11 Cool restaurant finder apps for Android

Nutrition is one of the basic human needs. But in the modern world, an important role is also played by the ability to quickly eat great food to move on to more important and interesting pursuits. Here all kinds of restaurants and cafes come to help. And thanks to applications with geolocation, the search for … Read more

21 Best notepad apps for Android

Best notepad apps for Android

In the recent past, many of us have always carried a notebook and a pen to quickly take notes when necessary. Of course, in some cases, making notes in a notebook is much more convenient but nowadays one can use modern technologies from time to time, namely smartphones. There are many applications that allow you … Read more

21 Best SMS apps for Android

SMS has long become the standard for text messaging. For a long enough period, millions of people around the world use SMS. Nowadays most cellular networks have developed tariff plans with unlimited sending of text messages. And yet people began to move more and more to the Internet network. But despite this, a lot of … Read more

21 Best reminder apps for android

Planners and scientists who study human memory recommend making lists of important things that need to be remembered throughout the day. It is believed that it is much more efficient to record information about the agenda. This will relieve our brain from trying to keep the necessary data in our head and allow us to … Read more

19 Smart chess apps for Android

Smart chess apps for Android

Chess is not just one of the oldest board games in which people still have fun. This is also a great method to conduct time in the company of your Android device. You can, without straining, arrange a friendly chess match or you can challenge the advanced and very energetic members of the chess society. … Read more

11 Best apps to watch TV shows on Android

In our today’s collection – the best applications for Android, with which you can watch TV shows and archive records of programs. It’s possible that any of these applications will prompt you to abandon cable TV, because the choice of channels in them is bigger, and importantly – most of them are free and work … Read more

17 Free movie apps for Android

We think that no one doubts that movies are best to view in the cinema. Well, or in extreme cases on the big screen of the TV with good acoustics. But occasionally, there are circumstances, for instance, in transport, a queue or a boring lecture, that you wish to watch a movie, and just a … Read more

17 Free apps to read books on Android

Smartphones and tablets have long been used for reading electronic books. But how to choose an application for this difficult task? Everything depends on needs. For someone it is important to download their files, somebody needs a simple interface, some need support for a large number of formats or access to a network library. In … Read more

16 Best buying shoes apps for Android

16 Best buying shoes apps for Android

When a person comes to an ordinary shoe store, it is not difficult for him to make a choice. Experienced sellers will offer him many different models, from which he will necessarily choose a pair that he likes. Thanks to the ability to try on the proposed shoes, a person will be able to appreciate … Read more

25 Best Android apps for couples

Best Android apps for couples

In Google Play, there are a lot of applications devoted to love: social networks for two, editing your photos, prepare a romantic dinner, choose gifts, and, of course, test for compatibility. Today, we offer you a selection of applications that will be useful and will diversify your relationship. You may also like: 11 Challenge game … Read more