5 Best Projector Apps for Android

Best projector apps

Connection problems or problems in the network, a lot of cables in meeting rooms, is often a phenomenon that takes valuable time and resources. Projector applications are the missing link for creating an effective environment for teamwork, constant access to common content, and the possibility of a wireless presentation. So, we present to you the …

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8 Free money generator apps for Android

Today, every user can download free applications for generating money, and start earning online. With their help, you can earn even more money without investing much time and effort. The number of programs increases with enviable speed. Today we will talk about the 8 best programs for generating money. Make Money – Free Gift Card …

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15 Free Drawing apps for Android

Free Drawing apps

New times bring to the world new instruments of expression for creative people, and now no one will be surprised that the artist does not have an easel in his hands, but a touch device – a tablet. However, the most important thing is to choose the right program for drawing on Android. In this …

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15 Best Football Manager Apps for Android

Best football manager apps

Have you ever saw yourself in the role of head coach of the football club? The real football managers were invented specially for such football fans. So that you could not only compete with artificial intelligence, but with the same genius of tactics like you. We will introduce you to the best such projects. Have …

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7 Free Fake Girlfriend Call Apps for Android

Free Fake girlfriend call apps

Tired of friends who are constantly showing off their girls? Give them a decent answer, show that you have someone and that she can not live without you, so constantly calls. In this post, you will find the programs which are designed to simulate incoming voice calls from beautiful girlfriends. Have a look! You may also …

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7 Best Fake Hair Clipper Apps for Android

7 Best fake hair clipper apps for Android

Many owners of mobile devices love to make fun of their friends and acquaintances. In this case, special applications-simulators of electric shavers will help. With it, the screen of your favorite device turns into a real hair clipper. So, we offer to take a look at the best fake hair clipper apps for Android collected …

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15 Best Spell Check Apps for Android

Compliance with the rules of spelling when composing electronic documents is no less important than working with paper. Text checking allows you to carry out not only text editors but also special programs. The rhythm of our today’s life (achieved thanks to the Internet and modern technologies) does not abolish the rules of grammar and …

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11 Best Price Comparing Apps for Android

Mobile applications have long turned into tools that make life easier and save time, money, and nerves. This applies to almost any sphere. Today we offer you 11 applications that help you compare prices, find discounts and the most profitable offers. Purchases cannot do without listing them. Therefore, the article on 15 Best grocery list …

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9 Free Barcode scanner apps for Android

Very quickly, small barcodes (including QR codes, Data Matrix codes, etc.) have merged into our lives. And after all, they really can greatly facilitate our life because, with the help of some, you can go to various Internet sites or get contact information, and for this, you do not need to remember the address of …

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11 Best SMS Blocking Apps for Android

Best SMS blocking apps for Android

We all know what a spam is. A mailbox full of all rubbish and time spent cleaning it can be very unpleasant but even more unpleasant when such spam comes not by e-mail, but by mobile phone. How so? It’s very simple. Promotional SMS or calls from people we try to ignore – isn’t this …

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