9 Android Apps to Learn About Animals (for Adults)


People have always been interested in the world, which surrounds us. There is a common misconception that the interest is fading as the years are going by. Adults should learn new things for improving their memory and develop cognitive functions of the brain. The best way to learn new things is to get a general … Read more

9 Best Candy Shop Games for Android

Best candy shop games

The following selection of games is suitable for kids and their parents. If your child has a sweet tooth, the games would be to his taste! You will have a lot of fun with your child, or at least, you can interest him for some time to play independently. Make your favorite lollipops, a variety … Read more

9 Best Pet Shop Games for Android

Best pet shop games

If you can not live a day without the company of our little friends, then our selection of the best pet shop games for Android is just for you. Pet Shop Story™ If you’ve been dreaming of doing business for a long time, but don’t have the finances or the skills? Pet Shop Story™ is … Read more

9 Best Baby Size Tracker Apps for Android

Best baby size tracker apps

“I’m pregnant!” – with these words begins the magical journey of a lifetime. Pregnancy is a wonderful but sometimes challenging time. A baby-size tracker app is your faithful companion for the next 9 months. It will allow you to track your pregnancy by weeks, find out how your baby is growing, get helpful tips and … Read more

7 Best Baby Face Apps for Android

Best baby face apps

Pregnant women are always very interested in how their babies will look when they are born. We provide an opportunity to find out right now with the best baby face generator apps. Stop imagining – it’s time to see what your baby will be like! You may also like: 9 Best breastfeeding apps for moms … Read more

9 Best breastfeeding apps for moms (Android)

9 Best breastfeeding apps for moms

Breastfeeding is important and not always an easy task. If a woman became a mother for the first time, she has many questions. Mobile applications will help to find answers to questions and improve breastfeeding. There are many different paid and free applications on the Web that can simplify the process of breastfeeding. But not … Read more

11 Best family locator apps for Android

11 Best family locator apps for Android

The most important thing in our life is family. Therefore, we always try to stay in touch. Unfortunately, constantly calling each other to find out, for example, the location, is not always possible. Need a way more convenient and efficient. To solve these problems, family locator applications were created. They will allow you to stay … Read more

15 Free parental control apps for Android

Free parental control apps

A multifunctional gadget in the hands of a kid can become a source of problems associated with visiting unwanted sites on the Web or downloading malware. To protect your child from harmful information, as well as to limit the time spent by him on the Internet and for games, the means of parental control apps … Read more

17 Best Tamagotchi apps for Android

17 Best Tamagotchi apps for Android

Sometimes it is impossible to get a pet in real life. However, it can be replaced by a virtual friend who will make you happy, perhaps, not worse than alive. So, in this post, you will find the best Tamagotchi apps for Android. Have a look! Mimitos Virtual Cat Mimitos Virtual Cat is a fascinating … Read more

25 Free Android Apps for Toddlers

Free android apps for toddlers

Modern children are so keenly interested in all new and so quickly master technologies that, having barely learned to walk and talk, they are already asking for a mother’s phone or father’s tablet to play. We have collected several colorful applications that will help to entertain a toddler and spend time with benefit to both … Read more