have gas and brake pedals and to move from side to side you just need to tilt your phone to the right and to the left – the more you tilt, the more your bike will turn.

In addition, at the top of the screen, you will see the map, the number of remaining turns, and your time. Keep an eye on your stats to improve your abilities with each round and reduce the distance with your enemies or show a better result.

In Real Bike Racing, you can choose from ten well-known motorcycle models and test on nine different tracks in this game. To become the fastest driver on the track, you will have to take advantage of the lanes and brake less frequently than your opponents. Keep an eye on other drivers, and don’t let them overtake you, especially at the finish line.

Test yourself in any of the three available game modes: fast race, championship, and RV mode. Choose the mode you like and show off all your speed and skills on the track. Customize your motorcycles and push them to the limit to beat all your enemies.

Downloads: 100000000 +

Customers rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

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Bike Racing 3D

Bike Racing 3D for Android – arcade simulator motorcycle racer. You will see difficult tracks already in the second mission.

In the beginning, the player is given a weak, poorly controlled bike and sent on missions. You will have to drive through a variety of trails: an old port, a forgotten building, and a street filled with various junk.

Finding a place to test your strength is easy enough. Already in the first task, the road is incredibly difficult: many obstacles, notorious speed bumps, threats, and dangers.

Each track has several tasks, completing which we will get coins to buy a new bike or improve the old one. At first, the tasks are quite easy, but gradually they will become more and more difficult and demanding to the skills of the player.

The physics is very funny. Not to say that everything is perfectly done. Where the bike should fall or roll over, it does. But when the rider falls, it’s very interesting to watch his “natural” torment.

Bike Racing 3D is a good game that will be a great choice for those who want to kill ten minutes of their time. And for someone, the game will become a whole test, in which you need to complete all the tasks and buy every available bike.

Downloads: 100000000 +

Customers rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Moto X3M Bike Race Game

Moto X3M Bike Race Game is made in the racing genre. The presented project has a huge number of positive reviews and high ratings.

The first location is an ordinary dirt road. On the left side of the mobile device screen is the main character, sitting on his bike. The main objective – controlling him, get to the finish line, spending a minimum amount of time on it.

Perform the main task is quite difficult because all locations have a huge number of obstacles. Most often there are wooden structures, hills, pits, metal beams, even circular saws.

Be careful, if the character crashes, you will have to continue from the last checkpoint. Since the final result is highly dependent on the time spent, each death of a character greatly reduces the chances of getting a better score (three stars).

With the earned stars for passing levels, you can buy other vehicles. They differ only in appearance, the characteristics remain the same. Also, this currency is needed to open new locations.

The developers have created quite good-quality graphics. The detailing, drawing is done at the highest level. There are beautiful visual effects and quality animations that perfectly complement the overall picture. In the background, plays fun music.

Downloads: 50000000 +

Customers rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Bike Stunt Master

Bike Stunt Master – motorcycle racer simulator, allows you to ride on tracks of varying complexity, perform tricks, choose different motorcycles.

The application will give the opportunity to travel on virtual tracks, created for unimaginable stunts. Can you do a somersault or a dead loop to gain maximum points on each level?

Drive through the checkpoint to the endpoint of the route to complete the level. The next level will be even more challenging! And the eye-catching graphics will only add excitement to the game.

Not satisfied with the bike? Get another, higher level, for the realism of sensations. Trace the route on the map to arrive at your destination.

Join a community of motorcycle stunt enthusiasts. Step on the gas and be ready to have fun. Dizzying jumps, challenging ramps, extreme stunts – a game for real bikers.

Bike Stunt Master app features:

  • Unlock new models of motorcycles;
  • Smooth control;
  • Amazing fantastic cityscapes;
  • Realistic driving experience;
  • Breathtaking three-dimensional graphics;
  • Dynamic perspectives.

Downloads: 1000 +

Customers rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Bike Race

Bike Race is a biking simulator on hills and mountain peaks, in which you must control the speed and angle of the ride every second. The game is the successor of many famous projects with similar mechanics.

However, it has managed to combine the best features from each of them: for example, the minimalist design, without any unnecessary elements, or the system of movements of the bike and its wheels, the system of damage.

Controls are done by moving the device and tapping the edges of the screen. Thanks to this, the gameplay is varied and interesting, and passing the most difficult levels will be a real achievement! Therefore, if you want to feel anew what the real complex and interesting games are, then you should definitely pay attention to Bike Race.

Game features:

  • Availability of multiplayer mode for multiple players;
  • Original and unusual control system;
  • 19 different inner-game worlds;
  • About 150 challenging levels;
  • 16 models of bikes with different features, appearance and characteristics;
  • Extreme stunts.

Downloads: 100000000 +

Customers rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Racing Fever: Moto

Racing Fever: Moto is a brand new racing game from the company Gameguru. In this game, you will have to race on different tracks on a motorcycle. Try to come to the finish line first, but don’t forget to keep your eyes on the road: the races take place on busy car tracks.

In the latest version of the game, you will be racing on a multitude of lively tracks. You will experience day and night races in clear or rainy weather, races, chases, and the ability to create a race according to your own rules.

