21 Android Apps to Make Your Own Music

Android apps to make your own music

Stylish mobile applications for creating and editing music tracks are no less functional than their computer colleagues. The lack of some settings is easily compensated by convenient controls. And complex multi-level compositions created in ten moves will be ready just in a few minutes thanks to an intuitive assistant. So, we have selected the best …

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15 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android

Best volume booster apps

On many modern gadgets (whether a smartphone or tablet) the sound quality leaves much to be desired. You can listen to your favorite music or watch a movie, of course, it will. That’s just the impression of the sound after that will not be good. And really high-quality speakers have only flagship models of manufacturers. …

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13 Free Android Apps without Ads 2023

Free Android apps without ads

The number of free applications in Google Store is growing every day. But those that do not contain advertising – a negligible amount. Agree, it is very convenient not just to download the application without paying any money but also to play and use it without annoying advertising, which still flashes before your eyes. We …

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17 Best Lock Screen Apps for Android

17 Best lock screen apps for Android

Agree the standard screen lock of Android-device can quickly get bored. Do you want to decorate it with beautiful wallpaper, use new ways to unlock and add functionality to it? A lot of applications from Google Play come to aid, the top 17 of which we will consider in this article. Fireflies lock screen Fireflies app is …

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15 Best Quotes Creator Apps for Android

Best Quotes creator apps for Android

Photos with text today are quite popular. Instagram is full of really beautiful photos with quotes or motivating texts superimposed on them. Surely you were wondering how to impose text on a photo? And how easy is it to create such beautiful photos? To date, you don’t need to be a Pro in the graphic …

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26 Free Clock Widgets Apps for Android

26 Free Clock widgets for Android

Who wants to get a smartphone out of his pocket which has just some boring numbers? Not owners of devices running the Android operating system, who are able to change every element of their phone’s interface. Clock widgets apps are no exception. It’s easy to find them in the Google Play app store, but choosing …

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15 Best GarageBand alternatives for Android

Best GarageBand alternatives for Android

Music has long ceased to be a lot of professionals and graduates of conservatories – to be considered a musician, it is not at all necessary to master an instrument or voice skillfully. Numerous sequencers allow fans to record melodies without leaving home, armed at best with a MIDI keyboard. With the advent of mobile …

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12 Best History Apps for Android

12 Best History apps for Android

According to a well-known expression, the only lesson that can be learned from history is that we learn nothing from history. But we will arm ourselves with smartphones and still try. We carefully selected a few good mobile applications that will help to study history. They will become the first step on the way to …

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12 Coolest Stopwatch Apps for Android

12 Coolest stopwatch apps for Android

Stopwatch applications today not only count down seconds. Quality tools provide users with a wide range of options: beautiful widgets and a simple interface, launching several timers simultaneously, memorizing circles and tasks, etc. We offer the top 15 most interesting stopwatches for Android devices. Stopwatch Timer Stopwatch Timer application is a stopwatch and timer with …

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9 Best Truth or Dare Apps for Android

Best Truth or Dare apps

Do you want to get to know your friends for real? Or do you want to know spicy details about the life of a beloved one, but you hesitate to ask? What to talk about with a girl? What to do if you are bored? The Truth or Dare games will become an excellent entertainment …

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