9 Best Stenography Apps for Android in 2024

Best stenography apps

Stenography is a way of writing quickly, using special signs and abbreviations. To a person who is not familiar with the types and techniques of stenographic writing, the written text may seem like an encrypted code that only the stenographer himself can understand. Many people are frightened by the word stenography and there is a …

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11 Free Schematic Drawing Apps for Android

Free Schematic Drawing Apps

Designers, artists, architects, and engineers often use all kinds of resources to draw two- or three-dimensional drawings, drawings. Previously, it was very energy- and time-consuming business, everything was drawn by hand. However, in the age of technology, this can be done with the help of some special utilities that are now available to work on …

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5 Best Steganography Apps for Android

Best steganography apps

Information security in today’s world is very important. For the transmission of confidential info, experts advise encrypting it and transmitting it only through truly trusted communication channels. However, most of the algorithms that are used in modern messengers are vulnerable to hacking to some degree. If information is intercepted, attackers will theoretically be able to …

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5 Best Stick Figure Animation Apps for Android

Best stick figure animation apps

How to make a cartoon? Draw it yourself! Make a few frames and they will come to life on your screen. Make a cartoon with your own hands: drawing cartoons step by step is easy! Use the stick figure animation app to create a few frames and animate them into your own cartoon. Stick Nodes: …

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7 Best Graph Paper Apps for Android

Best graph paper apps for Android

Are you nostalgic for paper and pen? Check out our graph paper apps for mobile use. Such services will offer you sets of brushes and pens for expressive writing, sketching, doodling, and note-taking. Capture ideas, create, and share your work! Bamboo Paper If you are in search of a virtual notebook Bamboo Paper is what …

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9 Best Drafting Apps for Android

Best drafting apps

Using electronic drawings instead of paper drafting has become more efficient. So, you can use special drafting programs to make drawing on Android a lot easier. The apps are available for free on Google Play: AutoCAD This is the only official application from Autodesk, which actually sets all the trends in the development of the …

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9 Best Calligraphy Apps for Android

Best calligraphy apps

In an era of technological progress, even such a sophisticated art as calligraphy becomes electronic. We’ve collected the best calligraphy apps available on Play Market for free: Calligrapher Calligrapher is a convenient application for creating calligraphic prints and various drawings. It is easy to use, with the ability to modify the background and choose the …

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7 Android Apps to Make 3d Models

7 Android apps to make 3d models

In this post, we have prepared a selection of seven the most interesting applications for easy 3D modeling and the use of 3D technology for learning and entertainment. Spacedraw The company Scalisoft released a new application Spacedraw, which has been called “the first full-fledged 3D editor for tablets and smartphones.” However, you can work with …

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15 Free Drawing apps for Android

Free Drawing apps

New times bring to the world new instruments of expression for creative people, and now no one will be surprised that the artist does not have an easel in his hands, but a touch device – a tablet. However, the most important thing is to choose the right program for drawing on Android. In this …

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11 Best CAD Drawing Apps for Android

Best cad drawing apps

Let’s be honest, to find an application that will at least open DWG files is already good news. We even not say that they open them correctly and without incredible artifacts and deformation. Therefore, below we will tell about those applications that showed a more or less acceptable result and which you can try yourself. …

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