Card Thief app review

Card ThiefThe game Card Thief is made in the card style, where you in the image of a thief will go for the next theft at night. The atmosphere of the game is very gloomy and makes the player very nervous. You will have to break locks, leave the scene of the crime, and most importantly don’t fall into the trap and get caught by the guards, all this should be done on stealth, think what route will be safer.

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The game takes place on a card field of 9 cards. The goal of the player is by gradual clearing the cards to reach the exit card by the thief. Draw a line of the path that the thief passes through the cards. Each turn must remove at least two cards (maximum, as you understand, 8).

Card Thief 1

The thief has one main characteristic – stealth points. He spends it and gets it due to other cards. If this indicator reaches a negative value, the thief loses. What cards can be on the field?

  • cards of torches with fire – they light up everything around, if you pick up such a card, the surrounding cards are absorbed by the darkness. In the dark, the power of enemies decreases and gold is easier to steal.
  • enemy cards — guards (and later cooler cards) try to prevent a thief from doing his dirty work. For example, a guard may attack if the main character stops in the light with his last move. The guards can be eliminated, but stealth points are spent on it. If a guard is attacked in the dark, then a treasure is taken from them.
  • treasure chests – if you don’t touch them, the value of the treasure increases each turn.
  • a barrel – if you finish your turn in it, then the stealth points are replenished to 10.

Card Thief 2

Over time, new maps are opened, in particular, more advanced enemies who can watch two sides at once …

Card Thief app

An unusual campaign is built into Card Thief. It consists of 4 levels. To open each next one, you have to successfully pass the previous one several times. That is, steal several times the chests. The cooler the chest, the more likely it is to find 3 treasures there (and not 2, 1 or even 0). And you need to collect, for example, 15 treasures to open the next level …

Card Thief game

There are also cards helpers (4 slots per game), which can change the game. You can also earn these cards for some achievements. For example, a card that allows you to swap two cards, or a card that mixes one of the cards on the field back into the deck, or a cape, which gives +5 stealth points at the right moment.

Conclusion: Card Thief – a cool game for fans of unusual card solitaire. Develop your tactics and strategy to commit theft and get rewarded. Go around numerous traps and obstacles on your way and set records in this game.