It’s a really innovative game, where there are four camera views: options from the distance and the usual view from behind the wheel. The developers decided to pay special attention to the bikes. The models were made with the best details. In the game, there are about twenty types of motorcycles, and you can choose the most suitable and interesting.

Game features:

  • Realistic graphics;
  • Many locations;
  • 21 unique motorcycles;
  • Ability to improve the motorcycle;
  • 4 control options;
  • Changing the camera angle;
  • Several game modes;
  • Daily bonuses;
  • Setting up your own race rules.

Downloads: 50000000 +

Customers rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Top Bike

If you’ve always dreamed of riding a motorcycle, but never had the opportunity to do so in real life, everyone has the opportunity in Top Bike: Racing & Moto Drag! It has excellent graphics, as well as a user-friendly control system. The gamer will get the opportunity to ride with opponents on city streets under the cover of the night.

You open up a fascinating world of street racing, where the faster you are, the better. Only by defeating your opponents can you gradually climb higher and higher in the standings, eventually becoming the best racer. Each victory brings a nice cash reward.

All the player needs is to turn the gear stick in time and don’t forget to take care of improving their bikes. Buy new parts for the engine, change the wheels, and shock absorbers.

Get the most out of your iron friend, so you won’t get bored and start all over again – buy a new, more advanced bike that will make you go even faster. Top Bike: Racing & Moto Drag has over seven dozen different bikes, and you can play in different modes.

Explore the city, overtake others, win, and prove that you are worthy to be called the best of the best!

Downloads: 5000000 +

Customers rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Gravity Rider

Gravity Rider is a racing game where you control a motorcyclist in a variety of environments and try to keep your balance. Just as if you were on a BMX, you need to use traction and speed in a balanced way to successfully maneuver across different platforms.

The most eye-catching thing about this game is its graphical design. Its 3-dimensional environment completely immerses you in the gameplay. To control your motorcycle, you have to press the different buttons that are responsible for speed and stabilization.

However, Gravity Rider is not all about driving. You’ll earn coins for completing levels, which you can spend on your motorcycle, making it more competitive. There’s a wealth of upgrades available, and you can make any changes you want, from the suspension and wheels to the engine and chassis.

Gravity Rider also offers an online mode where you can compete against other users in real-time and show how fast you can get to the finish line. A dynamic camera displaying the path you cover is another thing to look out for, as it increases the enjoyment of the game.

Gravity Rider offers many hours of fun to users who like racing games based on precision and will be a challenge for all other players, given that some levels are really difficult.

Downloads: 10000000 +

Customers rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Gravity Rider Zero

Gravity Rider Zero for Android is an exciting race on motorcycles and quad bikes, in which we will race on futuristic tracks with virtual opponents.

The gameplay is divided into several tasks, in each of which we must get to the finish line with minimal losses. The first few races are held in a single mode.

During these rides, you can figure out the controls, learn to ride on the back wheel at least a little and do somersaults after ramps, and understand that in some parts of the track brakes are as useful as the gas pedal.

Slowly, virtual opponents will begin to come into play. First, the opponent will be one racer, then two, and the maximum number of participants is four.

There are a lot of obstacles on the tracks and their variety only fuels interest in the gameplay.

Any fall, as you have probably already realized, takes one life. And on the track, he will return only to a certain place, called a checkpoint. Here it should be noted that between the savepoints is actually a very impressive distance, so one fall can cost the victory.

For the victory, we get chests with spare parts, elements of bike paint, as well as new motorcycles. And the latter are not only a decoration or variety of gameplay but also have improved characteristics.

Gravity Rider Zero for Android is a great futuristic motorcycle race. The game is sure to remind its predecessor called Gravity Rider: Space Bike Racing Game and will please its fans.

Downloads: 5000000 +

Customers rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Stunt Moto Racing

Stunt Moto Racing is a fun racing arcade game. Get behind the wheel of a sports motorcycle, and show what you can, riding on a huge number of tracks.

Use your bike to reach full speed and overcome all obstacles like platforms, ramps, flying witches, and cliffs at high speed. Perform dizzying stunts and get valuable rewards.

Fly up on jumps and twirl in the air, performing somersaults. Don’t crash your bike on the way and reach the finish line in the minimum amount of time. Collect gold stars and numerous bonuses on the way.

Only by collecting a certain amount of rewards, you can unlock the next levels. The developers are constantly adding new atmospheric locations filled with crowds of unusual enemies and a variety of obstacles that will interfere with the free movement of the racer.

Downloads: 10000000 +

Customers rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

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Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider for Android is a continuation of racing on highways and city tracks from the studio Zuuks Games. However, this time at our disposal we will have not cars, but scooters and motorcycles. The essence doesn’t change, but the gameplay becomes much more interesting.

Now you can quickly change lanes between the narrow lanes of oncoming and passing traffic, and the speed is felt much more acute.

Initially, we are offered to ride a modest scooter, but will gradually become available more serious two-wheeled vehicles and the adrenaline will literally go off the scale.

In addition, the game will please fans of the genre with numerous locations that sparkle with different colors due to the change of time of day, weather conditions, and landscape.

The most interesting is the “Route” mode, where you need to pass the sections of the route on time. In addition, there is a game of survival (to the crash), the time, and free ride.

Downloads: 100000000 +

Customers rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)